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The Situation of Farsarqi's Surroundings

“Earl PaleSnow, regarding the validity of you being able to sail through the Ocean Abyss, please bring Mary-Sue along when you're going back. I'll only be a.s.sured if she is going with you. Since it's concerning Farsarqi, as the city mayor, I'm responsible for my citizens.” Minox was being cautious. “But of course, about the suggestion of cultural exchange, I absolutely support it.”

Having thought about what she said, Ye Cang realized that she had a point there and so he agreed.

After being fixed by Little Ye Tian, the D-3 pier was back to normal. Ye Cang then brought Mary-Sue to the Alabachia tribe to confirm his ident.i.ty. She could not believe what she had seen.

With a few warriors and shaman, Ye Cand went back to the D-3 pier. He let them camp here and receive transporting jobs. Even though the price was extremely expensive, there were still a number of big private s.h.i.+ps who hired them. As for Minox, she completely believed in Ye Cang's words and swiftly came to an agreement with Little Ye Tian. She also granted Ye Cang Farsarqi's Grade A Partner qualifications. Ye Cang's prestige has become respected as he could enjoy most of the privileges in Farsarqi's Seaport and had the rights to attend all kinds of events.

Firstly, Ye Cang arrived at the auction store and bid on a few rare and weird recipes for Little Ye Tian. Seeing her being indecisive on what to buy in a component store, Ye Cang straight away bought the entire shop's inventory, making him look like some old millionaire.

Filled with much curiosity, OtherSh.o.r.eWatchingAV rushed over and started looking at those mechanical toys. As for Little Ye Tian, she had gathered all the information about Farsarqi's surroundings. “At the east of Farsarqi is the Phillip Valley and Atosnar Prairie. The Atosnar Prairie is a place where mostly the beastman tribe is active. If you move further, there is the Kansas Mountain which is also being controlled by the beastman tribe. At the south, there is the main origin of magic crystals. The Million Beast City - Colundor, located at the south of the Kansas Mountain, is the beastman's biggest city. It is also their holy place. However, the beastman often fought with elves and dwarfs for the control of this region.”

Suddenly, Little Ye Tian stopped and pointed at the region located at the south of Farsarqi. “The south is the region with the worst conditions in the entire mainland, Endless Swamp. The swamp people a.k.a. lizardman live at the large swamp. There seem to have been nine-head dragons, poisonous dragon and other types of living beings which are strong appearing there, along with the desert in the north. As for the north side, there is the Magic Forest and Billions Hills. There elves and dwarfs are guarding the route towards the north. In addition, they often got involved in the war between Planetary Empire and Steel Empire. And now, they are guarding the route with all their might. The elves don't like the magic crystal civilization while the dwarfs only have sufficient magic crystals for themselves. If they have extras, they would sell it to Farsarqi.”

“Doesn't it sound chaotic in the mainland?” FrozenCloud frowned.

“Not only that. Among all the forces, many small groups were formed because of religious affairs. The people in Black Rock City are the best example. But, the humans are doing fine here, mostly because the Holy Church and Steel Fellows.h.i.+p are still under the control of the empire. The beastman may seem to be surrounding the Million Beast City, but in reality, they are calling themselves kings in their respective places. Moreover, we haven't got a hand of the news about the Spirits and the Devils or even anything from the underworld. No matter which season of the game, it happens quite often.”

“Little Tian, you stay in the library to gather more information and do walk around town too. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci, both of you also help in gathering information. As for the rest of you, do whatever you want individually. I'll inform you guys once I got the news.” After filtering the information, Ye Cang said.

“Lil'w.a.n.g, just now I saw a shop in the city. It looks 'not bad'...” OtherSh.o.r.eWatchingAV pulled Oldw.a.n.gFromNextDoor and smiled. Zhang Zhengxiong was interested too. “Brother, I'm following them ya! To prevent them from doing something pervert.”

“I want to go too! I want to go too!” Lin Le immediately followed up. Looking at those men wanting to go to the 'not bad' shop, Wu Na and FrozenCloud predicted that it was going to be some pervert shop. Omg, haven't they had enough fun at G.o.ddess Tea and Cakes? Not bothering much, they both went shopping. Just when they were about to leave, a thought came into their minds. FrozenCloud then turned and asked Ye Cang. “What about you, team leader? What are you going to do?”

“I also have some important things to do. You guys go ahead. I'll give you all a surprise later.” Ye Cang waved his hand and smiled. The girls did not say anything and left, however, they felt that something was not right..

Immediately, Ye Cang went to the most famous restaurant in Farsarqi to learn cooking. After he had finished learning, a notice was posted at the restaurant, forbidding him from ever entering again.

Standing on the rooftop and watching the sunset from afar, he mumbled. “My cooking has once again transformed. And I need people to witness this miracle moment. Members of Happy Firmaments, you guys are lucky!”

Just when Zhang Zhengxiong and the other three were close to getting a b.o.n.e.r while watching the women dancing, they suddenly sneezed. Because of it, they lost their mood. They looked at each other. That's creepy. They then shrugged their shoulders and continued to watch the performance.

Not paying much attention to the chill, SpyingBlade and HeavenBlessed who were gathering information continued to walk in the dark corners of various streets.

At a corner, SpyingBlade hid in a blind spot and leaned towards the wall. Beyond the wall was a single-eyed beastman talking with a man in a hoodie. He then held his breath, trying to wash off his presence and be invincible. Using the corner of his eyes, he peaked at them. Faintly, he heard phrases such as, 'Minox' and 'an abandoned underground palace's tunnel in Farsarqi'. He frowned and knew that they were up to no good although he was not sure about the details. He gradually backed off, afraid that he would be discovered if he stayed any longer. Going back to the main street, he immediately notified the person who had the strongest a.n.a.lyzing skills, Little Ye Tian.

After arranging those phrases into sentences, Little Ye Tian found out a lot of possibilities. However, logically, there were only a few. The city mayor would be killed or kidnapped and dumped at the underground tunnel or the city mayor would be kidnapped and they would escape through the underground tunnel. At last, considering Farsarqi's current situation, Little Ye Tian confirmed that the last one had the highest possibility of happening. The man should be the a.s.sistant city mayor, Thain or one of his servants, working in collusion with the beastman. There should be a bigger deal behind it, not just concerning the position of the city mayor.

Swiftly, Little Ye Tian contacted Ye Cang and the others, telling them about the intel. FrozenCloud was wiping the cold sweat. Can't believe that the first thing we got from our intel gathering would be such a serious incident. She then turned to look at Ye Cang. “Team leader, are we going to inform the city mayor, Minox?”

Ye Cang put his thinking cap on and said. “In this current situation, one of the options we have is to inform Minox directly so that she could be aware of it.”

“Or we don't tell her. We wait until she was kidnapped and go save her.”

“Or we try to negotiate with the beastman and see whether they are willing to cooperate with us.”

“And lastly, we try discussing with the a.s.sistant city mayor and see whether we can join in.”

“Well, overall, these are our choices. Little Tian, what do you think?” Ye Cang turned to ask his little a.s.sistant.

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 534

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