Zhan Long Chapter 1213: Battle to kill the dragon

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Chapter 1213: Battle to kill the dragon

Three days later.

After a few days of hard work, the patch was cleared out by Wan Er, Darling Duck, Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and me. Of which, we failed S5 4 times, S6 9 times, S7 11 times before we managed to pa.s.s it. After which we became the first team to finish it all.

Fortunately, we wouldn't lose levels if we died on the map and we would just lose some experience. After completing the map we would earn back enough experience.

I asked around and Hero Mound led by Q-Sword, Tang Qi, Tang Gu was stopped at S6. Fang Ge Que's team was at S7 but they were stuck. They tried many times but failed to get out.

Actually, one could imagine that with the super strong attack of the final boss of S7, normal tanks weren't able to tank it. Even I had to die a few times before pa.s.sing. As for S7, the boss's recovery was shocking. If one's attack wasn't enough one wouldn't be able to make his health drop. Fang Ge Que's team only had Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting but their attack wasn't enough. They were much weaker than Zhan Long. Within Zhan Long's team, Dancing Forest with Sun Shooting Bow was the main force. Along with Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I, our damages were high too so we were able to pa.s.s easily.

I was quite free when waiting for the map to reset in the next 72 hours I was going to be a coolie. We had decided that Darling Duck+Dancing Forest and I would lead Song Han and Xing Lie to get an S7 set for them. But what was sad was that after one round, we would get 2-3 pieces of equipment so to get a full set it would take half a month.

My Charm was at 2000+ and my drop rate was really high. I killed the final boss each time. That was good, I could use the boss to level up. The only thing I was unhappy about was that the Overlord Rebirth skill was restricted and I couldn't revive the moment I died once unless a healer revived me. As a result, my stats weren't able to stack. But that made sense, if not I would be able to clear S7 myself.


In the afternoon, I drank tea with Lin Wan Er while Dong Cheng Yue was reading a game magazine on the sofa opposite me. It was talking about kiting skills. A year has pa.s.sed and Dong Cheng has gone from a good mage to one of the top in the server. She was able to stand side by side with Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan. She knew some mage skills that I didn't so I often asked Wan Er and her about mage and a.s.sa.s.sins tactics.

"Du du..."

My phone rang and it was from Li Mu. After connecting, he said, "Xiao Yao what are you doing, why aren't you online?"

I smiled, "What are you doing, why are you panting? Is it... Hehe, you finally have a girlfriend?"

Li Mu was speechless, "It would be good if I had... Right, I called you for a reason, that... There is movement in Hybrid Demon Territory. Our War Hawk Knights noticed that they are gathering on Death Plains and some of them are pus.h.i.+ng east."

"Pus.h.i.+ng east?" I was shocked, "Are they attacking Tian Ling City or Dragon Territory?"

"Neither." Li Mu said, "Qing Qian's friend in the Indian server revealed,

the Hybrid Demon Army is heading for the Nine Heavens City's fortress. I have told Demon Mountain and he is panicking. Apart from that, Tian Ling City sent NPCs to support them right? Should we head over?"

I nodded, "You gather the brothers. If I am not surprised this would be a war against them. It is also at our doorsteps so we can't miss out."

Li Mu laughed, "Okay, I will go get it down. Rou Rou and Qing Qian are already in charge, he!"

"So close!"

"Ha, you are jealous!"

"I am not!"

"You are!"

"I am hanging up!"

"See you soon!"


After hanging up, Wan Er and Dong Cheng all understood what happened. They wore their jackets and went back to their rooms. It was 1pm so we probably won't be able to sleep well tonight. No choice, people who had more ability would do more. The good gear I had on me was better placed charging on the frontlines to show its value.


I appeared in Tian Ling City and as expected, players and NPCs were busy running about. Many players prepared cards and potions and it seemed like they were going to support Nine Heavens City's Dragonslayer Fortress. This fortress was built on the Territory of the Wild Dragon Tribe but had such a name so Queen Zhi Shu wanted to kill them. However, this showed how arrogant Demon Mountain was. Naturally, this was connected to Fire G.o.d Gaia. Gaia was a G.o.d and although she wasn't Frost's match but she was proud and wanted to battle with Azure, Qin Ge and Pearl!

To me, Gaia was asking for death. Her understanding of this world was stuck tens of thousands of years ago and she didn't know that things were much different. The true G.o.d was Azure and not her.


A system bell rang in the air and it was a notification about Hybrid Demon Territory. In the past, the Hybrid Demon Territory would attack all cities for fairness but this time it was different. This event was called the Dragonslayer Battle. The Hybrid Demon Territory sent huge troops to attack Dragonslayer Fortress. The goal was just Dragonslayer Fortress, they would stop after taking it down.

Right, after attacking Dragonslayer Fortress, they would unify the north so their next target would be Dragon City right?

I could confirm that without even thinking. Pearl was in charge and only she would think about such a strategy. She wasn't as arrogant as the rest and had Pearl's calmness and judgment.

The forums were blowing up. I heard that many Americans, Russians and English were heading across the ocean to support Dragonslayer Fortress. Unfortunately, Tian Ling City was China's and they didn't dare to get across the land. They could only dock north of Sea of No Return and cross the mountains.

Actually, if Sky Rose just said something, I would be willing to convince Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Ye Lai. After all, I didn't hope for Dragonslayer Fortress to be lost. They were Dragon City's barrier and once they fell, Dragon City would face a strong challenge.


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I repaired my equipment and bought potions. I summoned Mei'er and then jumped on her back before flying towards Dragon City. Along the way, the official path was protected by the Royal Army. Large amounts of grain were being moved over and there were 250 thousand Tian Ling City troops there. If a war broke out there, they would join in and when needed, maybe Royal Army would join in too.

Of course, I made my mind up. If Hybrid Demon Army didn't reach Dragon Territory, Royal Army wouldn't join in. I didn't want my elite troops to die at Demon Mountain's city, it wasn't worth it.

As for the two armies there, one was Shao s.h.i.+yang's Fire Rhino Army. He was Zhu Hai's man and was b.u.t.ting heads with me so it was worth it if he died. Another was Bailing Ning. Changfeng Army was under Pearl and now they had to fight the army led by Pearl, that really was sad. But since the Changfeng Army was sent, Yan Zhao Warrior's chance was here. He was one of the two deputies so as long as he gained enough merit this time, I had a chance to put him up to the general spot.

I sent Yan Zhao Warrior a message, "Uncle the Hybrid Demons are coming. Prague and you need to perform well and kill more. If you get enough merit points you can become the general. Baili Ning is old and should retire. I will suggest to Lochlan later on."

Yan Zhao Warrior's face flushed red, "Thank you Xiao Yao, I will work hard! I am old and want to become one of the generals before I retire. After that, I can get good treatment right?"

"That is true, good luck..."

Such a shameless fellow.


A few minutes later, I was at Dragon City. The weather was decent today and there was no rain. The warm sunlight shone on Dragon City. Frost, Zhi Shu, Qing Luo and the others were arranging Dragon City's defence. Dragon Territory troops were setting up defences. It looked like they were planning to fight outside of the city. Now that Dragon City had hundreds of thousands of troops, they did have the ability to do so.


I jumped off the dragon back and Mei'er turned into human form at the same time. She hugged my arm and landed which caused w.a.n.g Jian, Old K and Li Mu to look. Their gazes were like them saying, "Boss, why are you riding a little girl, we want too..."

I kept calm and said to Frost, "Pearl is leading the army to attack Dragonslayer Fortress, what plans do Dragon City have?"

Frost smiled, "Defend and wait for Pearl to attack us. If Dragonslayer Fortress can hold on, we can send Dragonriders to support, scoff..."

Unhappiness flashed across her face, "Gaia tried to take revenge last time so I remember that. She wants me to support them for free, stop dreaming!"

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I laughed. Although my teacher was a G.o.d but in truth she was just a little girl. Actually thinking about it, she was indeed quite cute.

Zhan Long Chapter 1213: Battle to kill the dragon

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