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TL Notes:

h.e.l.lo and nice to meet you all! I'm a new translator and still learning j.a.panese, so my translation might not be perfect. But, it's a pleasure to meet you guys!

So, I read this web novel sometime ago, but the translation stopped since 2018. And because I really like the story so far, after some times, I decided to try translating it. To be honest, I' m not confident with my translation skill, since English and j.a.panese are not my mother tongue. And yeah, I still need MTL's help in translating it.

The chapter is kinda long, so it will take some time for translating, but I will try to be keep up and post new chapters regularly. Also, please tell me if I made some mistakes in both translation or grammar. Any kind of critiques are appreciated!



--A situation that even Gigille couldn't imagine occurred.

Oceanne, the dignified mistress of the house and Bernard's mother, took an interest in Agnes from the first sight.

Agnes was a graceful and beautiful woman. You can tell from a glance that she was refined and grew up in a good environment. So it was natural to like her. But Oceanne was not a person who immediately took a liking to someone from one meeting. 

Before becoming a wet nurse, Gigille served Oceanne as a maid, so she understood her well. Hence, this was unexpected.

Gigille initially hoped that this event can bring Bernard and Agnes closer, but the result was more than she expected.

There is one more point that exceeded her expectation.

Thanks to Gigille's advice, Bernard has decided to get engaged. While she admitted that she was the one pulling the string between the two, she never intended to make it public.

“Who ever thought that kid's marriage will be decided this soon, I'm truly happy. Gigille, I'm deeply grateful to you.”

“The achievement this time is not from me, but from Bernard-sama's effort himself…”

“Now, there is no need for you to flatter him. You really are a good model servant.”

“...I'm not worthy of those words.”

Gigille regretted that her ‘becoming fiance strategy' didn't work. Rather than waiting for the wedding patiently, she realized that things now progressed more quickly. What's worse is, the one they were deceiving is the mistress.

If this marriage-talk progress any further, Bernard will be put in a tight spot.

Gigille was greatly remorseful.


Bernard let out a sigh of relief as he heard his mother and Gigille were leaving for the city. Afterwards, he immediately rushed to Agnes.

There were Carol and Celia in the room.

As he thought there was something different on the twin's atmosphere, he realized their hairstyles had changed. Their hair was braided from the side and put together on the back of their head, just like Agnes's.

As he thought, women were creatures that can change just by changing their hairstyle alone. Once again, he was impressed.

“You guys, what's with that hairstyle?”

“Agnes-san tied it for us.”

“I am currently learning on hair styling.”

“Is that so.”

When asked on his opinion, he replied with a safe answer, “It looks good on you two.”

The twins were happy to hear that.

Carole and Celia, who were in a good mood, asked him if he needed anything with smiles.

“Master, do you want some cafe au lait?”

“Or do you want a tea instead, Master?”

“No, I don't need it. Instead, leave the room for a while.”

Even though they were told to withdraw, both of them shook their heads. They moved in perfect sync.

“We are Lady Agnes's maid so,”

“We need to keep an eye on her every movement.”


Even though he wanted to talk privately, these two were in the way.

But, this was normal for a n.o.ble lady. Unmarried man and woman mustn't be left alone in a closed room.

“It's no use whatever Master says.”

“You can be alone with Lady Agnes after both of you married.”

The twins probably learned this aristocratic tradition from their mother.

Annoyed, Bernard glared at them.

“Are you guys disobeying your master's order?”

“The one we served is Lady Agnes.”

“It's not you, Master.”

Carol and Celia tried to be faithful to their mother's order.

His opponents were strong, but as he remembered the twins and Gigille's quarrel last night, a smile crept across Bernard's face.

“--Then, how about I take you two to the popular cafe in town later.”

“You mean the White Rabbit Cafe!?”

“You will really bring us there?”

“Only if both of you leave the room.”

White Rabbit Cafe.

It is a coffee shop built half a year ago which is located in the city and it served exotic sweets.

It's a cute and decorative cafe with a good reputation, but Gigille opposed as it was not a place for a teenage girl like them.

“...But, Mother said we can't go.”

“...She said it is a place for people to mess around.”

“Going once is alright, right?”

“Is that so?”

“I'm not sure.”

Carol and Celia were about to agree with Bernard's proposal. They've lost the momentum they previously had.

Just a little bit until they fell. Bernard tried to recall from his vague memory to lure the twins more.

“The strawberry something cake, coated with white cream… that one is famous, right?”

“It's not a cake, it's raspberry scone.”

“Not a white cream, it's called clotted cream.”

“Well, whatever it is. If you go accompanied me to do my, Gigille won't complain over a little tea break before we go home.”

Carol and Celia's hearts began to sway. The two remembered the gossip they've heard before.

The freshly baked scones with dried raspberry in it. It's crispy on the outside, but moist inside. The combination of fragrant dough with b.u.t.tery flavor, sweet and sour raspberry, it will give people who ate it a pure bliss. Coating it with the rich clotted cream is the best way to eat it.

Scones were baked goods that never ceased to captivate the women of the city.

“What to do?”

“What do we do?”

“Choose quickly.”

The two looked at each other, and they agreed on an answer in an instant.

“We've decide. As expected, no means no.”

“Family rules. Mother's words are absolute.”


He had an impression that both of them were needy because Gigille always said so, but in reality they weren't as needy as he thought.

He ordered both of them to stay in the corner of the room and closed their ears so they won't hear the conversation.

Carol and Celia obediently followed his order.

“Being a n.o.ble lady is really troublesome.:

“For me, it is already a daily routine.”

“You're right. Don't you find it strange if you feel something like that as normal?”

“...It depends on each person, I think.”

For a moment, Agnes's expression darkened. But Bernard didn't notice this as it only happened for an instant.

“--Then, back to the topic.”


He moved to the main topic. Oceanne, his mother, had become really unstoppable now.

“My mother is making a wedding dress for you.”

“Oh dear.”

“You don't look surprised.”


Agnes said that it was normal for someone who has decided to get married.

“Once the engagement is decided, a lady will usually start preparing for the wedding with her mother. For example, writing the invitation letters or making the wedding dress.”

“Is that so? Wait, no, I mean, once I told her that your mother is… already gone, my mother becomes too carried away.”

“I see…”

The atmosphere between the two became heavier.

With Gigille's advice, he asked Agnes to act as his fiance, but it turned into an unexpected outcome.

What will happen from now on.. The answer won't come right away.

“Well, it will work out somehow.”

As if to rea.s.sure her, Bernard said that it's common to cancel an engagement later on.

“When it comes to that, I will take responsibilities.”


“That's why, you don't have to worry.”

If she wanted to move to the countryside and live there, he will help to send her there, and she can also take the bridal gown with her. This was what Bernard means by taking responsibility. But, it seemed that Agnes took it in a different meaning.

“Um.. you don't have to do that…”

“I don't have any future plans, anyway.”

Hearing that, Agnes was surprised.

Bernard, who lost in his thoughts while talking, didn't realize her changes.

In case he accompanied Agnes to Lazare's relative, he will need to take a long break from work.

He never took time off his work and never planned doing so before. Seeing Agnes's distressed face, he once again said there is no need to be worried.

“...Am I troubling you?”

“You're saying that now?”

“You're, right. Thank you very much.”

In this era, “taking responsibilities” is something that usually said before marrying a girl. It couldn't be helped if Agnes misinterpret it. Furthermore, the way Bernard said it was also wrong. Who would have guessed that what he meant was taking a leave from work to send her to the village.

It is unfortunate that both of their perceptions were too far different.


-- Oceanne was more than eager to make the wedding dress.

When she heard that, Agnes was fl.u.s.tered. Bernard had said he will take responsibilities, but as expected, she mustn't bother him more than this.

However, the action Bernard's mother took was far beyond Agnes's imagination.

After coming home, Oceannu spoke in front of a thick catalog brought by a servant.

“This is the latest catalog for bridal gowns. I'm surprised they are of different models from my time.”


It turned out her objective of going out was this catalog.

“It seems you will look good in every dress you wear, Agnes-san.”

“Thank you very much.”

Agnes was trying to pa.s.s this situation with a smile on her face. But, this kind of act was her weakness.

“In my time, the sleeves were round. What was it called again?”

“Do you mean puff sleeve?”

“Yes, that's it. Puff sleeve dress was popular back then.”

A dress with puffed sleeves and a long skirt flowing from the bottom of the chest was the trend at that time. Oceanne was reminiscing about the day of her marriage, she talked about her experience that day while closing her eyes. The two of them looked into the catalog and turned over the pages but didn't find the same design.

“Even though bridal dress is a traditional dress, the designs are changing over time.”

“That is true. However, I always admire my mother's wedding dress and wish to wear it when I get married.”

“Maa, is that so?”

The dress Agnes's mother wore was also a puff sleeve dress.

“Then, how about we readjust that dress, and make some arrangements for the wedding--”

Oceanne stopped her talk midway after realizing something.

Agnes's house was already ruined. All of its properties had been confiscated.

She apologized to her with a sad expression on her face.

“I'm sorry for being insensitive.”

“It's alright…”

To lift up the dark mood, Agnes smiled and asked.

“Do you still have the wedding dress you wore before?”

“Yes, I have it.”

“Then, may I see it sometime when I have the chance?”

Agnes said that since both of them might married around the same time, their designs may be similar.

“I hope it can be used as a reference when making the dress.”

Agnes quickly thought of a reason to delay making the dress.

Since her family problem wasn't resolved yet, she still couldn't get married, that's the more reason she didn't need the dress soon too.

“Is it alright for not following the trend?”

“Yes, I think it is cute.”

“I see. Then--”

Oceanne agreed with Agnes's idea.

“It might be good too, right?”


And thus, the problem about wedding dress was over thanks to Agnes's quick-witted thinking.


I love the twins, they are so cute <>

And Bernard, lol. He's so dense but adorable!

The Noble Girl Living in Debt Chapter 19

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