Legend of the Great Saint Vol 2 Chapter 76

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Legend of the Great Saint Book 2, Chapter 76


Lu Tingrui shouted in shock, “The Eagle Wolf Guard!” Chu Xin was finally unable to keep smiling. Wei Dandong’s face became white until it resembled a piece of paper. Wan Hao’s straight spine seemed to shrink somewhat.

Li Qingshan noticed lord Feng’s clothes then. It was indeed much more awe-inspiring than the mountain village clothes he was wearing. The most eye-catching of all was the iron wolf badge that hung at his waist, its appearance the same as the wolf on his clothes. The wolf badge wasn’t big, but the spiritual light glowing from it was ten times more dazzling compared to the monk staff stuck in the floor.

Liu Hong and hall master Wu followed behind, their hearts alarmed as they took in the figures filling the building. So many masters had already actually been attracted over in s.p.a.ce of a short half-month. Suncheer hadn’t been so lively for a long while.

Liu Hong threw a deep look at the monk staff, confirming once again the news he’d obtained weren’t wrong. He thought, “Li Qingshan, Li Qingshan, you’re indeed outstanding, but unfortunately the Eagle Wolf Guard is here today. Even if you were a dragon you’d still have to coil, even if you were a tiger you’d still have to crouch.”

Wan Hao said, “Does the Eagle Wolf Guard also have to stick its head inside this kind of dispute between people of the rivers and lakes?”

Chu Xin smiled bitterly and said, “My lord, you’re already an innate master, what need do you have to compete with us for it. How much money does this hall master Wu want. Your honored self please don’t hesitate to say, I’ll certainly not bargain.”

Lord Feng opened his mouth before Lu Tingrui and Wei Dandong even had time to speak. His resounding voice was biting, but the words he said were ten times more biting: “You all get the h.e.l.l out of here!”

The expression on every one of them changed. The feeling of a lull before the storm permeated upstairs because of those words.

From the side, Hall master Wu added oil and vinegar to the fire, a fox exploiting the tiger’s prestige: “Lord Feng told you all to get lost, did none of you hear him?”

Li Qingshan frowned. This guard had a really unbridled arrogance. With his spiritual eyes opened thanks to the green bull’s tears, he could see that although lord Feng’s strength was higher than anyone present, it wasn’t high to the point it was wholly out of reach.

If those first-grade masters joined hands together, they could be very a.s.sured of killing him right there by relying on the trump cards in their hands, with all those disciples as cannon fodders on top. Moreover, those first-grade masters were all figures who could shake their own domain with a stamp of their feet, and who wouldn’t even blink at killing someone. They couldn’t possibly tolerate someone humiliating them in front of so many sect members and disciples.

“Hua!” Four first-grade masters stood up together, then leaped out of the windows without saying a word. Unexpectedly, they’d truly what “gotten the h.e.l.l out” of there. It was as if they’d broken wind earlier instead of saying those ruthless words, as if they’d raised their hands and violently slapped their own faces loud and crisp.

They still didn’t dare offend the Eagle Wolf Guard even if they ardently desired the spirit ginseng in order to save or extend their lives. As men of the martial world, they didn’t lack the courage to struggle to the death, but even so what lord Feng represented wasn’t a man alone.

Sect members and disciples followed behind with dejecte
d faces, cleanly cras.h.i.+ng out. Such a big restaurant became entirely empty in the blink of an eye, leaving only Li Qingshan standing stunned in place.

“Lord Feng’s formidable renown shakes the rivers and lakes!” Hall master Wu offered flattery in haste.

Lord Feng’s expression relaxed somewhat, exposing some pride, very satisfied with the effect he’d produced. He didn’t even move his feet and told Li Qingshan with a proud commanding tone: “Present the spirit ginseng!”

He’d made four first-grade masters scram out with one sentence. There was even less of a need to be polite facing the one of Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan should be overawed by his prestige and would obediently take out the spirit ginseng out. As to how the Iron Fist Gate wanted to proceed from there, that was another matter.

Li Qingshan lowered his head, some frustration actually showing on his face. Something known as the wuxia dream smashed to pieces with a loud rumble.

Hall master Wu said with impatience: “Hurry up hurry up!” It seemed he wasn’t trying to obtain something from someone else but recovering something that belonged to himself instead.

Liu Hong said: “Qingshan, hurry up, hall master Wu promised to take you in into the Iron Locks Hall. You only need to nod your head and you’ll immediately become a great figure of the Iron Gate Sect. You can go to great places like Blessed Peace or even Clear River. The old man really envies you.”

Dragon Li also lowered his voice and said: “Qingshan, you just agree!”

“Who is it, who dares to stir trouble in my great Suncheer!” Ye Dachuan led some bailiffs as he came over hurriedly.

Hall master Wu said with displeasure: “Who are you?” He completely disregarded the official robes on Ye Dachuan. He’d seen at a glance there wasn’t a single shred of internal strength or true qi on him, and thought, nowadays really everyone dares to b.u.t.t in.

Ye Dachuan said with his nostrils up in the air, “I am Suncheer’s county magistrate, the lord prefect’s little brother-in-law.” Then he looked again at lord Feng and observed the badge at his waist. “Dark Wolf Guard! You must be the reinforcement sent by the lord prefect. You’ve done well, I’ll report your merits to the lord prefect.”

He hadn’t even dared to stick his head out when he heard about a group of martial world people there, but he’d straighten his spine and hurried over as soon as he heard the Eagle Wolf Guard had arrived. He even went forward to pat lord Feng’s shoulder while talking.

Li Qingshan truly admired Ye Dachuan’s courage at this moment.

Lord Feng frowned. He moved his feet away and made Ye Dachuan pat the air. His right hand rested on his weapon, but in the end he was intimidated by the two words “lord prefect” and didn’t act: “This official is on business for the government, may my lord move away.”

Ye Dachuan said, “What business. Oh, you’re talking about Qingshan, he’s this county’s constable, in theory he’s even a level above you, hahaha!”

The Eagle Wolf Guard’s structure was split between the Eagle Leader and Wolf Leader. Eagle as main leader and wolf as deputy, both commanding the group of wolves. The Eagle Leader would often temporarily fill in as a constable. That was why Li Qingshan’s constable clothes was a simplified version of the the dark wolf uniform. Moreover, Blessed Peace and Suncheer both belonged to the county category in name, and the status of a constable like Li Qingshan was naturally a level higher than a bailiff.

Lord Feng seemed to have suffered extraordinary shame and humiliation. He pulled out his wind-st.i.tching blade with a “shua” and fiercely lifted the two feet long blade edge, then drew a seven feet long blade scar on the floor.

Ye Dachuan retreated back with great alarm and tripped down on the door sill, his plump and round body rolling far away. The bailiffs yelled “My lord!” and tried to block him, but they were knocked down instead.

No matter your privileges and status, without the support from strength, someone would very quickly trample you down to earth, flatten your privileges and break your status.

But in the end the official robes on Ye Dachuan saved. If someone else dared to talk like that to lord Feng, he’d cut you down even if you were a first-grade master.

Lord Feng decided not to waste any word with Ye Dachuan and said directly to Li Qingshan: “Take out the spirit ginseng, don’t make me say it a third time.” Beams of light glinted on and off from the blade in his hand, the brilliant light shooting in all direction with an awe-inspiring killing aura.

Li Qingshan couldn’t help but sigh in lament. So this was an innate master. He thought a bit and said: “Go f.u.c.k yourself!”

Lord Feng wondered if he’d heard wrong. He froze stunned for a full second. A burst of mocking laughter spread over from somewhere. Lord Feng said with explosive anger: “You’re courting death!” The wind-st.i.tching blade sliced through the air, sweeping everything in its path. He was going to first kill Li Qingshan, then kill that person who’d dared to mock him from within the darkness.

The edge of the blade was several feet away from his face, but Li Qingshan already felt an eerie chilliness press his way, sealing off any path of escape. He quickly grabbed the monk staff beside him and brandished it against the edged blade.

A loud “Clang” echoed. The chair Li Qingshan sat on broke to pieces with a loud rumble. A deep mark was left on the monk staff twinkling with spiritual light. Even the spiritual light had dimmed by a lot.

Legend of the Great Saint Vol 2 Chapter 76

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