Return Of The Goddess Chapter 38

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The invitation letter of Chang Corporation party was an alternative ident.i.ty symbol for entertainers in the entertainment circle. Because ordinary people couldn't enter even if they took a short cut, Chang Corporation was very strict with the examination of the entry personnel.

At this time, the actors of Jiuji entertainment were enviable. Because the CEO of Chang had invested in Jiuji entertainment, so the invitation letter must be easier to be got than other people.

But people at the top of the entertainment circle were very clear that for Chang s.h.i.+gui, Jiuji was about the nature of ticket playing. Perhaps he didn't even know how many actors there were in Jiuji, let alone to say enjoying the benefits of a favorable position.

Some actors asked for information indirectly from their agents, but they didn't hear anything useful. Later, the news came out that Chang group had sent some more invitations to their company, but it had nothing to do with them.

It was too late for Ning Xi to order dresses, so she had to spare half a day to go to the ready-made clothes shop.

Ning Xi's figure is very good. Her waist is thin and her legs are long. Her figure is well-balanced and her skin is white. So it was easy to find the right dress, but it was not easy to find the one that was extraordinarily outstanding.

She managed to pick out a black evening dress grudgingly.

The black dress was a timeless style. She looked at herself in front of the mirror and touched her empty neck.

“Miss Ning has white skin and a thin waist. This skirt really suits you.” Although the shopping guide often boasts excessively, today's words were really sincere. This evening dress was not particularly glamorous in design, but when worn by Ning Xi, it does have a big line of style.

“Thank you.” Ning Xi smiled and thanked the shopping guide. Turning around, she saw little Yang was looking at herself silly. She couldn't help laughing and said, “how many have you sold this style?”

“Please rest a.s.sured that although our brand is not a first-line brand, it is also very popular with celebrities from all walks of life. There will never be a second one.”

The shopping guide was very clear that these celebrities were most afraid of wearing the same clothes, which was normal for them having such concerns.

“Xixi, you look very beautiful in this skirt. It's very G.o.ddess-like,” Xiao Yang clapped excitedly. “It's bound to amaze the whole audience.”

“If you go on boasting, I won't have the face to go out to meet people,” Ning Xi said to the shopping guide with a gentle smile. “Please help me put this skirt on, thank you.”

“It's very kind of you. Please wait for a moment.” The shopping guide has received many actors. These actors had different personalities. They were the ones who put on airs, were picky, or looked at people with their chin raised. They could only think of things that they can't see. The kind of gentle and polite people like Ning Xi were their favorite customers, so she was particularly enthusiastic about Ning Xi.

After using a card and paying the bill, Ning Xi took a picture with the shopping guide and was warmly sent out by the shopping guide.

“The nearby jewelry store, please,” said Ning Xi, she touched her neck. “I still lack a necklace to match my skirt.”

This style of evening dress, with a diamond or gem necklace, was the right choice.

The jewelry in the jewelry store's counter was exquisite, and many things were too beautiful to take people's eyes off. Ning Xi chose with a pair of simple and atmospheric earrings, and couldn't decide on the necklace.

Some people said that the root of a lot of selection difficulties lies in the lack of money. Ning Xi agrees with this sentence more or less, because she is now facing this dilemma.

There will be many big investors in Chang Corporation's party, so it's a good show for actors, and it's also an intangible way to prove their ident.i.ty.

So in this situation, Ning Xi must not wear too shabby, which was not only disrespectful to others but also made others look down on her.

No one can see through the surface and the essence at first sight. For strangers, they don't have so much patience to understand how beautiful a person's heart is. So if a person wants to attract more people's attention, he has to work hard on his own.

“Miss Jiang, this is the necklace that you customized. Would you like to see if there is anything that needs to be modified?”

“Not bad.” The person who answered seemed inattentive.

Ning Xi looked back and saw that the speaker was a very young woman. She looked like she was in her early twenties, very arrogant and impatient. It was obvious that the necklace in front of her was just a makes.h.i.+ft.

“How about this one, miss?” The shopping guide recommended to Ning Xi another necklace and put it in front of Ning Xi. The cutting process of this necklace's gem can't match the one she saw a previous one, but the price is one third less.

After careful comparison, Ning Xi bit her teeth and decided to buy the one she liked. It's expensive. At least she likes it.

“Wow, aren't you the actor on that TV?” And then Miss Jiang noticed the movement on Ning Xi, looked up and down at Ning Xi for several times, reached out and pointed to her, “Are you also here to buy jewelry?”

She approached Ning Xi, looked at several necklaces in front of Ning Xi, and said slightly contemptuously, “the l.u.s.ter of this gem is not enough, and the style is the same as the old one in the previous two months. How can you just buy this?”

Ning Xi pointed to one of the necklaces, and then handed the credit card to Xiao Yang behind her: “This one, thank you.”

Xiao Yang looked at this Miss Jiang who she didn't know where Jiang came from, and she didn't know why she felt that Miss Jiang seemed to be hostile to Ning Xi.

But when Xiao Yang saw the calm of Ning Xi, the worry in her heart disappeared immediately without a trace.

“Lacking money makes you laugh.” There was no slight embarra.s.sment on Ning Xi's face. It seemed that it was not a very difficult thing to say, which she could only buy the necklace style two months ago.

Miss Jiang didn't expect that Ning Xi didn't care about her mean words. Her expression changed. She said after a while, “You are very honest at this point.”

“Thank you for your compliment.” Ning Xi smiled calmly as if she was not facing a rich lady, but a vexatious child, full of tolerance and helplessness.

In the eyes of others, Miss Jiang was also strange. It didn't matter if she played with the necklace or even threw it away at will because of her rich family. It was boring to run and mock others for not buying good things.

In particular, the shopping guide who recommended necklaces to Ning Xi was embarra.s.sed at the moment, because Miss Jiang was laughing at Ning Xi's inability to buy good things, and she was also laughing at the fact that the things she sold were not good enough.

But Miss Jiang is a big customer in their shop. No one dares to offend her.

“Haha,” said Miss Jiang, who was laughing at Ning Xi's att.i.tude, “Aren't you an old friend of cousin Chang? When you come to Chang's jewelry store to buy things, there is no VIP discount?”

Exactly the shopping guide had packed the necklace. Ning Xi took the box and said with a smile: “It's just my habit to take care of my friend's business. How can I get a discount?”

Miss Jiang finally understood why her cousin was so angry when she mentioned this female actor because her words always make people angry.

Buying such a lousy necklace meant taking care of her friend's business?!

How huge industry does Chang's group was! Would cousin Chang care about her such concern?

How could this woman be so shameless?!

Miss Jiang's face changed with rage. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she saw Bai Lu coming here. The expression on her face suddenly became complicated. She took her things and turned away.

Miss Jiang's relations.h.i.+p with Miss Bai was a little bad, which was known to many people.

As soon as Bai Lu entered the shop, she saw the back of Jiang Yun's departure. She smiled nonchalantly and said to the shopping guide beside: “I don't think Miss Jiang's face is good, did she argue with others again?”

The guide smiled and said politely, “Miss Jiang just talked to miss Ning for a while.”

Hearing the word “Ning”, Bai Lu picked up the tip of her brow, looked around and saw Ning Xi, who was talking with the shopping guide in the corner.

“Ning Xi?” Her perception of Ning Xi is very complex. It seems impossible to say how much she liked her. But as long as she faced her smile, Bai Lu would not be gloomy.

This woman probably had some magic.

“Miss Bai?” Ning Xi also saw Bai Lu, and suddenly her eyes brightened, and the smile on her face was bright.

Look! Just look at her smile. It's completely irresistible.

Bai Lu unconsciously gave Ning Xi a smile, and her feet also went to Ning Xi's direction. “Ning Xi, what are you doing here?”

“I'm going to a party tomorrow night. But I don't have a suitable necklace so I come here and have a look.” Ning Xi pointed to the necklace in front of her.

Hearing that Ning Xi was going to the party tomorrow night, Bai Lu was not surprised at all. Instead, she said with a smile, “Your neck is white and long, and you look beautiful no matter what you wear.” She was telling the truth. Ning Xi's neck was really beautiful and s.e.xy. When she looked slightly down, she was very beautiful, which makes people want to kiss her.

The manager took out the necklace ordered by Bai Lu himself. Ning Xi took a look. It was a very beautiful ruby necklace.

She made no secret of her surprise: “How beautiful!”

Bai Lu saw that Ning Xi only had admiration and amazement in her eyes, but no envy and flattery. She had a better impression of Ning Xi. “In so many jewelry stores, I like this one best.”

The manager standing beside said with a smile, “Miss Bai has overpraised us. It's our greatest honor to satisfy our customers.”

Seeing the smile on the manager's face, Ning Xi knew that compared with Bai Lu, Miss Jiang was bad. She stood up and said to Bai Lu, “Lu, I'm going to shoot a night drama tonight, so I have to go.”

“I just want to go home.” Bai Lu smiled at her. “Let's go together.”

When the shopping guide who served for Ning Xi saw that the two were so close, she thought to herself that no wonder Miss Jiang was so rude to miss Ning, it turned out that it was Miss Bai.

There was a rumor that Miss Jiang's love their boss secretly, but their boss seemed to have a better relations.h.i.+p with Miss Bai, so Miss Jiang always likes to ignore Miss Bai. And Miss Jiang never give good expression to Miss Bai when they two were on the same occasion.

But the news was just gossip from their insiders. None of them knew whether it was true or not.

As soon as Ning Xi and Bai Lu left the jewelry store, they found that someone was secretly photographing them across the street. When the photographers realized that he had been found, he drove quickly away.

However, both of them are women, and there's nothing to gossip about, so Ning Xi and Bai Lu didn't care about that. Anyway, both of them were used to this kind of reporter's secretly shooting.

However, they overestimated the journalists' moral integrity, and the Internet media released the news that night.

"Going to a jewelry store together! The intimate relations.h.i.+p between the n-surnamed actress in the circle and the rich lady"

Although the photos released in the news were not clear enough, the omnipotent netizens still recognized their ident.i.ties.

Netizen A: The current media is always trying to make big news. It's clear that two ordinary friends are shopping and buying. How can it be so strange under their pen?

Netizen B: Yes, I agree. But it's really eye-catching for the two beauties to walk together. Although the picture is badly pasted, Ning Xi and Miss Bai are different from the pa.s.sers-by in their background.

Netizen C: Doesn't anyone think Ning Xi is an excellent actor? Beautiful appearance, high education, good figure. All the friends in the circle are celebrities, and all the friends outside the circle are great people like the CEO of Chang Corporation and Miss Bai. Even her brokerage company was related to the CEO of Chang through her. It just like that she maybe has an unequaled capacity.

Netizen D: Ning Xi is a big winner in life.

… …

Netizen N: Let me tell you news in the entertainment circle. I heard that when Miss Ning played an important role in a big production, she was too popular and hindered some people. Therefore, after the popularity of 'Yan Huo Liu Xia', she was covered in gossip. And the actor who slandered Miss Ning is still bullying her in the crew, but Ning Xi has a good temper and doesn't want to make trouble for the crew, then the truth didn't burst out.

The netizen who leaked the news dropped the big news and did not appear again, but to the onlookers, the news was like water dripping into a pot of oil, and all of a sudden it raised a heated discussion.

Is Ning Xi as the leading role of a big production?

Previously, there was speculation that Ning Xi partic.i.p.ated in  'Tan Hai Xian Ji', but it has not been confirmed. Now with this information, netizens were even more skeptical about this aspect, and even some people started to look for the actors who had bullied and smeared to Ning Xi.

It was a pity that 'Tan Hai Xian Ji' crew had been doing a good job of keeping secrets. They didn't know who the actors in the same crew were, so they had nowhere to start if they want to.

It wasn't a big deal on the Internet, so the brokerage companies didn't pay attention to it. They were more concerned about the wine party held by Chang Corporation that night.

In the afternoon of the party, Ning Xi finished shooting early and sat in the dressing room to ask Zhang Qingyun's makeup team to make up for her. The crew of “Yan Zhi San Sheng” just knew that Ning Xi was invited to the wine party of Chang Corporation.

However, thinking that Ning Xi and Chang s.h.i.+gui were friends, the crew felt less surprised.

However, it became a big surprise when Chang s.h.i.+gui came to meet Ning Xi in person in playset!

A man came to pick up a woman before the party. What does it mean?

It meant that the woman will be his partner at the party.

Chang s.h.i.+gui stood silently outside the dressing room. The staff all unconsciously slowed down their steps when saw him, which they might disturb him.

And the CEO seemed to ignore the people who came and gone around. He was standing quietly outside the door, whose perfect side face made a woman look exciting, but in awe because of his ident.i.ty.

Return Of The Goddess Chapter 38

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