Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Really New Village's Diplomat Hero

Ye Cang bought it without hesitation, spending 135 scales. He used the rest to buy a skillbook.

Mirror Image (Rare - Low Level): After calling out the activation word in the fishman language (Instantaneous), leave behind a clone of yourself with 15% of your stats (Controlled by an intelligent AI) and enter a concealed state. Concealment lasts for 5 seconds, and will be cancelled upon attacking or being attacked. The clone exists for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute. Cost: 15 Energy and 5 Mana. (PS: This is the hero fish - Kilaris' housekeeping skill)

This skillbook can only be exchanged to those with wors.h.i.+pped status, moreover this was the only copy. Like the figurine, it was an extremely rare item.

Zhang ZhengXiong got Barbarous Tackle (Perform a berserk tackle against a target, damage based on strength and const.i.tution) and Lin Le got Leap (Can choose a spot within range and perform a quick leap towards it. If an attack is performed at the end of a leap, it gains 35% increased damage and a chance to knockback the target).

Th.o.r.n.yRose was extremely happy, their harvest from the past few days were so abundant. Now they could even exchange for a skill, although there weren't many, but it was still a skill. Once the alliance is established, the players would definitely flock over. After thinking it over, she decided to quickly tell her guild members to prepare and occupy the resources here as soon as possible.

Soon after, the party arrived at the fishman high priest's tent.

"I'm already prepared. Shaman PaleSnow, humans and fishmen should never have started to kill each other…" The head high priest Vasiyas said as he rubbed the ornaments on his head. He tapped the floor with his high priest's scepter and said: "Lead the way."

Ye Cang's party, as well as some brave fishman fighters and shamans escorted him to town. They had to pa.s.s in front of the eyes of many players. Thankfully, Th.o.r.n.yRose had thought ahead and had all her guild members in the village come and keep order. They definitely couldn't let this rabble ruin it!

"That's definitely a boss!"

"That's someone else's hidden quest. It looks like they're going into the village to discuss something important. Don't you see the Thorns And Roses members have all come to guard them? That short haired beauty there is Miss Rose, their leader."

"Then the should be the Night Empress. But who are those other guys? Especially that white haired guy in front."

"Dunno, but their equipment looks awesome. Look at that little guy's axe and gauntlets. I bet even if we attacked him together, we'd be instantly killed."

"Don't even mention them. The Thorns and Flower beauties have all come out, it's like a garden of flowers…"

"What a feast for the eyes… Pretty Sisters, come violate me!"

"Me too!!"

On the northwest side at the cemetery grounds; YellowSprings and Mad War's Leader, the fighting king, CloudDragon had just received the news. 另一边西北的墓园之地,黄泉与狂战会长斗王·云龙收到了镇里的消息。

"Th.o.r.n.yRose, that silly girl, actually focused her efforts on the fishmen…" said a purpled haired, female magician who had sharp facial features, and looked pretty and flirty.

"They have their opportunities and we have ours. Let's finish this quest first." CloudDragon said as he indifferently pulled his longstaff out from a decaying corpse's head. He glanced towards the image that was sent to him… Eh~ wasn't that those three guys from before? And that, was that SpyingBlade?

"Who woulda thought that those three would be working with Thorns and Roses. And that is Spying Blade." YellowSprings smiled.

CloudDragon nodded but didn't speak.

Back in Really New Village. Ye Cang and the party escorted the Head High Priest to the city hall under the gaze of all the players and the NPC residents. The guards at the door glared at the fishmen, on full alert.

"Head High Priest Vasiyas, please follow me to meet Mayor Mar. The others, please wait outside." Ye Cang said in the fishman language. Vasiyas nodded, repeated Ye Cang's instructions to the fishmen and followed Ye Cang into the building.

At this time, the mayor had already been notified and was waiting outside the great hall. He saw Ye Cang and the Head High Priest arrive. "Guest from the blue scaled fishman tribe, head high priest Vasiyas, welcome."

"Thanks for the invitation, Mayor of Really New Village - Tory Mar. Your father was a mighty man. Him and I have exchanged drinks at the plains near Riley River. Well, it's all in the past. It's already been over 30 years." Vasiyas blinked his big, bulbous eyes and smiled.

"Father once told me about that. He said he was friends with a mighty fishman sage. Please, come in. We can talk more inside." Mar said respectfully. Vasiyas's fish mouth formed a smiled and he walked in, leaning on his scepter.

Mar looked towards Ye Cang's party and praised: "You've done really well. I'll be sure to reward you after. White hair, you come with me. The rest of you can wait here."

Th.o.r.n.yRose sighed. Hah~ Quest initiator, hidden race, fishman language… they were all his. She thought for a bit, it was still pretty generous to be able to wait here and be rewarded after. Without speaking, she leaned on one wall and rested her eyes. Lin Le and Zhang ZhengXiong pulled the other girls over and began trying to brainwash them to watch 'Sisters'.

Ye Cang followed Mar into the great hall. There were only the three of them inside.

"State your terms first." Mar smiled and got straight to the point.

"You sure are Ains's son." Vasiyas began amiably before bringing up his terms. Mar happily agreed to them. Afterwards, under Ye Cang's watch, they discuss many matters and finally came to an agreement. The alliance between the Blue Scaled Fishmen of Riley River and the humans of Really New Village was formed.

"Because of your untiring efforts, the alliance between the Blue Scaled Fishmen and Really New Village has been formed! Blue Scaled Fishmen and Players of Really New Village are no longer hostile. You've left your mark on both Blue Scaled Fishmen and Really New Village's history. Your prestige has reached 'Legendary' with both factions. You've obtained the t.i.tles 'Blue Scaled Pioneer' and 'Really New Village Diplomat Hero'. Also obtain the achievement 'Friend of the Fishmen' (+1 Dexterity. Fishmen won't take the initiative to attack you. Gain prestige with the fishman race more easily.)"

"Due to having reached 'Legendary' prestige with the Blue Scaled Fishmen, you gain the blessing of the Blue Scaled Fishmen which gives you the racial skill (Blue Scaled Fishman) Aquatic Killer (Deal an additional 10% damage to aquatic creatures. Your swim speed and diving time have increased substantially.)"

"Due to having reached 'Legendary' prestige with Really New Village, your racial skill: Diplomatic has become Diplomat (Obtain +25% prestige. Become more persuasive.)"

"System Announcement! Due to the efforts of Really New Village's Diplomat Heroes PaleSnow, as well as Th.o.r.n.yRose, HeavenShakingMight, HappyAndCheerful, FrozenBlood, FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, and GreenDew, Really New Village has officially formed an alliance with the Blue Scaled Fishmen! All player's obtain neutral prestige with the Blue Scaled Fishmen! If either Really New Village or the Blue Scaled Fishmen Tribe are attacked, player will receive wanted status with both factions!" A world-wide announcement played.

The players immediately exploded in cheers. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others also received a boost to their prestige and heard the announcement.

"Too awesome! The first world-wide announcement was actually at our Really New Village!!"

"Cheers for Really New Village!!"

"Really New Village's Diplomat Hero, this t.i.tle is too cool!"

"Actually… isn't he just like Ash."

"Eh, then I'm Brock, take me away."

"I'm the beautiful misty! Bring me with you!"

"How are we supposed to play now, we can't kill fishmen anymore! That's a big portion of the high level monsters. F, bunch of slts!"

"Are you a f* idiot? This means we can now get prestige with the fishmen. Once we learn a bit of their language, we can go over and receive more quests!!"

"That's right brothers! Our next goal! The Blue Scaled Fishmen tribe!!"

TN: Pokemon reference lol. I don't know why he's like Ash :x Maybe I'm missing something?

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 60

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