Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 492

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Chapter 492

Translator: syzc

Editor: skizlock

Chapter 492: Heaven's Sword Sect

Lin Le looked at the map that he had swindled from Mr Qin. Sitting on the train, he clenched his fist and took out the picture of a young man who looked a lot like himself. Father, Lele is coming to save you!

Ye Cang chased after Lin Le, getting on the second train to XingYun City.

Lin Le pa.s.sed through XingYun City and entered Mount Stars.h.i.+ne. Following the map, he arrived at a forest. Though it appeared to be an ordinary forest, according to what Mr Qin said, the Heaven's Sword Sect had actually set up an barrier here. If an ordinary person were to enter, they would find themselves eventually leaving the mountain instead of getting deeper. Pa.s.sing through the barrier would not be hard for someone like Mr Qin, who had mastered the Yin Yang Trigrams. Lin Le, whose intuition for the Yin Yang Trigrams astounded even Mr Qin, could not be trapped by a mere barrier.

As Lin Le took his first step, a hand grabbed his shoulder and held him back. Turning his head, Ye Cang's calm expression appeared in his sight. Feeling extremely happy, yet also full of guilt, he called out, "Brother Lil' White…"

Lin Le was happy because Ye Cang had really chased after him. He felt guilty because he would be implicating Brother Lil' White and Brother Lil' Xiong. He also saw Zhang ZhengXiong running over from nearby.

"Lele, we're brothers, so your father is also our father. If you want to save him, then we do it together…" Ye Cang raised his hand and gave a hard slap.

Bearing the pain and covering his face, Lele felt moved. "Brother Lil' White, it's dangerous, I don't want to…"

Ye Cang slapped him on the back of the head. He looked with an aggrieved expression towards the distant mountain. "Don't you know how strong I am? I even scare myself when I go all out…"

Lin Le broke out in cold sweat.

"Let's go…" Ye Cang strode forwards.

Ye Cang brought everyone around a few times, unable to get to the inner mountain. The humiliated Ye Cang was on the verge of destroying the place in rage. Even if he couldn't get in, this place would pay the price by becoming a sea of fire. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly stopped him and suggested they follow the confused Lin Le. After a while, Ye Cang looked speechlessly at the forest behind them. They really made it through.

Ye Cang saw two tall obelisks in front of them. Between them were the stairs up the mountain. Clouds and mist lingered everywhere. The large amount of flora gave the place an otherworldly feel.

A man and a woman appeared before the three of them. The man had a handsome face, while the woman was cute. They stood proudly before the stone obelisks with arms crossed and simultaneously called out, "Strangers…"

Before they could speak, the two of them sensed a demonic white haired figure. They couldn't even react as they felt a pain on their backs, and then they fell to the ground unconscious.

Ye Cang had one hand ready on the sword at his waist and the other in his pocket as he ascended the stairs. He calmly said, "Let's go up."

As Lin Le pa.s.sed by, he didn't forget to step on the two a few times before following behind Ye Cang.

The three of them followed the steps upwards. Many sword wielding Heaven's Sword disciples came down but before they could speak, they were instantly knocked out by a chop from Ye Cang, not stopping their advance in the least. Zhang ZhengXiong smiled bitterly. Before he and Lele could even react, their bro had already taken out all the enemies.

The three saw that the steps were reaching an end. The simple yet solemn main hall slowly entered their sight. At the same time, nearly a thousand Heaven's Sword disciples standing guard in an array formation also entered their sight.

"I'm the elder of the Heaven's Sword Sect's Sword Hall, Lin ZhongTian! You three better have a good explanation for forcing your way here…" A middle aged man wearing a light black jacket walked out. Although he didn't have a sword, he gave off the feeling that his body itself was an incredibly sharp sword!

"Lele, say it." Ye Cang backed up, his right hand still on the hilt of his sword. He looked at Lin ZhongTian without a trace of fear.

"You villains! Release my daddy!" Lin Le jumped forwards and shouted.

When Lin ZhongTian saw Lin Le's appearance, his jaw dropped. Quickly, his brows furrowed and he shouted, "Evil creature! Only because of your father's begging and the elder's insistence that you are a Lin clan member as well as a fool did we leave you alone, letting you live. Now you recklessly charge back and cause trouble!? Form the formation!!"

The moment he finished speaking, the people forming the formation all fell to the ground. Ye Cang's figure only flickered for an instant. He looked at Lin ZhongTian and quietly said, "You best stay out of the way. I'm only holding back from killing because this isn't an eradication mission."

Lin ZhongTian was about to act but Ye Cang had already pa.s.sed by him. The hand that was in his pocket was now pressing down on Lin ZhongYian's shoulder. A quiet voice spoke by his ear, "Don't be foolish, alright…"

Bringing along the stunned Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong, they directly entered the Sword Hall.

Lin ZhongTian was immediately drenched in cold sweat. What kind of speed was that!? He didn't dare to move for a long time because he knew that in the instant he turned around, his head might already have left its owner. That white haired man's strength was terrifying… Lin ZhongTian lowered his head and noticed that his fingers were on the ground and he hadn't even felt a thing. His heart seemed to freeze…

The three entered a very s.p.a.cious hall. A mutated beast instantly obstructed their path. It was a nearly 40 meters large ape. Ye Cang slowly raised his head, his eyes becoming as cold as the nine The enormous ape slowly retreated to the side, opening up a path because it could sense the scene of countless mutated beasts being cut into cubes of meat by this man.

Ye Cang saw that there was no one on the throne at the end of the Sword Hall. The entire place was completely empty. Continuing on, besides the Sword Hall, there was also the place where two stone sword shaped pillars crossed. That should be the Sword Pavilion. He brought the two to continue upwards.

"Have you found out who that white haired man is yet?" At the top of the Sword Pavilion, a smooth skinned scholarly man frowned and said. This was the current head of the Heaven's Sword Sect, Lin ZhongYu.

"Still unknown, but it could be Silver Devil of the Ten Commandments…" An old man said with a squint.

"He's got some nerve. A mere Ten Commandments dares to be so rash, helping that b.a.s.t.a.r.d child into the Heaven's Sword Sect. What have the elders said?" Though Lin ZhongYu spoke like that, he was very much afraid of Ye Cang's strength. Even Lin ZhongTian, whose strength was about equal to his own, was defeated. Only the elders could handle this.

Heaven's Sword Sect, in some prison.

"ZhongYue, your son has come to find you. He even forced his way through the Sword Hall, making Lin ZhongYu retreat to the pavilion and ask for the elders' help." A woman with hair as white as swan feathers sat in front of a dusty table. Her picturesque eyebrows and beautiful face formed a smile directed at a grey haired man who was shackled with meteorite steel.

"Lele…" The man's eyes seemed to regain some clarity. They first showed happiness, then despair and sorrow. He looked to the white haired woman and begged, "Third elder, I beg of you, you must spare Lele's life."

"I will. You're big sister's only son. He is also big sister's only grandson. I will do my best to save his life. ZhongYue, you're too much like big sister. To help others, you end up getting your most beloved people in trouble." The white haired woman said, then turned to leave. There were also people locked in the adjacent cells. One of them was a scholarly man with a goatee. He got up and faced the white haired woman with a sneer, "See you outside…"

"Is that possible? Yun Lang." The white haired woman didn't turn back as she left.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 492

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