Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 1192

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Published at 8th of September 2019 07:17:54 PM Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 – Regretful Lin Tian Part 1


When that word entered the people of Region Head Manor’s ears, they were enraged momentarily . They stared viciously at Lin Tian .

Had this d.a.m.nable brat really dared to try and make our n.o.ble Region Head his concubine?

Suddenly, a sinister cold aura spread out from the sky covering the entire sky . Everyone was startled subconsciously under that grandeur . But before they could say anything, a purple figure descended from the sky . Killing intent filled his gloomy purple eyes .

“Wu Chen . ”

Mu Ru Yue raised her brow and said, “I can settle these matters . ”


Ye Wu Chen didn’t reply to her . Sinister cold killing intents waved off his handsome face . His purple robes fluttered without any wind in his surroundings…

“Young Master Lin, head of the Lin family, it is this man!”

Yin Hua shuddered in fright as he felt the killing intents that enveloped Ye Wi Chen’s body . However, he quickly got back his senses . He gritted his teeth and complained, “It is this man that hindered me . He is really powerful . He should be at the G.o.d-king High realm . Perhaps he may even be at the peak realm…”

Lin Tian’s gaze darkened . Just when he wanted to say something, the elder who didn’t say a word since the start finally spoke .

His voice was low and hoa.r.s.e . It was extremely unpleasant . It was like the sound of when branches were being stepped on…

“Who are you?”

Ye Wu Chen smirked . With a sinister smile on his handsome face, he replied, “I am… the Region Head’s man! Originally, I promised to let her settle this matter herself… But I don’t know where you got your confidence to think she is only worthy to be your concubine?”


The man’s grandeur surged forth again at this instant, making the sky lose its l.u.s.ter . Lightning and thunder rumbled . Boundless storm appeared from his surroundings . The man looked like an Asura G.o.d, alarming everyone…

“Not good!”

The elder’s face turned grim . He raised his hand to pull Lin Tian behind his back . He looked coldly at the man within the gale . He commented, emphasizing his words, “G.o.d Emperor?”

‘This man’s might is at the G.o.d Emperor realm!’

“Wh-what?” Yin Hua widened his eyes as he looked at Ye Wu Chen in disbelief . He continued, “Did… did you say he is at the G.o.d Emperor realm?”

‘Th-this is impossible!

‘How can he be a G.o.d Emperor?’

Yin Hua’s body trembled . Boundless dread plagued his entire heart…

Mu Ru Yue was stunned for a moment . She wasn’t aware when Ye Wu Chen’s might had matured to such an extent . That kind of improvement speed really shocked her…


The elder suppressed his heartfelt fury . He chuckled lowly as he s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the woman standing behind Ye Wu Chen . A mockery smirk graced his face .

“I had heard of the Region Head’s famous name before coming here . Can it be you, as the owner of the North Wind Plains, can only hide behind your man’s back when you’re in danger? Since so, how can you live up to the heavy burden that the academy had pa.s.sed to you?”

Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes . She gently caressed the gold bracelet on her wrist with a smile as she queried, “Do you mean you want to challenge me?”

“That’s right!”

The elder sn.i.g.g.e.red as he continued, “Lord Region Head, since you have accepted your duties, I guess you should have something special about you . I don’t know if Lord Region Head is willing to display your might, allowing the lowly me to wors.h.i.+p Lord Region Head’s graceful bearings?”


When the crowd heard the elder’s word, they could help but swear .

Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Concubine Chapter 1192

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