• The Perfect Destiny
  • The Perfect Destiny

  • Author(s) : 西子绪
  • Genres : Updating
  • Status : ongoing
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  • The Perfect Destiny Summary:

    At the beginning of his crossing, Chen Ligou’s heart is rejected. However, he soon discover that after crossing, he encounter a men with a handsome and eight abdominal abs. The point is, these men also likes him. As someone who is gay, Chen Ligou is simply excited and is full of tears. But the world is not much good. Because when he is about to drool on it, a system came out and told him: Buddy, you can’t be with these people. Chen Ligou: If I insist? System: Hehe. . . . . . . . . . . Chen Ligou: You trashy system! Destroying my youth! Messing with my s.e.xual relations.h.i.+p!

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