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I have been a fan of this novel since the beginning and it saddens me that no one has picked this up. Every chapter no matter how inconsistent always brought a smile on my face and I was ready to dive into the world again(usually started a few chapters before to refresh my memory).

But now its been too long and have yet to hear anyone taking up this gem.

I am no professional Editor but I hope I can do a decent head start for this novel and soon we can fund this novel to hire real Editors.

I opened up a Patreon for that wish as I don't think of myself to be affluent enough to bring this amazing story to life and I can't seem to let go either. I will be translating as much as I can and if we can reach our goals there would be another story for the world to read.

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Even though the charity show hasn't started yet, Flasher Uncle has already once again became Linhai's Elephant Buddha. Many people converted to Magic Elephant believers overnight.

As for Flasher Uncle himself, he stared at the sky with desperate eyes, elephant by the sea. I don't need wors.h.i.+p. I need the eyes of fear, loath and shamelessness.  Ye Cang and Panty Uncle patted his shoulder with a sigh.

"Scream it all out. Flasher Uncle. You'll feel better".  Ye Cang comforted him.

Flasher Uncle just nodded.

"So shameless! G.o.d! Give me back the world that is pure!!" Hearing Flasher Uncle's roaring shouts toward the sky, SpyingBlade, FrozenCloud and Wu Na who were standing at the balcony and entrance of the back building, were soaked with cold sweat and shook their heads, "well, you can't say that…"

Looking at Fang Tong's dirty hands that would not get washed for days,  Fang Ci wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry, except for maybe banging his head against the wall.

FrozenCloud watched the three people facing the sea, shoulder by shoulder, a weird look crossing her face, and murmured "Three Masters of the East, White Sura the Devil Gentleman White Asura, Flasher Uncle the Elephant Star, Panty Uncle the King of Internality…"

Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle bunked down for the evening.

The Star and Moon Plaza, the biggest stadium in Linhai, accommodates about 200,000 people. It's one of the Big Three show venues in China, along with the Green Dragon Palace at King's Capital, and the Chrysanthemum Pool at Nebula City.

The following day,  Zuo Yiyi finished her preparation. She was a little nervous with the prospect of facing the masters on the same stage.  Ye Cang's dance is unmatchable. Panty Uncle drum is out of this world. Flasher Uncle's ba.s.s and screaming should be outlawed! Even though she's got the t.i.tle of "Queen of China", she knows it's just a result of packaging. Her face, singing and acting are not yet perfect.

The Star and Moon Plaza was completely packed. Some of the audiences were international friendlies from King's Capital and other places. With Lin Yue's opening "well, it's just on the tip of my tongue. Let's get started. I forgot the scripts…", people started to laugh. Zuo Yiyi was just taking a deep breath and was almost chocked by herself. "Why didn't you say more?" She walked out graciously to the cheers and screams from below the stage.

"Alright, alright. I know you are here not only to see me, but also the Three Masters of the East. Honestly I almost died at the first sight of ." Zuo Yiyi  looked like a little girl, and the crowd loved it. "We know!!" Many of Panty Uncle fans screamed back.

"Well, the charity show today, is for the orphaned children that are victims of wars, abandonment, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. Children are our future. They have unlimited potentials. They shouldn't be the victims. Everyone has dreams. But few succeed in making their dreams happen, myself included. But despite that, we are still trying. Maybe we are not where we want to be, but we have every right to dream. But what I've seen is that, many children don't even have that right to dream, before they leave this world much sooner that it should. King Chrysanthemum once said, and it's very simple and straight forward, "Nothing is more important than protecting our children." Zuo Yiyi 's emotional speech was very touching to the audience.

"So our first song for the children is 'Sunflower's Tough Smile'. Composed by a band from Linhai East. I'm sure you know who they are." Zuo Yiyi smiled.

"Flasher Uncle!?"

"G.o.ddess Yiyi said it's a band!"

"Panty Uncle!?"

"A band!! A band!!"

"Oh, I got it. It's the General!!"

"t-105 is a group, but not a band!!"

"Who else then?"

Wu Na was shocked by audience's reaction, and rushed onto the stage with FrozenCloud and K. In black-clad Goth Punk dress, Na Wu raised her middle finger high, "f.u.c.k! You forgot us so soon!?"

"Oh, now I remember. They were the vocal backups for Flasher Uncle, the General, and Panty Uncle last time! It's called Sand something band. I remember I added as a fan!"

Wu Na went nuts. "I'm the lead singer! The lead singer! That concert was mine. They were the guests!"

"And now the ba.s.s and the lead singer, our ! And the drummer and vocal backup, Panty Uncle!!"Zuo Yiyi screamed. Flasher Uncle descended from the sky, windbreaker flapping in the wind, ba.s.s in the hand to soak in audience's craze. Panty Uncle appeared from the black curtain like a magic, took off his top hat and bowed to the audience, triggering screams from the ladies. It was a bit too much for  Zuo Yiyi . "What are you waiting for? This is our the Soul Dancer, the Devil Gentleman, the General, the King of War, White Sura!"

Stepping to the cla.s.sic Rhine,Ye Cang slow-danced to the center of the stage in his black retro tux as if dancing on the lake. He bowed his solute to the audience.

"And our lighting, Da Gao! Sound, Zhang Zhengxiong , Ye  Tian  the Genius Girl! And our little prince Lin Le!" Zuo Yiyi introduced the main members of the team to the loud cheering and screams from the crowd. When the 3D camera moved to Zhang Zhengxiong , the crowd was taken back by his power manner and fierce eyes. The cute little  Ye Tian, the sound effect with hip hop clothes and backward cap, caught hearts of many nerd boys. At last the camera rested on Lin Le who was lying on the bench at the backstage, picking his nose.

Zuo Yiyi nodded slightly. Zhang Zhengxiong shut off the light, plunging the whole place into total darkness. The crowed watched on in the dark.

"My dream home, is a place with laughter, with chattering and caring, with sunflowers that always smile toward the Sun…" Zuo Yiyi 's voice pierced through the darkness.

"But the gusty winds and thunder storms broke my leaves, blew away my petals. I long for the Sun to rescue me…" With the background of Wu Na's hoa.r.s.e and low female rock and roll voice, the slow rhythm of the drums turned into frenzy strikes in an instant, the gentle ba.s.s a roaring howl in the gusty wind.

A white spotlight shot down on the stage. Ye Cang crouched helplessly, a black and white statue under the spotlight. Slowly Ye Cang stood up, as if in the thunder storm, struggling to stay upright and stepped forward, his eyes full of despair but always a shot of desire.

"Please come and rescue me! Please! My body is shattering! My petals are falling off! My leaves are shredded!" Flasher Uncle waved his windbreaker, yelling for help. Wu Na 's low voice exploded with his yelling, "Please come and rescue me! Don't ignore me! I don't expect you to help rebuild home! But give the sunflower a smile, so that in the thunder storm we could also…"

"Be strong and smile!!!" Everyone shouted. A gentle light dropped down from afar. Ye  Cang  attempted to touch it and leave, but slowly he fell down under the "wind and storm", his eye lids heavier and heavier, helpless yet with desire, hand reaching toward the light, a shallow but strong smile. At last Ye Cang melted into the darkness, with the gentle light still s.h.i.+ning from the distance, and the crowd cried as Ye Cang's  arm dropped with a m.u.f.fled sound. (To Be Continued)


I opened up a Patreon for that wish as I don't think of myself to be affluent enough to bring this amazing story to life and I can't seem to let go either. I will be translating as much as I can and if we can reach our goals there would be another story for the world to read.

Thank you   

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 512

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