Super Soldier Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 Yezi, Can You Help Brother Bing Relieve s.e.xual Desire?

At midnight, Ye Xiaoxi awoke, rubbed her eyes and felt warm. She saw a blanket covering her body, and heard a snore coming from under her body. She looked down and saw Xiao Bing's head resting on her body. He was sitting on the ground near the sofa, and leaning against it, as he slept.

Ye Xiaoxi couldn't help smiling. The warmth of the blanket warmed her heart directly.

Ye Xiaoxi rolled her eyes. She picked up a strand of hair, bent down and tickled Xiao Bing's nostril gently with it. Xiao Bing rubbed his nose first, then Ye Xiaoxi did it again, grinning, after he put his hand down. Xiao Bing sneezed loudly, and then he woke up. She giggled and straightened her legs.

Xiao Bing looked up and stood up. He shook his head and said with a smile, “You are a bad girl. I know why I felt ticklish just now. I just dreamed that I was grazing cattle on the gra.s.sland and gradually fell asleep. I thought that the tail of the cattle was sweeping my face, making me ticklish.”

“Well, you did said my hair was like a cow's tail…” Ye Xiaoxi jumped on him and played with Xiao Bing.

The two of them tussled happily. Suddenly, Xiao Bing then held Ye Xiaoxi in his arms and they rolled onto the sofa. He kissed Ye Xiaoxi's mouth, and then said, “Honey, I really want to make love to you now.”

“Do you dare to do it?” Ye Xiaoxi grinned, with teasing and provocation in her eyes.

“Haha, I'm Uncle Lecher. You'll see… Ouch…” Just as he said that, Ye Xiaoxi's knees. .h.i.t the middle of Xiao Bing's legs. Xiao Bing quickly lowered his legs. He said with a smile, “I'm kidding, my baby Yezi. I love you so much and will never bully you.”

“Well, that's good.” Ye Xiaoxi withdrew her legs and said triumphantly, “I won't let you, a big scoundrel, succeed. Hum, tell me, did you carry on with other women today?”

“No, no.” Xiao Bing quickly shook his head and said, “I promise. I did not do that.”

“Really?” Yezi looked at him doubtfully.

“Really, I swear…”

Xiao Bing's mouth was covered by Ye Xiaoxi's soft and smooth fingers, and she said delicately, “Who asked you to swear? Has the problem of the little nurse been solved?”

“Almost… It's half done.”

“It's half done?” Ye Xiaoxi asked, “Didn't the fiance of the little nurse give in?”

“Not really.” Xiao Bing gave her the full details of the story. Yezi listened carefully and did not interrupt.

After listening, Yezi looked at Xiao Bing with a forced smile and asked, “If so, your next month's task is to accompany the young master of the Yu Family, to make sure he competes fairly?”

Seeing Yezi's expression, Xiao Bing was at a loss. He did not know whether Yezi was angry or not. He quickly held Yezi in his arms and said, “It's impossible. Honey, you are so beautiful. I will compete with a man for a woman only if my brain is gone. In fact, I am giving Liu Kexin a chance to get rid of him. As long as she keeps ignoring Yu Miao's pursuit for a month, Yu Miao will naturally stop disturbing her, after a month. It has nothing to do with me. And I find that Yu Miao is a man of his word.”

Ye Xiaoxi laughed and said, “There is another possibility. Yu Miao should take advantage of this month to move Liu Kexin, and make her fall in love with him. Then they will be together in the future?”

Xiao Bing felt a little uncomfortable, but he still said with a smile, “In that case, it proves that Liu Kexin will find her own emotional partner. We should give them our blessings.”

Ye Xiaoxi asked with a forced smile, “When the meat in your mouth flies like this, won't you feel bad?”

“Don't talk nonsense. The meat is not mine, and it has never fallen into my mouth.” Xiao Bing grinned bitterly. “This time, Liu Kexin sought my help. I pretended to be her boyfriend. Sooner or later, she will find her own boyfriend and get married. If she can find a man who treats her well, and can be her emotional partner, I will certainly support her.”

“Giggle… That's what you said. Okay. It's too late. Let's go into the room and sleep.”

It was really late. When Xiao Bing arrived home, it was already past nine o'clock in the evening. Then he sat on the floor and slept, while leaning against the sofa. That was more than two hours ago. It was almost 12 midnight. Xiao Bing looked at the slim Ye Xiaoxi and said with a grin, “Then let's go into the room and go to bed… How to sleep? A noun or a verb? Ouch!”

After pinching Xiao Bing, Ye Xiaoxi smiled proudly, “This is a punishment for your frivolous words…”

“Alas, it's difficult to keep a villain and a woman apart, in this world.”

Xiao Bing and Ye Xiaoxi went upstairs, hand in hand, and returned to the room. Although it was so late, women were always very finicky. Xiao Bing was very tired, so he laid down immediately on the bed, but Ye Xiaoxi ran to the bathroom to take a bath.

Listening to the sounds of running water in the bathroom, an image flashed into Xiao Bing's mind. Ye Xiaoxi unb.u.t.toning her clothes, one by one, and the clothes slipping off to the floor, revealing a smooth, white and tender body. Then he went into the bathtub, grinning like a happy elf.

“Oh, it's exciting to think about it. Why not take a peek at her?”

Xiao Bing jumped out of bed but hesitated again. “She can be a little devil. “n.o.body knows how I will be tricked if I really peeked.” When he hesitated, he saw a pink little bodice appear from the gap in the wardrobe. Xiao Bing immediately walked over, with a serious face. He looked straight ahead, pulled the bra out and hid it behind him. Then he went back to bed and put it in his trouser pocket.

Xiao Bing drilled his head into the bedclothes, stuck his nose into the pink bra, and took a deep breath. “Well, it's really fragrant, it has the smell of a virgin and also a little milky fragrance.”

Xiao Bing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. In his mind, a picture of Ye Xiaoxi wearing this bra, leaning against the door frame and poking her hand at him, appeared. A sly grin appeared again on her face and she was winking at him. Such a nice hour-gla.s.s figure appearing in front of him… “F*ck, why am I having a nosebleed?”

Xiao Bing hurriedly lifted the quilt, and tucked the bra under the quilt. Then he jumped out of bed and found a paper towel to wipe off the blood from his nose. It must be the result of his recent abstinence. He had been well-behaved, since he returned to Jiang City. He seldom made love with women. Suddenly, a dirty idea came into his mind. He couldn't even bear to think about it.

When his nosebleed stopped, he had already used a lot of paper towels. At this moment, Ye Xiaoxi opened the door of the bathroom, clad in her lovely pajamas. As soon as she stepped out of the bathroom, she saw all the bloodied paper towels on the table beside Xiao Bing, who still held one in his hand.

Ye Xiaoxi was stunned, and a question came out of her mouth that rendered Xiao Bing speechless. “Brother Bing, are you having your period?”


When Xiao Bing thought of the fantastic pictures in his head just now, and saw Ye Xiaoxi coming out with the smooth skin, the glowing eyes as well as the wet, s.e.xy and lovely hair, his nose starting bleeding again. Then he immediately ran into the bathroom and cried out. “I have a nosebleed.”

Ye Xiaoxi looked at the door of the bathroom, which was closed. First, she was stunned, then she couldn't help giggling.

Ye Xiaoxi also followed him into the bathroom, looked at Xiao Bing, who had just dealt with the bleeding, and was was.h.i.+ng his face, and asked in a threatening tone, “Tell me, did you do something bad?”

“No, I promise. Never!” Xiao Bing said, as he wiped his face.

“Then why is your nose bleeding?”

“It's… too hot.”

Ye Xiaoxi felt doubtful. When she took a shower, she deliberately closed the door of the bathroom. She remembered that clearly and she noticed that the door had not been opened. “Am I really thinking too much about it?”

Ye Xiaoxi had never dreamed that Xiao Bing would steal her lovely little bra.

Xiao Bing came out of the bathroom, clapping his head and saying, “Alas, it's too hot.”

“I think you're hot in your heart,” Ye Xiaoxi laughed and said, “Do you need me to help you reduce your heat?”

Xiao Bing's eyes were bright and he thought, “Well, it's unexpected that I was able to get this treatment after I had a nosebleed?”

Xiao Bing felt excited all over, but then Ye Xiaoxi went out. “What does she want to do? Did she go out to get a gla.s.s of red wine first? Oh, yes, girls are more careful about these, especially since this is Ye Xiaoxi's first time…”

Thinking about the next scenario, Xiao Bing felt excited, as if his body had a pair of wings, and he was about to fly.

After a while, the sound of footsteps began to come up downstairs. The sound was getting closer and closer. Xiao Bing's heart began beating faster and faster.

“My sweetheart, my little baby, my little Yezi, this day is coming so soon, and your Brother Bing is not ready yet. Is it better for me to be active or pa.s.sive? I haven't thought about it for a while.”

“Anyway, I am also a pure man. I will enjoy it pa.s.sively in a moment…”

Xiao Bing's mind was filled with fantasies. Ye Xiaoxi finally came in from outside. Xiao Bing saw a cup of cold cola, instead of red wine, in Yezi's hand.

Xiao Bing was stunned for a moment and then asked, “Why did you bring me cola?”

Ye Xiaoxi handed it to Xiao Bing, and said with a grin, “Aren't you hot in your heart? Drinking iced cola will cool you down…”


Looking at Ye Xiaoxi's naughty grin, Xiao Bing clasped his chest and cried, “My heart is broken. I feel so cold now.”

The room was filled with Xiao Bing's painful wails and Ye Xiaoxi's triumphant laughter.

Super Soldier Chapter 228

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