Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Fierce Battle Against the Lizard Couple

Ye Cang took note of Lin Le's figure. His skill cooldowns were about done, so before Lin Le leapt, he began casting a Tidal Wave. GreenDew also circled around the obstacles, and began casting. Th.o.r.n.yRose and the others took a few steps back, and two tidal waves came rus.h.i.+ng forth again. The waves. .h.i.t the two bosses and knocked them into a stalagmite.

Lin Le was like a warrior running on the wave. He stepped off the stalagmite, and his blade slashed down appearing like a black moon. Bloodmoon Chop! Blood spouted like a geyser. Ye Cang again activated his Das.h.i.+ng Straight Thrust, stabbing the side of the lizard king'shead. Multiple Straight Thrusts and Straight Thrust rapidly caused many little holes. Lin Le who had stepped off the stalagmite and landed on the ground, got up and readied his sword. Whirlwind Strike! "Brother Lil'White! Out of the way!"

Ye Cang saw the blade that was about to hit him, and activated his accessory's ability - Kilaris' Seamless Combo. He became a shadow that flashed around the two bosses. 5 strikes that were neither deep nor shallow left behind 5 scars. Together with Lin Le's black whirlwind, blood flew everywhere. Lin Le turned and performed his final heavy chop. Behind him, Ye Cang quickly sheathed his sword, took out his longbow, drew an arrow, and aimed a shot, his bowstring taut.

The two's coordination, and how beautifully their skills paired up, Zhang ZhengXiong watched with envy. Attack skills! Th.o.r.n.yRose became even more shocked. The skill that guy used was odd, it could both dodge and attack. She thought back to that one accessory that had already been taken back in the armory. So it turned out he had it. It made sense, his prestige was far higher than everyone else's

While the two bosses were weakened, everyone encircled them. FrozenCloud activated her cla.s.s equipment, the martial art clothing's special ability. A slight draft exploded out around her, and her speed increased by quite a bit. She then used her charge skill, followed by a wolverine strike, triple strike, then ducked down and performed a Shouryuukenn, launching the queen up and onto her back. FrozenBlood raised her brows, that girl's got some good stuff. Both her strength and speed had increased significantly, it should be a temporary buff. The cornered lizard king began attacking back desperately.

"Careful! The king is using a skill!!" Little Ye Tian was paying attention to the lizard king. Although it was weakened, but a brown energy surround flowed out of it. Countless rock spikes shot out of the ground. Zhang ZhengXiong quickly jumped away, but he was still stabbed in the shoulder. His health fell to around 40. The others quickly dodged.

NalanMoon and the other didn't receive any damage. Th.o.r.n.yRose received a few light wounds. Only Zhang ZhengXiong suffered any significant damage. Ye Cang had already retreated the moment he heard Little Ye Tian's warning. As for Lin Le, maybe his luck was just that good or something, but rock spikes appeared all around him, but none of them touched him.

The queen who, was on her back, issued a desperate roar. Everyone felt a s.h.i.+ver. This time all the rock spikes started exploding one after another, becoming tiny pieces of shrapnel. Everyone who was still within the stone spikes immediately panicked. We're screwed!!

Ye Cang immediately felt his health plummeting. Although the damage of each shrapnel was low, but with so many of them, it became extremely frightening. He quickly laid low to reduce the number of hits and drank a health potion.

Everyone followed and lied on the ground.

Zhang ZhengXiong quickly reached out and opened his holy text. A soft light washed over everyone as they were about to die and raised their health. It even reduced the damage they took by a lot. At last, they pa.s.sed this phase, but they were all left with less than half their health.

Ye Cang relaxed, they had to finish the fight as soon as possible! He looked at the cooldown of all his skills. There wasn't enough, all he had was double shot and steal spell.

Th.o.r.n.yRose also relaxed. This was the final stage of the battle, good thing that Shaking Bear had a trump card up his sleeve. She stared at the holy text in his hands and thought priest? She had almost forgotten the role of his cla.s.s. She couldn't help smiling bitterly, well it was a good thing. There shouldn't be any more big moves. With her charge off cooldown, she targeted the queen who was getting up. She held her s.h.i.+eld in front of her as she charged over. She took advantage of it's weakness and stunned it again. Her longsword performed two slashes, and dealt a decent amount of damage.

SpyingBlade easily ducked under the lizard king's tail sweep, and leaped. His hooked longsword danced, turning into three sword shadows.

"Congratulations, you've slain the Rock Lizard Queen - Ojis. Received 935 experience."

The lizard king issued a mournful roar full of wrath, and entered berserk mode!

"It's berserk!" Little Ye Tian warned. A holy s.h.i.+eld appeared around Th.o.r.n.yRose. She waved her hand and a wind blade flew out of her wand. Ye Cang used double shot, and activated his boot's speed boost. Like a demon, he appeared beside the lizard king and flourished his robe. Five feather blades flew out, three of them managing to hit, while the other two missed. While he was spinning, he put away his longbow and simultaneously drew his sword. A red light flashed, straight thrust! A strong wind blew over. Not good! He managed to leave behind a water clone, but he was still hit by the tail while concealed and was sent flying.

Ye Cang looked at his health and saw he had less than 10 left, he had almost died. The clone who had been cut in half exploded!

The rock lizard was stunned again. FrozenCloud raised her hand to block the water droplets. NalanMoon was on the other side and also raised her hand to block. They attacked from both sides, slas.h.i.+ng at its abdomen.

FrozenBlood's dagger stabbed into it's heart, and then viciously kicked upwards, and performed a double strike.

NalanMoon saw that FrozenBlood had taken the heart weak point, so she aimed at it's abdomen and dragged her feather blade leaving a long scar. Blood burst out as she pulled her blade out and performed a lacerate.

The two of them both dealt a large amount of damage. SpyingBlade smiled and didn't join the battle. He backed up and circled looking for another opportunity.

Zhang ZhengXiong chose not to engage, backing up. He temporarily acted as a healer, while waiting for opportunities. There was only one boss left, it wouldn't be good to accidentally die. He quickly healed himself by drinking a health potion.

Th.o.r.n.yRose raised her s.h.i.+eld and blocked the tailsweep that had sent Ye Cang flying. It pushed her back a few steps. Lin Le dragged his handcart, and appeared from behind the explosion of water. Using his handcart filled with stuff as a weapon, Handcart Home Run!

"Eat this!"

With a violent collision, the lizard king was blasted into a stalagmite. Becoming stunned again!

As Ye Cang hit the ground, he somersaulted to his feet while drawing his bow. By the time he got up, his bow was already fully drawn and he was aiming a precise shot.

The rock lizard king's movement were becoming more sluggish, while it's attacks became stronger. Although to most players, this sort of berserk state was a sign of danger, but to professional players such as Th.o.r.n.yRose and NalanMoon and the others, it was equivalent to announcing all it's attacks. Most berserk creatures would lose their minds. Although their damage increased, their attack pattern and speeds became easier to grasp.

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Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor Chapter 98

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