Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 482

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Chapter 482

Translator: syzc

Editor: skizlock, yhashtur

Chapter 482: Iron Web Spider

After adapting a bit, everyone gradually woke up, saw the food's effects and gasped. Such terrifying stats. Even black gold equipment was far from being able to compare to this! Ye Cang was pinching his nose and appeared to have trouble keeping his eyes open, but he looked proudly at his creation atop the fire.

Ye Cang laid down a cloth, then had Zhang ZhengXiong and the others climb up again to bring it down. When it was set down, everyone nearly fainted again. Ye Cang took out a knife and cut some of the four boss meats, poured some sauce over it, poked a swelling lump and let some purple liquid trickle onto it, then served somed rice on it. After serving himself a bowl of soup and cutting some of the golden eyeball, he took a deep breath and began to dig in. Just as he ate a bit of it, he fell to the ground and began to thrash violently. If the food from before caused twitching, then this could definitely be called violent thras.h.i.+ng. His arms and legs made large movements and white foam sprayed out of his mouth left and right.

Even the fastest eater, Ye Cang, was unable to eat three dishes in one go. Rather, he fell on the very first 'roast meat'. Everyone s.h.i.+vered all over. Would this take them three tries!? SpyingBlade also attempted it, but after eating the roast meat, his neck bent strangely and he fell to the ground flopping like a fish on dry land.

Wu Na took many deep breaths. Just how much courage was required to eat this thing! Everyone was pale. Little Ye Tian first sent the pets on their way. Then everyone grit their teeth and ate. Immediately, the ground was covered in twisting and struggling 'corpses'.

Ye Cang stood up weakly, then continued to drink his soup and eat the fried foods in sequence. He once again collapsed and thrashed. Zhang ZhengXiong, Lin Le and SpyingBlade all finished, but the others weren't so lucky. They could only finish it after a third attempt. Little Ye Tian, who had unfortunately died, had a bitter expression. She had to eat it all one more time. When she woke up once more, she stared at the light from the top of the sinkhole, somewhat dazed. Father, I feel like I should have stayed in the laboratory for another two years before coming…

"I almost forgot, a master level chef can stack 4 food buffs. I need to make one more dish." Ye Cang's words made everyone, who had just overcome the calamity, feel like they had been thrown back into the cellar.

Zhang ZhengXiong quickly covered his mouth and muttered vaguely, "Bro, make something tasty. Something more normal, otherwise everyone really won't be able to take it."

Everyone nodded. Little Ye Tian was nodding so hard that her jaw almost fell off. The pets, whom had just stood up, quickly fell over once more, playing dead.

"Alright. I originally wanted to try and make sas.h.i.+mi with the toad meat dipped in sauce, to see what it tastes like…" Ye Cang's words made everyone s.h.i.+ver even harder. In the end, they watched as Ye Cang cut up some fish boss meat, alligator boss meat, and boar boss meat. He wrapped them in lettuce and poured some cooking wine on top. Everyone tried a bite. The fresh texture and delicious taste reduced the undying taste of evil by a lot. They also obtained 'Junior Hero Set Meal Effect'.

Junior Hero Set Meal Effect
+10% damage, +10% spell power, +10% defence, reduce damage taken by 10%, +30 speed (not percentage), and can resist one negative effect. Once resisted, ability goes on cooldown for one hour.

Ye Cang put away the food. Although it was disgusting, but it gave a significant increase in attributes. Every cloud has a silver lining. Lin Le shouted loudly, "Brother Lil'White, I feel like I can take on 100!!"

Everyone broke into smiles, then continued exploring.

Ye Cang, through Little Blue Feather's field of view, knew that ahead of them was a spider. "Everyone careful, ahead is a spider hunting ground. See those webs? Don't touch them."

"If there is a large scale battle, Lele, remember to burn the webs down first thing. You definitely can't let the webs entangle everyone, especially yourself. Spiders fear fire." SpyingBlade reminded. Lin Le nodded. He carried his huge blade in one hand and readied molotovs in the other.

SpyingBlade looked at the spider webs. He tried to cut through them with his sword, but they were as strong as steel, yet pliable, durable, and sticky. His longsword not only failed to cut, it even got stuck. SpyingBlade frowned. Ye Cang and the others also noticed this. In case of a battle, they definitely had to burn down the nearby webs, otherwise they would be unable to escape once entangled.

"Lele, give everyone two molotovs…" Little Ye Tian proposed, but got Lin Le's fist on her head in response.

"Call me Brother Le!"

Little Ye Tian gnashed her teeth. Just you wait and see. Smelly Lele. d.a.m.n Lele. I'll definitely surpa.s.s you! Hmph hmph! Surpa.s.s you!!

Lin Le distributed some molotovs so that everyone had some just incase.

Everyone arrived at the area that Ye Cang had seen with his eagle eyes. Now that Ye Cang could see it clearly, he could tell it was a wide, ring-shaped cavern. It was surrounded by a screen of silky webs. There were even many bat corpses stuck on it.

Just as everyone was looking for the spider, countless scarlet eyes opened above them. Ye Cang looked up and saw that from the darkness of the ceiling, countless enormous spiders were descending. "Lele! Set fire! Leave some room for us!!"

Lin Le quickly quickly threw the molotovs in all directions, burning the spider webs. The flames followed up the webs and many spiders fell to the ground, receiving significant damage. Ye Cang could now clearly identify them.

Iron Web Spider (High Grade Elite - Abyss)
Dangerous spider species that live in darkness. Almost nothing can escape from their webs. Afraid of fire. Their eggs are very delicious food ingredients while the spider-silk make good noodles or tailoring thread.

Spiders continued to fall into the fire and screech. Ye Cang directly began to cast Light Strike Array. His eagle eyes sought out the area most crowded with spiders, casting his spell towards the right wall. Suddenly, gorgeous flaming lights shout out from the right wall towards the air to the left, lighting up the sky. While the light was streaking across, Ye Cang saw six dangerous red eyes of an enormous spider in the depths of the ceiling. "The boss is up there! Careful!! Its body is approximately over 20 meters!!"

Ye Cang's words put everyone on 1000% vigilance. Under the effects of Light Strike Array, nearly 40 iron web spiders fell into Lin Le's flames. Everyone held back the spiders that tried to crawl out of the fire. The flames completely sealed off their ability to spit webs, as the moment they sprayed out, it would be burned into ashes. However, what everyone was more wary of was the boss on the ceiling. These elites weren't difficult to deal with, only taking a bit of time in the fire. The hard part would be the boss and its skills in the fight.

Ye Cang felt like he had overlooked some places when the area was illuminated. He shot there with his fire crystal loaded dual-pistols. Going by memory, he recalled seeing ominous glints at the furthest part on two sides but they weren't as obvious as the one in the middle. Ye Cang's brows rose, "Everyone listen. It is extremely likely that there are three bosses above…"

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 482

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