Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 476

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Chapter 476

Translator: syzc

Editor: skizlock, yhashtur

Chapter 476: Mountain Blood

Ye Cang arrived at Calata's collection and saw that it was mainly composed of art. The final item he looked at was a blood colored stone with an 'unidentified' description. He tried identifying it.

Mountain Blood (Treasure - Uncommon)
Born in the depths of mountain ranges. An extremely uncommon treasured material. Can be worn on the body to improve one's health.

Ye Cang took the Mountain Blood and equipped it to his accessory slot.

Mountain Blood (Treasure - Uncommon - Accessory - Material)
Category: Accessory / Material
Requirements: None
+25 All Attributes
+5% All Attributes
+25 All Resistances
+25 Defence
+5% Fort.i.tude
+5% Will
Reduce damage received by 10%.
Reduce magic damage received by 10%.
Reduce earth magic damage received by 30%.

Mountain Blood - Conservation (Pa.s.sive)
When on mountain ranges, reduce movement speed reduction by 30%, increase movement speed by 10%, recover 1 health every second and 1 mana every 5 seconds.

After equipping it, Ye Cang could clearly feel an intimate connection with mother earth. There was a continuous supply of energy soothing him. This was a good thing. If looking at just attributes, it was even better than Black Gold equipment. Although it didn't have an active ability, the pa.s.sive was pretty impressive.

"Tell Earl Calata that I still have things to do so I will be leaving first." Ye Cang walked out of the collection room and directly left Earl Calata's residence.

When Calata heard back from the butler, he smiled. At this time, his daughter recalled the white haired man, "Father, where is that sir? Who is he?"

"Earl PaleSnow, Marquis Azshara's trusted aide." Calata smiled, "Jenny, remember to thank him properly when you see him again."

Jenny nodded slowly, then returned to gaze at her beautiful self. Her thoughtful expression became tinged with red.

Ye Cang was planning to go back to check out the mission board for any quests like this one; ones that were both simple and rewarding.

"There is a disturbance in the outer world. Would you like to go offline?"

Ye Cang left the game and saw FrozenCloud calling him, "What? So early, it's only 5 o'clock."

The room's speaker continued repeating, "All members please gather at the training hall!"

Having been instilled with the thought that girls shouldn't wake up early by Wu Na, Little Ye Tian somewhat agrily blasted the speaker with her telekinesis, then fluffed her pillow and continued to sleep. "Girls will become disfigured from lack of sleep…"

Ye Cang nodded his head proudly, "Well done. Back to sleep, back to sleep…"

Lin Le got up and scratched his b.u.t.t. When he noticed that there was no more sound coming from the speaker, he fell back into the bed.

FrozenCloud wiped her cold sweat. She vaguely knew that Little Ye Tian could use a telekinesis like power but seeing that besides Zhang ZhengXiong, no one else planned to get up, she sighed. She once again woke them up one by one. Ye Cang got up grudgingly, "Yaaaawn~~ Lil' Dino, you've been with Nana too long and have become stiff. Hah…"

"Yeah, yeah…" Lin Le agreed while was.h.i.+ng up.

Little Ye Tian was gloomily applying toothpaste. "My attractiveness will fall by 0.000001351%. It's all your fault."

FrozenCloud had no idea where the 0.000001351% came from. She patiently urged the four. Eventually, Ye Cang and the others arrived at the training hall. Zhang ZhengXiong saw that the place had changed. Wasn't this a place for exercising?

FrozenCloud noticed Zhang ZhengXiong's confusion and sighed, "The Five School's compet.i.tion, besides fights, also puts emphasis on sports. What sports are you good at?"

"Basketball, American football…" Ye Cang recalled that these were the sports they played most often.

FrozenCloud looked at Zhang ZhengXiong quietly. True, he really is suited for american football. With his physique and strength, he could crush anyone as a lineman. As a linebacker, his reflexes would easily allow him to slaughter the opponent.

Ye Cang looked at the issued virtual sign-up list. Looking through the sports, he selected basketball. The rest of them also selected basketball. Then in the additional notes, they added that they were signing up as a team and wouldn't accept being broken up.

FrozenCloud was pretty confident when it came to basketball, especially as a small forward. Xiao YunHe sat on the stage. He wasn't involved today, but still came to keep watch and maintain order. The instructor in charge of sports was a very sunny and handsome, military uniformed man. He had a crew cut and a bright smile that made others feel comfortable. After his introduction, everyone learned that his name was Zhong Fei, the head instructor for sports. Ye Cang's group didn't know him but FrozenCloud did. One of the federation's top retired athletes. Good at track and field, basketball and many other sports. Now he was an instructor.

Ye Cang's establishment of the Hero Basketball Team was accepted and approved.

"A'Xiong, you be center. Lil' Dino, you can be power forwards. I'll be small forwards. Lele, Little Tian, you're both point guards…" Ye Cang quickly gave out roles, then they began to battle against other teams. Practically every team was crushed by Zhang ZhengXiong's ferocious slam dunks. In the end, all that was left was Qin ShaoTian's team, who had also fought their way to the finals. His teammates were Sun Xue, Yang Huo, Luo Chao and Zhang Yihe.

Sporting events prohibited the use of any super powers, super energies or mental abilities. There was a super power sensor on scene, any use would warrant disqualification and cause the team to directly lose the compet.i.tion.

FrozenCloud looked at the last team and didn't dare to be careless. The ability of these few people were extraordinary. She knew Qin ShaoTian and Yang Huo. They were both targets for special investigation by the capital's five schools compet.i.tion team.

"Let's start." Ye Cang said indifferently. With no one using any powers or qi, A'Xiong could crush anyone here.

During the jump ball, Zhang ZhengXiong jumped and grabbed the ball. Qin ShaoTian also flew up and got his hands on the ball.

Zhang ZhengXiong sneered and smashed the ball downwards. The two of them hit the ground. Zhang ZhengXiong pressed the ball down with one hand, forcing down Qin ShaoTian, who was half-kneeling and holding it back with two hands. Being pressured by the power of pure muscle, Qin ShaoTian frowned. Such terrifying physique! It wasn't possible to overpower Zhang ZhengXiong without the use of qi! He tried to deflect the force and dodge to the side but Zhang ZhengXiong forced him back with a turn of the wrist. Qin ShaoTian's body leaned forwards with Zhang ZhengXiong's pull, then suddenly stopped, retaliating with one to two thousand kilograms of force.

Zhang ZhengXiong psyched himself up. Putting his other hand on the ball, he roared and yanked it towards himself. Qin ShaoTian let go, retreated a few steps and sighed. Strength-wise, he really wasn't Zhang ZhengXiong's match, let alone when his opponent also had exceptional technique.

Zhang ZhengXiong threw the ball to Lin Le, then charged through the defense line like a tank. With a wave of his hand, Lin Le easily sent it arching back to Zhang ZhengXiong. The opposing team didn't even dare to touch this 'missile carrier'. Luo Chao, who was bigger than the others, tried to intercept but was directly knocked out of the air by Zhang ZhengXiong. While flying out, Luo Chao could only watch as their backboard got devastated. Smiling bitterly, he listened to the sad cries of the backboard and the ball. When no other powers were involved, Zhang ZhengXiong was invincible when near the net. With his muscles exposed, Zhang ZhengXiong applied more pressure then suddenly a snapping sound was heard. The entire backboard and basket was torn off by him. He leisurely rested it on his shoulder and said, "Let's switch to a new one…"

There was no reaction from the testing machine, making everyone gasp. This was made with a super alloy! Although this wasn't the first time, the previous incidents were with the use of qi or a super power… There was never a case of someone breaking it through pure muscle strength. To think that he was actually holding back in the previous rounds. This was simply…

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 476

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