Close Combat Mage Chapter 441

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They hadn't seen each other since four years ago. So Soga was excited to see his mother again. It was a pity that the captain quickly told Soga that time was up. If they did not board the boat immediately, the Airs.h.i.+p would return to the grand trading road by itself. 

Seeing this, Soga naturally did not dare to be negligent. These fellows had strictly followed the rules, it was not that they were unreasonable, but if he went back late, they would be severely punished.

Without enough time to say more, he ordered his mother, Amy and Ara to pack up some important stuff, and then … The group once again returned to the Airs.h.i.+p, heading back to the great trading road.

There was no need to talk about what happened along the way. It had been so long since he saw Soga and his mother, as well as Amy and Ara, all had endless things to say.

did not dare to continue wasting it. Returning to the inn, Soga convened a meeting, and from today onwards, the group will be disbanded once again. From today onwards, the group will gather here in five months, and then, they will officially depart and pa.s.s the fourth round.

For Xiang Yun and the others, they were already used to this arrangement, only Mya, as he had just joined their group, they did not understand. Since Soga was a merchant, they naturally had to take care of him.

But whether or not he understood, after Soga gave the order, he immediately left the inn, bringing his mother, Amy, and Ara to the pier, he retrieved the Soga speedboat, and rushed back to the third stage.

After spending three days of time, Soga and the other two returned to the City Lord's Mansion in Soga City, and arranged Soga's mother to settle down here. At the same time, he also arranged work for Amy and Ara, and normally, other than cultivation, they had to shoulder the responsibility of finances and construction. Tomy's energy was limited. In such a big city, she was not the only person who could play around with it.

After realising the value of profound iron, Soga did not immediately sell it. Just like the previous city lord had done, using profound iron as a reserve, he had an advantage that even gold could not compare to, especially with its rarity. Soga was not willing to sell it because towards the later stages of development, Magic armor would very likely use profound iron.

After arranging the positions for the two girls, Soga rushed to the top-notch slave camp. But now, they had been renamed to Magic Army, and were owned by Soga alone.

After leaving for more than a month, they had already produced 300 sets. When Soga rushed to the camp, on the huge training field, 300 sets of Magic armor were undergoing intensive training.

"Anti-gravitational device activated!" Accompanied by the instructor's command, a boom resounded, and a ball of green light suddenly exploded out from the surface of the bodies of the 300 Magic armor s. Soga knew, it was the effect of activating the weightlessness magic. These Magic armor s did not understand the theory, and thought that there was some sort of mechanism within the armor.

"The magic power unit is activated!" Accompanying the order from the instructor, another boom resounded, and a ball of golden light exploded out from the bodies of the 300 Magic armor s. This was the effect of the Wind system's quick magic.

Afterwards, under the orders of the instructor, the 300 Magic armor troops started to train their unique Magic armor's ability to move, shoot, and heal. After confirming that all the operations were well understood, the instructor signaled for the 300 drivers to leave the Magic armor.

As there are currently only three hundred Magic armor and the number of troops is over ten thousand, therefore … They could only train batch by batch, and after this batch of 300 people finished training, the next batch of 300 people entered the Magic armor and began to receive training.

Soga could not help but nod his head in satisfaction. Once the production of Magic armor s had gone up, Soga would not have to worry about the Pirates' Alliance anymore. Even Soga did not dare to go head to head with these guys.

After satisfactorily checking the mining, production, and life insurance facilities in the city, Soga drove the Soga speedboat out of Soga City, returning once again to the fourth trial. After all … They had entered the Great trade road as merchants, and if they wanted to pa.s.s, they had to obtain the letter of trust from the ten villages and towns.

Ten copper ores with the capacity of Second generation of Empty ring were traded out, in exchange for ten letters of trust. With the help of the Diamond dragon, Soga only spent a month's time pa.s.sing the fourth stage by walking around once, and that was it. The conditions to pa.s.s the trial were all completed, and everything was so smooth that it was hard to believe.

As he had already taken over Soga City, Soga was very clear that the way to earn money by selling goods was no longer suitable for him. The profits that Soga City brought every day was an astronomical figure.

After obtaining the ten trust books, there were still three months until the appointed time. Since he had nothing to do, Soga rushed back to Soga City and closed his doors to cultivate, using his free time to refine the Ice dragon scales and continue researching the Magic armor.

Although he had already successfully researched a set of Magic armor, this was only the first generation of Magic costume. Soga knew that this was a subject that would never end.

In the following period of time, Soga could be said to be at ease, but after living like this for only a week, Soga was called away by a letter sent by Nico.

Other people might not be interested in such things, but Soga was different. Ever since he found out about the true secrets of the Great trade road in the Sea G.o.ddess Hall, Soga understood that there would be a temple of the TChief G.o.d in every trial. What was sealed in the temple were the divine artifacts that the TChief G.o.d had used before!

Although Soga was not sure if the Ancient Ruins that Nico had found were actually temples, but no matter what, there was a possibility. For the current Soga, maybe the only thing that could attract his attention was the G.o.d Equipment.

After hearing the news, Soga drove the Soga speedboat out of Soga City, rus.h.i.+ng to the fourth stage of Great trade road, hoping to reunite with Nico as soon as possible to explore the ancient ruins.

Although he had to pa.s.s through the Death triangle from Soga City to the fourth stage, in Soga's view, this so-called Death triangle was just an exciting playground, it couldn't pose any threat to Soga!

However, Soga had to admit that he had still underestimated the terror of the ocean. A day after he set out, the sea surface suddenly became foggy, and at the same time, Soga was shocked to discover that he had gotten lost!

Although Soga was carrying an ocean guiding instrument, for some reason, the device seemed to be broken. The pointer was spinning crazily, not willing to stop even if it died, let alone to point out directions.

In the vast ocean, the most important thing was direction. Having lost direction, Soga didn't know where to go at all, and what's more, Soga worriedly discovered that even with the speed of the Soga's speedboat, he still couldn't get rid of this Fog area!

Fortunately, Soga had brought along a s.p.a.ce ring with him. Since he was no longer a merchant, he had prepared a large amount of food and fresh water as well. During this exploration, no one knew how long they would have to stay in the wilderness. If they didn't prepare for it, it would be very troublesome.

Also, as a Water system Mage, Soga was actually not starved to death. Although he was at sea, it was very easy to obtain fresh water, and any one of the Water control techniques could make fresh water out of thin air. As for food, any fish in the ocean could fill Soga up.

After drifting for who knows how long, finally … A few b.a.l.l.s of hazy golden light appeared from within the fog. Seeing this scene, Soga could not help but become nervous. This did not seem like light, what could it be?

Close Combat Mage Chapter 441

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