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Thousand Hits At An Instant - Blasting Shot

Zhang Zhengxiong slowly closed his eyes as the opponent got closer. Since I have my all day advantage, I might as well just go all out and fight all the way! He then told himself that there were thousands of girls out there cheering for his heroic action. Under the glorious hall of fame, he was fired up as his heart was pounding fast. I must not lose! I must not! Lele and Brother had already got their own highlights, I must have my own too! In order to lengthen the queue of girls that want to chase after me! This d.i.c.khead must die! Then, he opened up his eyes and used all his strength to make the world's loudest roar.  

All the cheers and shouts went silent all of a sudden and chills went down everyone's spine. HaiWei immediately stumbled backwards as he saw Zhang Zhengxiong's eyes were s.h.i.+ning red. The entire arena's air and the heat coming out from the ground turned into energy and started swirling around him. 

"Congratulations player HeavenShakingMight entered into ex-mode of Mechanical Street Fighter - Mad Grappler! It can be considered as an upgraded exclusive character choice. It doesn't collide with Mechanical Street Fighter!"

"Automatic level up during battle! This is impossible!" Brother Zhao slammed the table as he stood up. 

"There's nothing impossible. It isn't like it never happened before. The most recent one was 20 years ago when RoadBlocking turned from S rank into SS rank. But is hard to say. Who knows what the h.e.l.l is that. I guess it might be at least SSS rank." Brother Zhong saw that Zhang Zhengxiong's left arm got regenerated. With that demon look and intimidating shadow, he recalled a legendary heroic spirit. Thousand Hits At An Instant. The strongest Street Fighter - RichGhost.

HaiWei recovered from the shock. He knew what he was facing. A monster that is at least SSS rank! He then held his sword tight and dashed, activating his ultimate. Ice Dragon Fire Phoenix - Sun and Moon.

"This fella!" CloudDragon had lost his patience. His fingers were already piercing against his arms. "He is mine!"

Th.o.r.n.yRose was also shocked. How on earth did I get this monster in my team? Even an automatic upgrade during battle happened. Lin Le was so hyped that he started to act Zhang Zhengxiong's pose. "Brother Lil'Xiong good luck! Roar!"  

SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. Just how insane can these three be?

Oldw.a.n.g and the others were dumbfounded. 

"A'Xiong…" Ye Cang put on a grateful smile. Looking at the shadow of his back, he suddenly felt their distance was getting further apart. His smile seemed to be a little sorrowful and he pressed down his top hat. Verlianna was smiling bitterly. I admit my lost. What kind of monster is this?

MistyeVeil started to regret delaying the plan to acquire Thorns and Roses. If these three fellas come to Misty Rain House...with our capital, SpyingBlade, that little girl and myself, winning the champions.h.i.+p isn't something impossible.

LordAsked loosened his clenched fist. Looks like the rules are going to change again. 

Zhang Zhengxiong smirked and casually walked towards the incoming ice and fire. It looked like he was only walking but with two steps, he pa.s.sed through it and appeared in front of HaiWei. The arena immediately went pitch black as if someone switched off the lights. Only the hitting sound was heard. 

Not even 2 seconds had pa.s.sed and a gigantic bright red word 'sky' appeared.

"Player HeavenShakingMight defeated player HaiWei."

The brightness then returned to the arena. Everyone could only see Zhang Zhengxiong casually ma.s.saging his neck and a thing that did not look like a human being anymore lying on the ground. 

"Thousand Hits At An Instant - Sudden h.e.l.l Kill! He actually mastered RichGhost's strongest technique!" Brother Zhong was surprised. 

Zhang Zhengxiong then turned to look at Hussein and smirked. "Red-haired, still don't want to surrender?"

"It is still too early for you to say that." Hussein frowned and swung his hand. The sky immediately turned cloudy and a black nightmare demon flew down. Its heels were burning with black flames and Hussein's red armor turned black. With a black sword in his hand, he rode on the black nightmare demon. Instantly, the black mist dispersed. 

"That's right. Glory Hall could only use Captain America's legendary character - the King of Nightmare Knights in order to win the group battle or hero mode. Yet, if they wait until the hero mode to use the legendary, it might affect their spirit. Hence, they could only bet everything on the group battle." Brother Zhao stared at Zhang Zhengxiong who was standing on the stage. The challenge to upgrade to SSS rank is already super hard. FlameEmperor is the best example. But the automatic level up during battle is different. It is more of a self-realization and self-encouragement. Just what was he thinking when he closed his eyes?

"Brother Lil'Xiong, I also want to go up there and level up. Let me go. Let me go." Lin Le started to plead.

"Just can't resist you. Come on." Zhang Zhengxiong jumped off the stage and made a high five with Lin Le to indicate subst.i.tution. 

"Seriously? You don't get the automatic level up during battle by just merely wanting to. Sometimes, Mad Devil Le's words are not reliable but you also can't ignore his bulls.h.i.+ts." Brother Zhao rolled his eyes.

"It is hard to say. What if he manages to do so? Why don't we…" Brother Zhong started to set up the trap.

"Shut up, I know what you're going to say. Piercing Thorn? Impossible!" Brother Zhao shouted. 

"Actually I wanted Mechanical Street FIghter." Brother Zhong smiled. 

"Go away! Go away! The Mad Grappler's character stock is out! d.a.m.n it! Faster!" Brother Zhao exclaimed as he saw the new character stock was released.

Brother Zhong quickly buried his head and started buying. Both of them and all stock traders began the battle of buying.

With a windbreaker, Lin Le jumped up the stage. As he swung his windbreaker, his naked body was shown. He stabbed his giant blade and looked at the third opponent. It was Wences, the genius. 

"Ah!" Lin Le imitated Zhang Zhengxiong's roar. However, it sounded weird so everyone laughed.

"My Big Brother Le started to tease the opponents again."

"About that, he isn't teasing others. He himself is already a joke."

"No, you are the G.o.dd.a.m.n joke! Brothers of the Three Brother's fan club! Here's a d*ckhead who said my Big Brother Le is a joke!"

"What? Do you want to die?!"

"Step him to death!"

Since there was no reaction from the opponents, Lin Le scratched his b.u.t.t and thought. Ignoring Wences, he said in gentlemen. "Oh, I know! The pose isn't right!"

"Don't hit me! Whoever that hits me is a dog! I haven't found the right pose yet!" Lin Le started to dance the praying dance while he was still naked. Wences wiped his cold sweat. Just attack. It may be a little low-cla.s.s but it isn't the hero mode. In dueling, it is better to have manners even though the opponent doesn't have any. He sighed. Since it is a definite lose in dueling, might as well just wait and see him fooling around.

Not long after, Lin Le rolled on the floor, three rounds to the left and another three to the right. After that, he got up, stood with a firm stance and pushed his crotch forward. The private part which was in mosaic erected. With a quick thought, Lin Le imitated Flasher Uncle's cla.s.sic pose. He grabbed his 'elephant' and shouted. "Roar! My elephant!"

Th.o.r.n.yRose facepalmed as she was soaked in cold sweat. She then saw FrozenBlood was about to say something. "Don't say anything. I know our club's image and manners had dropped."

"About that, do we still want to focus on recruiting female players?" Little Jade whispered.

"It won't make much difference. We would just get a lot of crazy girls to join us if we do so. You have to know my Little Lele is the G.o.d among them." ElegantFragrance shouted.

Wences could not see it directly anymore and everyone was confused. At this moment, Brother Zhao saw the mosaic starting to get clear and multiple particles of light gathered at his 'cannon'. *Boom*

The huge bursting sound made everyone's ears numb. A gigantic white energy bullet was shot out and Wences was nowhere to be seen. As the bullet flew off the arena and reached the sky, it turned into white fireworks. The sparkles from the firework were like cl.u.s.ter bombs dropping from the sky, bombarding the entire arena. Everywhere was broken and its area coverage was wide. In the middle of the rain of cl.u.s.ter bombs, the shadow of Lin Le carrying his sword looked sorrowful. 

"Congratulations player HappyAndCheerful entered into a.s.sault Warrior's hentai mode - G.o.dly Army Warrior. It can be considered as an upgraded exclusive character choice. It doesn't collide with a.s.sault Warrior."

"Congratulations player HappyAndCheerful obtained the special rights of no mosaic would be applied to the private part during battle. +15% movement speed, +50% energy recovery and +20% on all attributes."

Staring at that clear 'cannon' and the destructive power of one shot, Th.o.r.n.yRose was dumbfounded. 

Ye Cang was also stunned for a second and praised. "That's my Lele. I almost forgot to test this stance."

"Don't underestimate Lele due to his age. His 'cannon' is the same size as mine." Zhang Zhengxiong nodded with his arms crossed.

ElegantFragrance blushed as she stared at Lin Le's elephant and started to think dirty. Through the screen, Song Xin also blushed as she recalled Lin Le's 'cannon'. This time I must go back and settle some serious business. 

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 580

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