Legend of the Great Saint Vol 2 Chapter 71

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Legend of the Great Saint Book 2, Chapter 71


Li Qingshan thought it over. Perhaps it was the court’s genuine power. But only this made any sense. Where was there any basis for the weak to rule the strong in this world. Anyone would try to pursue greater privileges after obtaining great strength, then how would ordinary people govern men of the martial world who possessed powerful martial abilities.

This Eagle Wolf Guard was sure to be an important strength of the imperial court. As they said, it was easier to cultivate inside the governmental special police. He could get rid of quite a few troubles if he could join. “It’s not impossible there’ll be an opportunity!”

“I have faith you can do it!” Sick Yellow Tiger still thought Li Qingshan was pondering the matter of joining the Eagle Wolf Guard. He’d already learned the matter of last night about Li Qingshan destroying the Dragon Gate in two hours. But he wasn’t like the others. Apart from his surprise when he heard the news, there was also a feeling of “I thought as much.”

Li Qingshan had grown at a rapid pace that was difficult to imagine ever since he’d met him. He couldn’t help but remember the words Li Qingshan had said back then, “I will certainly become an innate master!” Originally he’d listened to those words like the words of a child, but now he believed. As long as Li Qingshan didn’t die mid-way, he would definitely become this kind of master.

Li Qingshan decided not to think about such distant things for now: “Apart from the tiger bone wine, could those bamboo baskets be?”

“Correct! It’s ginseng!” Sick Yellow Tiger opened the bamboo baskets. They were unexpectedly filled to the brim with ginseng.

Li Qingshan had spent the huge fortune of a thousand taels of silver back then, and the ginseng he’d brought was probably not even enough to fill one tenth of those bamboo baskets. Tiger bones were still easy to handle, but Horse Rein Village wasn’t a village famous for gathering ginseng. He acutely smelled the scent of blood on them. It was very faint, but very fresh. He would simply have wondered whether it was his own mistaken illusion if not for this this scent of blood being so distinct. Could it be that his nose also became spiritual after cultivating the supernatural skill?

Sick Yellow Tiger said: “We just got rid of troubles for the Horse Rein Village, those ginsengs were an unexpected gain.” After he had taken the spiritual wine, he’d not only recovered, but his martial arts had also made progresses once again. Because of the b.l.o.o.d.y excitement from Li Qingshan destroying the Black Wind Camp, he’d immediately led men to attack the Ginseng King Village after he’d gone back to the Horse Rein Village.

The Ginseng King Village’s strength wasn’t as high as Horse Rein Village’s to begin with. Then Yang Jun had messed up everything inside the Ginseng King Village as he led a group of masters in search for the spirit ginseng, and they had precisely been at their weakest. Sick Yellow Tiger succeeded in one battle and greatly ruined the Ginseng King Village.

Li Qingshan stayed silent a moment. Although the Ginseng King had once had grudges with him, they were still a village when all was said and done, not a den of bandits like the Black Wind Camp. But he was also clearly aware that the Ginseng King Village would have done the same if they’d had the strength.

It was almost impossible to dissolve a hatred of life and death once it was forged. There was only defeating the opponent with all of your strength. If you wished to protect your relatives and friends, then you had to go kill someone else’s rel
atives and friends. There was only different standpoints, there was no good and evil. There was no road of retreat once one entered the martial world. No shortage of wine cups to drink, no shortage of enemies to behead.

“I just happen to need these things, many thanks to the chief hunter. The value of those ginsengs is considerable, I also can’t take them free of charge. Chief hunter, name your price!”

Sick Yellow Tiger wasn’t too courteous either: “I just knew you kid didn’t take a trip to the Black Wind Camp in vain this time. As to the silver, you see how much you want to give!”

Li Qingshan gave all of the silver he obtained from the Black Wind Camp to Sick Yellow Tiger, more than ten thousand taels. The value of those ginsengs was quite a bit higher than this sum, but since it was a bulk purchase, there certainly would be a bulk discount as well. This act of Li Qingshan’s didn’t take advantage of anyone, and didn’t suffer any loss either.

Sick Yellow Tiger also felt happy. He was sure to raise Horse Rein Village’s strength to another level as long as he had this silver, together with the medicinal formulas Li Qingshan had given him. “You have to be very very careful during this time and guard against hidden plots in your back. Give us a sign if there’s need, but I have a feeling you’re not going to lose.”

Li Qingshan said, “Many thanks for the chief hunter’s auspicious words!”

Li Qingshan pondered a long while after Sick Yellow Tiger left. He suddenly saw Little An stick his head out from the door, watching him with a “burning” gaze. He couldn’t help smiling. He had to protect this child, this was an unquestionable determination.

There wasn’t necessarily no confusion and suffering for him, with an abrupt change in his living environment, in the midst of continuous b.l.o.o.d.y killing. The him of the previous world would certainly have sunken into depression, but now he wanted to straighten his spine, not exposing a single shred of weakness, because this child was watching him. If one said that the supernatural power and his strength had given him self-confidence, then protection and responsibility had strengthened his heart, transforming him into a real man.

Those medicinal wines and ginsengs had been sent at the right time. There was no need to talk about the tiger bone wine, it was extremely helpful for the [Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist]. The ginseng was even more of a necessity. The spirit ginseng now needed several days before it could soak one gourd worth of spiritual wine, and the wine’s taste was also not as thick as it had been at the very start.

Li Qingshan discarded his thoughts and formally started to cultivate the [Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist].

There were also nine layers in total to the [Tiger Demon Bone Refining Fist]. Li Qingshan’s present goal was still to cultivate to the first layer. According to the green bull’s words, as long as he cultivated to the first layer, it could link with the [Bull Demon Strong Fist], tiger and bull a.s.sisting each other and displaying this supernatural skill’s genuine strength.

Li Qingshan first hugged up a jar of tiger bone wine and drank down several mouthfuls, then he moved and tossed inside the yard, practicing the fist moves one by one. The steps under his feet became increasingly faster, and within the s.p.a.ce of a short time there was only a blur left inside the yard, blowing bursts and bursts of wild wind with it.

He quickly absorbed the medicinal wine. He stopped and went to drink it again. Such cycles went on until noon when he unexpectedly felt hunger hard to tolerate once gain. There was even a kind of faint feeling that he’d overtaxed his spirit and that his primordial energy would soon be injured.

But the results were also very obvious. He was already able to clearly sense his own movements speeding up somewhat yet again in just the s.p.a.ce of a morning. His explosiveness was more powerful than ever before, and the bones in his entire body had also become tougher, able to bear more violent motions and actions from him. There wouldn’t be any more of that feeling they would be soon about to break, like back when he’d climbed the Dragon Gate mountain the previous night.

Li Qingshan felt very uplifted. He came to a nearby restaurant. The owner hurriedly came out to greet him when he saw him walk inside. “Constable Li, how did your honored self come. You honor us with your presence, please quickly come inside.”

Li Qingshan didn’t fake too much courtesy either and ordered a table full of wine and dishes. He ate and chewed free and unrestrained, as if there was n.o.body else present, but he was already keenly aware that there were several additional men of the martial world carrying sabers or swords inside the restaurant. Those persons were likewise carefully examining him, but since the opposite parties didn’t act, Li Qingshan was also too lazy to stir additional trouble. After the meal he went to settle the bill.

“Shop owner, in the future send meals to my place according to the same amount, no need stick to the same dishes, three meals everyday, no, four meals, better if there’s more meat with bones.” He had presently no energy to go hunting, and he’d also long been fed up with the same taste of grilled meat anyway. Now he had money so he naturally had to eat fine dishes and drink fine wines. The restaurant chef’s craft was far above that of an amateur like him.

The owner was just being distressed at all the money he was losing today. He almost fell down when he heard Li Qingshan’s words. “Constable Li, this shop is small and doesn’t make much money!”


The owner felt his heartbeat almost stop with a “hm?” of no consequences from Li Qingshan. He silently cursed himself for being blinded by profit. Why did he provoke this evil star for the sake of food money, did he really find life too long?

“Will I eat from you for free? This is advance payment.” Li Qingshan fished out a thousand taels silver note and put it on the counter.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 2 Chapter 71

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