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Chapter 50 This Chapter Has been Revised

He lost an invisibility spell unnecessarily, and Yun Shaoyi's real ident.i.ty was still a mystery without any clue. Why did Yun Shaoyi kill Qi Jingshan and make a great disturbance in the Bamboo Wind Country? All this made him wonder.

It took too much energy to worry about these troubles. Thinking for a moment, Wen Jing subconsciously left behind Jun Yanzhi's requirements of the couple practice.

Three days safely pa.s.sed and nothing happened. Wen Jing was waiting uneasily in the calm before the storm which made him anxious.

In the middle of the night, a rush of knocking on the door awakened Wen Jing.

“What happened?” He turned up alertly and lifted the sword at the bedside.

Jun Yanzhi quickly stopped him with his palm and said, “I will go and see, don't worry.”

The knocking on the door was more intense, with a relatively calm and respectful voice: “Friar Jun please help the Hengtian.”

Wen Jing relaxed and whispered "oh" in his heart. He reminded the contents of the original text.

“Jin Huan, a friar from the Hengtian who was on the initial golden alchemy period, had a magic weapon—Hallucinatory Furnace. This Hallucinatory Furnace could use the anger inside people to create short-term illusions, and then the holder could hit the opponent's weakness right away.

Tonight, when the heads of the five sects and friars on the initial golden alchemy period were negotiating to eliminate the evil friar, Jin Huan suddenly fell into madness, he wants to kill, with red eyes open. Xi Fang and the head of the Hengtian joined force to overpower him and immediately sent for Jun Yanzhi to treat him. "

—- From the eighty-sixth chapter of “The Disaster of All Beings”.

Then there was the scene of knocking on the door.

Jun Yanzhi calmly draped the green gown at the bedside.

There were four or five friars on basic period outside the door. The disciple as leader dressed well and behaved decently. His age seemed to be more than 30 years old. His face was slightly ugly but his manner was great.

He simply said: “I am Cui Ying, who is the big disciple of the head of the Hengtian.” Before the response of Jun Yan, he hid his voice and said a few words with Jun Yan by the soniferous magic.

Wen Jing naturally knew what they were talking, but only Cui Ying's att.i.tude also showed that thing's very urgent.

“Well, I'll go.” Jun Yanzhi gently responded, and said to Wen Jing, “I will go back soon.”

“It's ok.”

Wen Jing still had to wait for the evil friar to appear, so naturally he would not go.

Cui Ying led Jun Yanzhi to the main peak of the Hengtian, the Four Sun Mountain.

Xi Fang, Xiao Ran and others had already been waiting at the top of the mountain.

Jun Yanzhi glanced at people. The charming elderly lady in red whose slender eyes seemed to reach the brow was Hua Nianci, the master of the Shuiyue Palace.

The middle-aged man in a black gown with no expression on his face was the leader of Red Maple, called Taoist Yi Yang.

And the old man with white brow and long beard, standing beside Lu Zhishan was the head of the Ancient Mirror, called Taoist Chunhui.

Other men and women were new faces, or Taoists or layfolk, some whispering, some silently standing. There were more than a dozen people.

Xiao Ran was dressed in a white coat, and he seemed to be about 30. He was handsome but not arrogant. He quickly took a look on Jun Yanzhi with his inquiring eyes and said: “You have really a great appearance and outstanding temperament.”

Jun Yanzhi bowed to greet: “I am waiting for yours order.”

Xiao Ran said: “I know that you are extraordinary. If you can save Friar Jing, I would not wrong you.”

“I'll try my best.”

Xiao Ran said again: “If you can't really save him, there's nothing to do more. Don't worry too much.”

Jun Yan thanked and promised.

“Cui Ying, you take him there.”


Jun Yanzhi followed Cui Ying and turned around to a quiet place in the mountains. There were four friars waiting outside the door and four friars in the room. When they saw the two, they didn't know how to react.

Jun Yanzhi said to Cui Ying: “I have to be calm when I treat, please don't bother me. Please wait outside the door. I will come out once I finish.”

Cui Ying quickly let the friars come out, and closed the door for Jun Yan.

The man on the bed was about forty years old with a prominent cheekbones and a sharp chin, like a malnourished invalid. Jun Yanzhi placed a magic barrier in the room, sitting next to the man quietly and looking at him.

There was no light in the room and windows closed. Jun Yanzhi was sitting in the dark like a sculpture without a move.

Not knowing how long it takes, the man on the bed made a noise and sat up, covering his head.

“Who are… you?” Jin Huan woke up from a coma, his head still a little unconscious. However the look of the young man next to him made him feel uncomfortable. The kind of gaze was not like looking at a person, but looking at a dead thing, such like staring at a dying chicken. The young man not only would not help, but also to eat him.

This man had hatred with him?

Jin Huan lifted his hand slightly and looked serious: "Who are you?"

His words were not finished yet and his blood was boiled by the fire. The screams of the ghosts came to his the ears. People he killed became ghosts and pounced on him. They were biting and screaming on his body. He made a sound “Hehe” and his eyes slowly turned red as if he's going to fall into the ruin again.

However, just after a short moment, Jin Huan awaked.

He was sweaty. He looked at the young man in front of him, and finally he understood the situation. He humbly said: “You, you are an evil friar.”

Jun Yan nodded: "my blood is in your body. I can make you never wake up sleep like you just did by thinking."

“How did you let me drink your blood?” Jin Huan's face was pale and unconsciously trembled. Since he entered to the initial golden alchemy period, he rarely ate and drank water. How did the magic repair let him drink blood? He said in his low voice: “You created a b.l.o.o.d.y fog in the air?”

Jun Yanzhi did not answer. Although the blood fog was wonderful, it was difficult to control. And Jin Huan lived in the remote place, he could not be sure that Jin Huan could suck his blood over long distance. So this was not a good idea.

Jin Huan quickly calmed down: “What do you want me to do?”

“I just want to know what happened to the Hengyang Palace in the past and for what.” Jun Yanzhi stood up and looked at him condescendingly.

Jin Huan suddenly looked up, the bones creaked, and there seemed to be some unbelief and fear in his tone: “Who are you?”

“You don't need to know who I am, I just want to know why the Hengyang Palace was destroyed then.”

Jin Huan looked at him with suspect. He seemed just twenties, but it must be practiced for at least a few hundred years to control people's mind by blood, unless he was born…

Thinking of this, Jin Huan's lips trembled and said unbelievably.

“You are the son of the Yun family, Yun Shaoyi!”

Jun Yanzhi kept silence.

After a long time, he said coolly: “Will you answer me or not?”

Jin Huan lowered his head: “I want to tell you but I suddenly lost my mind in the fight. When I woke up, I was no longer in the Hengyang Palace.”

Jun Yanzhi face turned pale: "Why did you guys fight the Hengyang Palace to kill? For hatred?"

“If I told you, would you let me live?”

Jun Yan calmed down: “You tell me everything you remembered that year, I will let you not die.”

“Don't die, I'm afraid I also can't live.” Jin Huanxin was despairing, and his eyes suddenly showed a trace of desolateness.

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Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother Chapter 50

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