Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 58: New Plan

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Chapter 58: New Plan

Ye Cang’s group reconnected to the game and immediately got a message from Th.o.r.n.yRose.

“Give me an explanation.”


”[email protected]#$!$!!”

Everyone once again met up in the center of town. Th.o.r.n.yRose looked at Ye Cang and had the urge to attack his face. They had waited for almost 4 hours. SpyingBlade shook Lin Le’s hand. “It was actually pretty good…”

Th.o.r.n.yRose and the girls rolled their eyes.

After the guard’s announced their arrival, Ye Cang brought everyone and entered Mar’s office.

“Mayor, are these the jewels you lost?” Ye Cang brought out the case full of jewels.

Mar took the case, and looked through the things inside. “Good job, you’re much better than those incompetent idiots. Where did you find it?”

“At the den of a werewolf called Tayce. We found it in his cabin.” Zhang ZhengXiong replied.

“Tayce… if that guy hadn’t been corrupted, he would be around my age. Such a sad man, he’d eaten both his wife and daughter. Even if he wasn’t completely corrupted, he probably wouldn’t have the will to live. Hah~ Here’s your reward.”

“Congratulations. You’ve received 5 gold, 700 experience, more prestige with Really New Village, and a random cla.s.s skill.”

“Congratulations, You’ve obtained Precise shot/strike (Rare - Knight): With any weapon, attack after aiming for a period of time. Ranged weapons will deal 175% damage and penetrate through the targets. Melee weapons increase the damage of the next attack by 150% (blunt weapons have a chance to stun). Cooldown: 20 seconds. Cost: 10 energy and 2 mana.”

Zhang ZhengXiong received Aura of Vigor (Aura that gives allies +2 Const.i.tution and +2 Strength), and Lin Le got Handcart Home Run (Automatically receive a blueprint for a crude peddler’s handcart. Can summon the handcart and perform a homerun swing dealing (Strength + Agility) x 1.5 damage. Has a chance to knockback or stun the target. Cooldown: 2 minutes.)

Everyone was extremely happy. A rare cla.s.s skill! Th.o.r.n.yRose got some sort of movement + attack skill, Charge Attack. It didn’t even require any rage!

“Sure enough, I didn’t judge wrongly. You three, come with me. The rest of you can leave.” Mar once again waved them away. Th.o.r.n.yRose sighed, how great it would’ve been if she’d been the quest initiator. She left unwillingly. Once outside, she elbowed FrozenCloud. “It’s up to you to scout for us! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d definitely won’t tell us the truth.”

FrozenCloud again felt conflicted. Ye Cang’s group of 3, although silly, were really good to her. Even when they thought she was b.u.t.t ugly, they didn’t avoid her. Well that’s not completely true, they didn’t treat her completely normally. Instead she became one of their bros. She continued to think as her heart struggled. Finally, she weakly nodded. “I got it, Sister Rose.”

“Lil’Dino, don’t force yourself.” FrozenBlood saw her little sister with a twisted expression and said calmly.

“I’m not Lil’Dino!!” FrozenCloud yelled in a bad mood.

SpyingBlade didn’t say anything. It turned out FrozenCloud was a spy for Thorns and Roses after all. But those three guys are really too lacking in common sense. If they paid any attention, they would be able to figure out that FrozenCloud was FrozenBlood’s little sister. Well it didn’t have anything to do with him, in fact it actually helped him a bit. What he didn’t know was that Ye Cang and his group were just too lazy to pay attention.

Mar waited till everyone left, then looked at Ye Cang and said seriously: “The Blue Scaled Fishman Rebel - Yoji is now the chief. The first thing he did was overthrow slavery so he’s much more popular than Gil Rage was. I heard you are an honorary warrior of the fishman tribe. I hope you can help Really New Village to establish ties with them. In order to fight those b.a.s.t.a.r.d wolves, the support of the blue fishman tribe is essential. They’ve lived at Riley River for thousands of years, and although we have our differences, there hasn’t been any big disputes. It should be possible to live in harmony… excluding that b.a.s.t.a.r.d that stole this old man’s pearl, but he’s already dead. In other words, I’m handing this mission to you. As for the problems at the cemetery, we can ignore it for now. Those undead have not yet crossed the line.”

Ye Cang felt this mission wasn’t as easy as it sounded, but it was still feasible, after all, he could already have a friendly talk with the fishmen. He smiled and didn’t refuse. “Leave it to me.”

“Then please. I’ll give this to you first.” Mar took out a pouch full of money and shoved it over.

“There will be more after you’ve completed the quest, but you must complete it well!” Mar warned.

“We’ll do our best…” Ye Cang nodded.

“Good. You can go prepare then.” Mar said. The three of them left the office. Mar turned and looked at the picture of his father on the wall. “Father, the things you couldn’t accomplish, I’ll definitely do them for you. I’ll wake up all those residents that are still caught in an unending nightmare…”

Madam Mar walked in from the courtyard. “Hubby, you can do it. Also, that white haired young man is like me, a half-elf.”

Mar smiled. “No wonder I keep wanting to temper him, he’s just like little Mar.”

“You… come back with me and rest. You’ll get sick from working so much.” Madam Mar tugged at him.

“Do you regret being a half-elf?” Mar turned to her and asked.

Madam Mar shook her head. “No, I have you. All the hards.h.i.+ps in the past are nothing compared to what I have now. Half-elves are outcasts among both elves and humans, yet you still held onto me so tightly, how beautiful is that?” Recalling the past, she tenderly hugged him. “Hubby, I’ll always be beside you.”

“Hah~ But I’ll pa.s.s on before you.” Mar said with a smile.

“Wherever you go, I’ll go too.” Madam Mar returned his smile.

“You… Don’t-“ Mar wanted to retort but was interrupted by Madam Mar. “You have to obey me forever! No matter what!”

“I got it, boss wife~~” Mar reached out and pinched her b.u.t.t.

“You old pervert! Really~” Madam Mar screamed pleasantly.

Ye Cang and the other two walked out of the office. They took out the pouch of coins and started counting. G.o.d~! There were 25 gold coins! They quickly stored it away and pretended that nothing had happened as they left the city hall.

“The follow up!?” Th.o.r.n.yRose asked.

“Follow up!? There’s another quest!? How come I didn’t know? This mission’s already over, everyone can be on their way now.” Ye Cang said, acting surprised, his mouth hanging wide open.

“…” Th.o.r.n.yRose and the other stared at him silently. This guy was just asking for death. He actually tried to trick them again with such bad acting.

“I’m just kidding. We’re going to the blue scaled fishman tribe to form an alliance against the wolf G.o.d.” Ye Cang said, looking towards Riley River.

TN: The old couple is so sweet, I felt embarra.s.sed just translating it >.<

Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 58: New Plan

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