Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 500

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Chapter 500

Translator: syzc

Editor: skizlock

Chapter 500: Three Way

"Allie gives off a girl-next-door sort of vibe. Jenny has a graceful aura, very princess-like. Liliana's fas.h.i.+onable green hair and professional smile give her a very warm feeling. The three's appearance all make them top picks. There's nothing to complain about when it comes to their figures either. Choosing one amongst them will be a real headache." LordAsked's professional opinion made CloudDragon, Ye Cang, and NalanPureSoul all look at him strangely.

"My bro, when he's bored, will read women's fas.h.i.+on magazines…" LordGrinned once again leaned over.

Before he could speak anymore, a vein-throbbing LordAsked smashed down with a chop. "Stop b.u.t.ting in!"

"So he is that sort of person. Who would've thought." Ye Cang and the others thought. Their mocking expressions made LordAsked furious.

"Knight LordAsked's opinion is exactly what I was thinking. To really see who is best, we need a new method. Earl PaleSnow, what do you think?" Mar Junior crossed his arms and said seriously.

"Everyone's opinions are reasonable. Lele, your thoughts?" Ye Cang looked towards his good-for-nothing advisor, Lin Le.

"Lele thinks that we should pick 100 strangers and have the girls go into the water. Then they will come out and show off their various charms. See who gets the most votes."

Lin Le's words made Ye Cang nod. "Good idea. Let's do it."

Lin Le randomly chose 100 drooling men.

The three women entered the water somewhat embarra.s.sed. Even though none of them cared about being the representative, none of them wanted to lose to the other two. The first to come out of the water was Allie. With a soft call, she flung her long wet her. Her cleavage was faintly visible. Although they weren't very big but the looked nice and firm. Her performance was quite powerful.

Contestant number two was Jenny who came out hugging her shoulders shyly. Compared to her original grace, she now had the charm of a shy young girl. The gap was exceptionally stunning. Allie looked away unhappily. That scheming b*tch.

Contestant number three, Liliana, with her tall figure, unconsciously radiated the n.o.ble elegance that elves were known for. Her long ears did a little wiggle, making others want to intimately touch them.

CloudDragon's brows rose. "Up until now, I believe the best performance has come from Liliana. Cold, warm, professional and subdued, she gives one many impressions…"

"Brother CloudDragon, could it be… you're hard?" Ye Cang turned to him and asked seriously.

"F**k off!" CloudDragon roared unhappily.

"CloudDragon, you're a guy with such little self control?" LordAsked smiled and said disdainfully.

"Bro, you're not hard? I'm…" LordGrinned once again stuck his head over but, without a word, was blasted away by LordAsked, this time with a burst of punches and kicks. NalanPureSoul facepalmed. LordAsked was slowly becoming used to him.

"I agree with the words of our friend from White Stone City, Liliana has indeed managed to capture the hearts of most of the men but the one I am in favor of is Jenny. Last time I saw her, she was still huddled in bed feeling inferior, becoming a shut-in girl. Now, from the first moment she appeared, she's given me one shock after another. I'm so moved." Mar Junior sighed. He unconsciously glanced towards Aiki who was smiling grimly and his heart sank. He could only smile bitterly.

"President Makarlo, given your experience you must have seen countless women, what is your opinion?" Mar Junior straightened himself out then asked.

"I think most highly of Allie. She has excellent potential, not only for her looks but also her culinary skills and her business management. A housewife, a chef and a boss; the ideal wife of every man. Winning her would be like obtaining a treasure. I give my vote to Allie." With Makarlo's experience and insight, people felt enlightened and looked at Allie more positively. It was indeed true, the cafe managed by her was thriving. The hundred voters began to struggle once more.

The 6 votes from the judges were distributed, 2 to each contestant.

"Time is up, cast your votes." Ye Cang nodded.

Allie turned to look at the voters. She pointed to Jenny and said calmly, "Those who don't vote for this little sl*t will get a 10% discount at my store."

The judging panel gasped. Who would have thought that Allie had such a side to her. Mar Junior immediately recalled, "The one who first started bullying Jenny at school was Allie Tiger! She's Marat Tiger's delinquent daughter! Black Rock Academy's queen…"

Jenny faced the overbearing Allie. Her original luxuriousness turned into cuteness and helplessness, looking very pitiable.

The expected drop in Allie's popularity didn't happen. In fact it rose sharply.

"A former female gang leader! Queen, violate me!! Bully me!!"

"A lovely wife, cook, boss, delinquent. d.a.m.n, for real?!!"

Jenny's confidence weakened. She turned to look at Ye Cang, then grit her teeth and mumbled, "Allie… not scared of you… Do-don't come over. I'm not afraid of you!"

"Tsundere! She's actually a tsundere! So cute!"

Jenny's tsundere appearance was extremely popular with the crowd. Allie began to gnash her teeth while somehow still maintaining her tender smile. However, there was a chill in her eyes.

Liliana sighed with contempt. She turned away, and began playing with her beautiful emerald green hair. Her elegant aura instantly swept the audience away. The judging panel could feel the elven arrogance growing. She was like a piece of art that can only be looked at but not touched. Even though she clearly didn't do anything special, her popularity unexpectedly surpa.s.sed the other two. She was actually an aloof type!!

"Truly a brilliant confrontation." Makarlo couldn't help but be impressed. He had seen many fights to the death, but this sort of formless contest really shook one to the core.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Th.o.r.n.yRose no longer felt bad for losing. The three on stage were too strong.

Allie and Jenny both noticed the change. They looked at Liliana's otherworldly peaceful expression and decided that they had to drag her into the fight! Jenny glanced at Ye Cang again and gnashed her teeth. She began to think about how to obtain victory! She even began plotting like a b*tch.

Wu Na and FrozenCloud saw that the surrounding men were caught up in the craze. They saw w.a.n.g lead the otakus to cheer for Liliana. The two girls facepalmed and sighed.

"Their battle has entered an" Mar Junior said.

"Let's see who acts first. Based on what we've seen, Allie is the most likely, but I feel that Jenny might step up. Just look at the resolution in her eyes. Those are the eyes of someone about to revolt." Ye Cang a.n.a.lyzed the scene.

"Indeed, but even so, this will be a fierce battle." CloudDragon actually agreed with him.

"She's started…" Makarlo faintly narrowed his eyes.

Allie and Jenny had reached a rare agreement, and with identical expressions, were about to make things difficult for Liliana. Liliana suddenly screamed. Her voice was full of panic, but even in her panic, it held a trill that made ones legs go soft. That aloof to the point of lovely Liliana suddenly squatted down, her two hands tightly covering her chest. "The clasp inside came undone…"

The originally indecisive 100 voters froze, then in an instant, they frantically cast their votes to the portrait of Liliana and begged, "Please! Get up!!"

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 500

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