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Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi

Pretty and Flirtatious Cheap Good Chen Liguo [8]

Liu Shasha could clearly sense that someone was targeting Chen Liguo with this matter.

Not only was a picture released, but they also compiled all kinds of warped facts about Chen Liguo. No one would have believed these sorts of things usually but paired with the photo, its reliability increased a lot. Under the incitement of a water army, the netizens decided on Chen Liguo's character almost immediately.

Liu Shasha didn't expect to see Xie Anhe when she arrived at the company.

Xie Anhe looked at her, his face expressionless, totally different from his gentleness when he faced Chen Liguo. He said, "A plan has already been made."

Liu Shasha said, "So quick?"

Xie Anhe lightly said, "I already made preparations." Ever since he knew that Qingqing liked to wear women's clothes and run around everywhere he made preparations in case something like this were to occur.

Liu Shasha said, "En, then that's great."

The atmosphere of their dialogue wasn't harmonious. Liu Shasha's perception of Xie Anhe wasn't very good because in her opinion, Xie Anhe courting Sun Qingqing was mostly because of his own selfish desire and he never considered their future.

Only it was a pity that she never dared to confront Xie Anhe about this matter. After all, if Xie Anhe really wanted to block out Sun Qingqing then it was just a matter of saying a few words.

Xie Anhe said, "Have Sun Qingqing forward the microblog your company just made."

Liu Shasha picked up her phone when she heard this and opened up her home page. Then she saw that their company had just sent out a micro-blog——In it was a poster of Sun Qingqing. The him in the poster was wearing a fluttering red dress, casting a shadow. Xie Anhe was acting as the other male lead and was carefully holding up a corner of the red dress. The two words 'Shadow Lantern' were at the top of the poster, written in a clear and stylistic way.

Liu Shasha's eyes widened. "When was this poster made?"

Xie Anhe said, "Obviously after shooting." He always had a good sense for this kind of thing. Sun Qingqing liked to run around all over the place in dresses which was definitely a huge hidden danger for his acting career.

Right now, he just needed to normalize this danger——And give Sun Qingqing's fans a reason why he would wear dresses.

Liu Shasha had to admire Xie Anhe's vision. She thought for a moment and asked, "The original script has been changed?"

Xie Anhe said, "En." In fact, the original script didn't have a scene where they wore women's clothes, but he still asked the director to make this. In any case, if it didn't appear in the movie at that time he could find a 'didn't fit into the plot and was cut off' reason.

Liu Shasha saw that Xie Anhe's expression was somewhat tired and said, "That being the case, many thanks to president Xie."

Xie Anhe said lightly, "First tell Qingqing about this."

So Liu Shasha called Chen Liguo and told him about this.

The water navy had already been invited and after Chen Liguo forwarded the micro-blog, the tempo of every big network station began to be overtaken.

Chen Liguo's micro-blog exploded amongst his fans like an atomic bomb——The secrecy about Shadow Lantern was very well kept and besides the crew and cast, only few people in the circle even knew about the film.

Chen Liguo watched as the comments under his microblog skyrocketed——In but ten minutes, it broke 200,000.

"WTF, I just knew that this was hype. The way to hype things these days are getting more and more annoying."

"Heavens! My family's Qingyi is too beautiful, prprpr. No one stop me, let me have a good lick."

"To tell the truth, this is the first time I've seen a male actor look so beautiful in women's clothes, I want to turn into a fan."

Although there were still some discordant voices, for the most part, they were buried under the positive remarks.

At this point the director of Shadow Lantern also began to come out and a.s.sist. He praised Chen Liguo's acting skills on Weibo for several days, saying that he was one of the most intelligent and hardworking actors he has ever seen. The film would be released soon, and he hoped that everyone would go to the cinema and support him when it came out.

Chen Liguo sat at home, holding his cellphone as he watched the public opinion come towards his direction.

Liu Shasha called Chen Liguo again and said, "Qingqing, we're investigating who it was that wanted to deal with you right now."

Chen Liguo said, "En, good."

Liu Shasha said, "You…… Prepare your heart."

Chen Liguo felt that she already had a guess and was very sure about it.

Xie Anhe's efficiency had always been very quick, no matter if it was to whitewash Chen Liguo or to find out who wanted to get rid of Chen Liguo.

He called Chen Liguo and the first thing he said was, "Qingqing, don't be sad."

Chen Liguo was quiet for a moment and then said the answer in his heart with hesitation, "It's Xiao Jiu?"

Xie Anhe answered, "En."

Chen Liguo asked, "Why?"

Xie Anhe said, "You'll have to ask her if you want to know why."

Xiao Jiu and Chen Liguo's relations.h.i.+p was very good. He really couldn't understand what it was that would make a friend do such a thing.

Xie Anhe saw that Chen Liguo had fallen silent and said in comfort, "Qingqing, don't be sad, you still have me."

Chen Liguo gave a bitter laugh and hung up.

Xiao Jiu wasn't surprised at all when she received Chen Liguo's call. Her tone was a little indifferent as she said, "Yes, I did it. When did you have such an intimate relations.h.i.+p with Xie Anhe? To have him do so much for you?"

Chen Liguo asked, "How have I offended you?"

Xiao Jiu coldly said, "Who told Yang Wenya to like you?"

Chen Liguo almost choked on his saliva.

"Every day she talks about you to me, so much that I feel sick." Xiao Jiu coldly said. "Sun Qingqing, why are you so lucky? You can get everything. It wasn't easy for me to like someone but she hands her soul to you."

Chen Liguo was dumbfounded.

Xiao Jiu said, "That's it, I'm hanging up."

She said hang up and really did hang up. From start to finish she didn't plan on explaining anything to Chen Liguo. He listened to the 'doot doot' from the phone and said, "Little girls these days are really terrifying."

System: "……" A little bit.

It would have been better if they didn't find the culprit. It made Chen Liguo so nauseated he couldn't even eat.

Liu Shasha came back from the company with a sullen face. Who knew what had happened?

Chen Liguo asked her but she didn't say anything.

However, judging from her roundabout warnings, it seemed that Xie Anhe was about to do something.

Liu Shasha said, "Qingqing, don't sink too deep." Liu Shasha had said this many times, but never had it been with such bitterness and hatred like this.

The witty Chen Liguo came out with a sentence, "He can't be getting married behind my back can he?"

Liu Shasha laughed hollowly a few times. "How could that be? I feel that, Xie Anhe isn't that kind of person."

Chen Liguo said, "Yi, really?"

Liu Shasha gently said, "If he gets married behind your back then let him get hit by a car when he steps out okay?"

Chen Liguo: "……" He just knew that Liu Shasha was the one person he shouldn't offend the most in this world, no other.

Chen Liguo's sixth sense was sometimes really frightening.

Not long after the red dress incident, salted fish Chen Liguo nested on the couch and stared blankly as Xie Anhe's marriage was being announced on an entertainment outlet——This wasn't the most terrible thing, the most terrible thing was that Chen Liguo also watched their engagement scene.

Seeing the jade couple toast to everyone, Chen Liguo's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. What made his eyes pop out wasn't Xie Anhe's marriage, but the dress on his fiance's body——

Chen Liguo: "What the f*ck! Xie Anhe's such a pervert, actually giving his fiance a dress he wore before!"

System: "……" d.a.m.n, don't mention it. As soon as it was mentioned it felt its eyes ache.

Chen Liguo hissed out a breath and said, "This person really is such a pervert."

System: "……"

Chen Liguo said, "If it was me, I definitely wouldn't do this to my fiance."

The system asked, "What would you do?"

Chen Liguo thought about it and said, "I would buy the same dress and wear it with her?"

The system didn't only feel its eyes hurt but even its head began to hurt.

Because of that dress, the 'today my f*ck buddy, tomorrow their groom' sadness that Chen Liguo should have felt was diluted.

Chen Liguo: "Xie Anhe is too slag!"

The system said, "I agree."

Chen Liguo said, "If I really were Sun Qingqing, I might as well cry my eyes blind."

The system said, "I still agree."

Chen Liguo said, "Ai, now that you say so, I suddenly remember, why did Sun Qingqing quit the entertainment circle at that time?"

The system said, "Because his girlfriend dumped him."

Chen Liguo: "……"

The system also said, "He cried his eyes half-blind……"

Chen Liguo: "……" Okay, this conformed with Sun Qingqing's character.

In fact, Liu Shasha had long since known about the matter of Xie Anhe's marriage but she didn't dare tell Sun Qingqing. It wasn't until the time when all the major media platforms began to report on this today that she rushed over to Chen Liguo's home.

Chen Liguo truly couldn't squeeze out any tears so he had to find a movie to watch.

The protagonist of this movie was so miserable that it made people unable to breathe. The protagonist was an orphan and met a girl. Ultimately, a green hat was placed on his head by the girl and he got into a car accident before dying by himself, all alone. Chen Liguo would cry every single time he watched this and would thank the system for giving him the chance to make a fresh start in life.

The system's reaction was: "I regret that I was too young at that time." To have chosen to bind with you.

Chen Liguo said, "And if it's the current you that met me?"

The system thought and said, "I would probably be that truck driver."

Chen Liguo felt that he and the system not only couldn't return to the past but didn't even have a future anymore.

When Liu Shasha arrived she just happened to see Chen Liguo crying.

He cried on one hand and asked why on the other, why do this to me——Chen Liguo asked the system why it wanted to be the truck driver.

Liu Shasha called out with difficulty, "Qingqing."

Chen Liguo who was halfway through the show, froze.

Liu Shasha said, "Qingqing, don't be too sad. He's simply just sc.u.m."

Chen Liguo immediately acted along, "Why, why is Xie Anhe being like this to me!"

Liu Shasha said, "Don't be sad over sc.u.m!"

Chen Liguo: "Wuwuwuwu."

Liu Shasha watched Chen Liguo cry, making her feel as if her heart was clutched by something and she almost feared that Chen Liguo would cry his eyes blind like this——

Chen Liguo cried until the end of the film.

Liu Shasha saw that he was done crying and asked with a trembling voice, "Qingqing, do you feel a bit better now?"

Chen Liguo had already cried himself delirious and vaguely said, "Okay."

Then Liu Shasha took out two invitation cards from her bag and said in a bitter and hateful tone, "It's better for you to finish crying in one breath, Xie Anhe, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, actually sent you an invitation."

Chen Liguo: "……"

Liu Shasha said, "If you don't want to go let's tear up the invitation."

Chen Liguo looked at the two beautiful invitations in Liu Shasha's hand and asked, "For Xie Anhe's wedding, how much monetary gift should one give generally?"

Liu Shasha: "……" The main point is this?

Chen Liguo said, "Can I go without acting according to etiquette? Would I be found out by the bride and driven out?

Liu Shasha said with difficulty, "Probably, not."

Chen Liguo said, "Then let's go!" He was really curious about which dress the bride would be wearing at the wedding.

After the news of the wedding broke out, Xie Anhe never contacted Chen Liguo again.

This man ah, is just so ruthless. Chen Liguo said, "You loathsome men, vow today, forget tomorrow."

The system asked, "How do you know that I'm a man?"

Chen Liguo exclaimed in horror, "Could it be that you're a woman?!!" The system's voice had always been a man's.

The system said, "Data does not distinguish between male and females thank you."

Chen Liguo said, "I don't care, in my eyes you are a big stingy person."

System: "……"

All in all, in Chen Liguo's eyes, Xie Anhe was now a slag that was even more slag than the system, the very exciting sort that would run after teasing.

Yang Wenya's Bridge of Darkness was about to finish as well. They used a great amount of special effects in this film and the actors, instead, became their foil. When the news about Chen Liguo wearing women's clothes burst out Yang Wenya had tried to contact Chen Liguo but he didn't pick up her call.

The finalization of Bridge of Darkness would still take a long time.

On the other hand, Shadow Lantern wasn't as troublesome and could be shown in the theatres during the summer holidays.

On the day of the movie's release, Chen Liguo went to see the movie alone.

Because the movie had been hyped very strongly before, its premiere was nearly packed to the brim, which was incredible for a movie that was borderline on certain subjects.

Chen Liguo got a bucket of popcorn and watched as he ate. The people around him had already cried themselves into idiots but he was applauding his own acting.

When You Guang died in the movie, Chen Liguo could hear spasmodic sobs fill the entire place.

To the right of Chen Liguo was a girl whose tears never stopped all along. On his left was a big brother. Chen Liguo could already hear his sniveling……

Then Li Monian who watched You Guang die, continued watching over the lamp that You Guang had given him every day. Finally, the light died out along with the sad music as its partner. Chen Liguo clearly heard the sound of weeping in every corner of the theater.

The girl next to Chen Liguo had already broken down completely and bawled out wails.

Chen Liguo: "……" He had gotten a little scared.

Then when the light came on, Chen Liguo found that the girl wasn't a rare case for the entire theater was trapped in a kind of inextricable grief and not even one person got up.

It wasn't until about a dozen of minutes later that someone took the lead, rose to their feet and began to clap. One by one, the rest of the audience responded in kind.

Chen Liguo seized this moment and quickly slipped away.

After leaving the movie theater, Chen Liguo opened his Weibo and found that comments from his fans had began to pop up crazily.

"Qingyi I'm going to cry myself blind. How can it be so miserable? My G.o.d, my poor You Guang——"

"Who's the actor that played Li Monian? How come I've never seen them before?"

"You two acted too good, my eyes are going to be swollen."

"How come I didn't see the part where you wear a dress Qingyi? Was it deleted?"

Chen Liguo looked at the comments and smiled happily. "I think, my acting skills can conquer the world."

System: "……"

Shadow Lantern wasn't expected to make any money when it was being filmed. It was an unexpected surprise that its box office was so popular right now. Not only that, but Xie Anhe began to enter the public's eyes from this.

Xie Anhe's ident.i.ty was very mysterious. Although the netizens made great efforts in their search, they were only able to dig up a tiny amount of information about him. At first, some people doubted if Xie Anhe and Chen Liguo had an affair, but later, when some people let them know about the news of Xie Anhe's marriage and told them not to make rumors, this kind of voice subsided.

Chen Liguo received many calls of congratulations but not one was from Xie Anhe.

Ever since this big brother announced the news of his marriage, it seemed like he was afraid that Chen Liguo would carry a big forty-meter knife down the street and chop him up, so he quickly disappeared.

Chen Liguo: "My big knife is already unable to endure its hunger and thirst."

System: "……"

Although he disappeared, his invitation card had already been sent out. The wedding was scheduled to take place at the end of the year. Chen Liguo checked the almanac for the date and found that it actually stated: Avoid marriage, hold funeral.

Chen Liguo: "……" Let's be reasonable, what is Xie Anhe's profound meaning for choosing such a day?

After Shadow Lantern was released, Chen Liguo once again received many scripts. If he called his insight in picking scripts second, no one would dare say that they were first. After all, he had come from the future……

So Chen Liguo who was choosing the scripts was a little idle. So idle that he just happened to have nothing to do on Xie Anhe's wedding.

Liu Shasha was very alert towards Chen Liguo. She felt that the fact that Chen Liguo who had been dumped by Xie Anhe, one, didn't cry, two, didn't make trouble, and three, didn't hang himself, was simply inconceivable. She was already prepared in case Chen Liguo tried to slash his wrists.

Chen Liguo's att.i.tude towards this was: "Rather than suicide after being dumped by a slag, it's better to turn him into a beehive before jumping."

System: "You are very experienced ah."

Chen Liguo lightly said, "I've been locked up in so many worlds already, how can I have no experience?" He had tried all kinds of dying methods before, how could he still not know how to deal with a slag man?

Chen Liguo said, "Naturally, the best method is to rob the slag man's girlfriend." In the apocalypse, Chen Mowei was the winner of life and the model on how to deal with slag men.

At the mention of Chen Mowei, the system remembered some bad memories and so it didn't say anything else and let the atmosphere quiet down.

Liu Shasha didn't expect that Chen Liguo would actually really want to attend Xie Anhe's wedding.

She said, "Qingqing, calm down, you still have a beautiful life before you!"

Chen Liguo said, "I can't calm down, I won't calm down. I love him, he is the b.u.t.terfly of my life, flying, flying into my heart and turning into a coc.o.o.n."

Liu Shasha: "……" Don't quite understand what you mean.

Chen Liguo desolately said, "Forget it, you don't understand."

Liu Shasha said, "You can go to the wedding, but you have to promise me that you won't do anything inappropriate——"

Chen Liguo was silent for two seconds and then asked, "What counts as inappropriate?"

Liu Shasha listed out all the possible dramatic dog blood scenes that she had seen before.

After Chen Liguo heard it all, Chen Liguo felt that it wasn't easy for this girl either……. He nodded in response to Liu Shasha's request and said, "Okay, I promise."

Liu Shasha saw that Chen Liguo's face was grave. He didn't even call himself "this one". Her heart felt sour. She said, "Qingqing, you still have a beautiful life before you, don't give up the whole forest for a tree just because of Xie Anhe."

Chen Liguo looked at her and shed a tear. He wanted to say, 'System has already cut the forest into a desert long ago and Xie Anhe is the only tree, but it turns out that this tree is still a d.a.m.ned crooked tree.'

Chen Liguo: "I don't want to fall to my death from this tree."

System: "……"

Chen Liguo: "It would be better to raise it than gasping sand that can't be grasped."

System: "…… Speak human."

Chen Ligong said, "The chainsaw is ready, all that's missing is the tree."

System: "……"

However, Chen Liguo was saying it casually. He was not the kind of person who would give up the whole world for a man——Unless there was only one man in the world.

On the day of the wedding, Chen Liguo wore a black suit, and floated over on auspicious clouds.

Liu Shasha was Chen Liguo's companion. From her expression, she would want to tie a knot on Chen Liguo's neck with a rope if she could——In case he couldn't be controlled, she could just strangle him.

Chen Liguo repeatedly promised that he wouldn't do anything exceeding the proper etiquette.

Liu Shasha said, "I don't believe you."

Chen Liguo blurted out, "The love is already broken. Is there not even trust left?"

Liu Shasha: "……." To tell the truth, Chen Liguo was becoming less and less effeminate recently. However, she began to miss the effeminate him. After all, he was still normal at that time.

When they arrived at the door, they handed the invitation to the attendant. Chen Liguo took Liu Shasha's hand and the two stepped into Xie Anhe's wedding ceremony with different smiles.

As soon as they entered, Chen Liguo saw Xie Anhe in the center of the crowd.

Chen Liguo: "I can smell the sc.u.m from far away."

System: "……"

Liu Shasha reached out and pinched Chen Liguo's hand. He, in turn, showed an innocent expression but she mouthed: Restrain yourself……

Chen Liguo: "……" Baby, do you believe that I'll cry for you to see if you pinch me again?

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