Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 1132

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Published at 9th of July 2019 12:40:04 PM Chapter 1132: 1132

Mu Ru Yue gently pressed pressure on the wound on her arm . She smiled as she looked at Ding Lin's crazed expression . She said indifferently, “I wonder who is the Elder Apprentice Sister you're referring to . Is she really helping you? I don't know what method she used to increase your might, but I can safely tell you this . That pill you've consumed has side effects . You only left less than a year to live!”

“Impossible!” Ding Lin sneered as she rebuked, “Are you trying to ruin Elder Apprentice Sister's image in my heart? I've already asked her and she swore that there certainly won't be any side effects . Perhaps you're jealous of my might so you are purposely saying that to hurt my heart . ”

Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she continued, “Do you often feel a pain in your chest during the night, feeling weakness in your limbs, and having bruises at the bottom of your feet recently?”


Ding Lin's complexion turned gravely pale as she looked astonished at Mu Ru Yue . “Ho-how did you know about this?”

Mu Ru Yue raised her ice-cold gaze to look at Ding Lin's gravely pale face and replied, “Those are the side effects of the alchemy pill you've consumed…”

Ding Lin retreated a couple of steps back, constantly shaking her head .

'Didn't Elder Apprentice Sister Ding Lin swear that there won't be any side effect? If it was so, why Mu Ru Yue was able to pinpoint the symptoms of my illness?

'Moreover, what can she gain from lying about this?'

Ding Lin's heart spasmed a little . Suddenly, she charged toward Mu Ru Yue like a mad woman . She yelled, “You're lying . That's right, you must be deceiving me! How can I only have a year to live?”

Boundless fear made Ding Lin lose her rationality, shrieking with bloodshot eyes .

It was as if she could forget what Mu Ru Yue said by acting in this fas.h.i.+on…

“Whwhat is going on?”

The crowd looked at Ding Lin in shock . n.o.body understood what had happened to her, resulting in her losing her rationality . It was as if she only knew to attack the enemy before her…


Mu Ru Yue retreated a couple of steps back . A trace of blood streamed down from her left shoulder . Her gaze turned serious as she looked coldly at the crazed woman before her .

Even though Ding Lin had used external means to forcefully increase her might, there was still a large disparity between a G.o.d-general Mid realm pract.i.tioner and a G.o.d-general Peak realm pract.i.tioner…

'This isn't going to work in the long run!'

Mu Ru Yue's gaze darkened . When she saw Ding Lin attacking again, she moved to a side, dodging that blow . Following that, an enormous sword appeared behind her back, slicing through the air as it slashed downward .


Instantly, the entire arena stage was sliced into halves . The intense impact wave spread outward, making the entire ground quiver .

However, the arena stage could not withstand the blow, crumbling .

The crowd was startled as they looked flabbergasted at Mu Ru Yue .

'This woman can actually deal out such a powerful blow! Is her might really just at the G.o.d-general High realm?'

“Mu Ru Yue, go and die!”

Ding Lin coughed as she climbed out of the ruins . She no longer cared about anything, das.h.i.+ng toward Mu Ru Yue . The killing intent in her eyes was extremely intense…


The grandeur that came pressuring over Mu Ru Yue made her retreat two steps back . She spat out blood . It was like crimson roses blooming on the ground…

“Yue Er!”

Li Sha and the rest's heart shuddered, unable to s.h.i.+ft their gazes away . Worries instantly permeated their hearts, making them call out uncontrollably…

Yet, a mighty grandeur rose from Mu Ru Yue's body, making Ding Lin that was attacking her be blown a couple of steps back .

“Broken through?”

Li Sha was stunned .

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 1132

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