World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 527

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The next morning, before the sun rose, horn of the army blew. Tuoba Hong stood on the wall and looked at the densely packed warriors: “We, Yunmeng's officers are very happy to be able to fight side by side with everyone to defend the people of Yunmeng and to protect our homeland from enemy attacks. Yesterday, we fought bravely and emerged victories. This proves that those d.a.m.n bugs are not invincible. We are fortunate that we have the best cavalry (Imperial Tiger Guards) in the whole continent."

"Imperial Tiger Guards is with us, so we can be fearless, go forward and win. Today, we will attack again. Our Imperial Tiger Guards will once again serve as a guide for us to open the way forward for us. We must pick our weapons and fight fearlessly. All the worms that slaughtered our people must be sent to h.e.l.l…”

All the soldiers below shouted and cheered. Blood of the soldiers began to boil.

After yesterday's war, everyone was full of confidence that as long as Imperial Tiger Guards were with them, they would not fail.

In this critical moment of war, the military needed to establish such a kind of confidence in the soldiers.

It's like the soldiers in the North Africa during the Second World War. All German soldiers always believed that the Germans would not fail. Even if they were already in a dead end, they believed that their commander Rommel was invincible. As long as Rommel was there, they would continue to win and would not fail.

Now, Tuoba Hong wanted to make Imperial Tigers Guards role model, so that everyone's heart was full of hope. This kind of way to improve the combat effectiveness of the troops was very important. Compared with good weapons, the number of troops was more important.

Everyone was in high spirits. Tuoba Hong went ahead and said: “Today, it is a battle of honour for our Yunmeng Warriors. Therefore, I will also partic.i.p.ate in the war; I will be at the forefront of the battle. I hope that you all will protect the glory of Yunmeng Warriors with me.”

When everyone heard this, they immediately became more excited. Tuoba Hong was an emperor. He actually went out to fight and led them to charge. Was there anything more inspiring than this?

Although Tuoba Hong had always been on the wall to supervise the war before, but at the end of the day, he did not go to the frontlines and become a pioneer. Now Tuoba Hong was going with him.

At this time, how could a qualified soldier let his emperor rush to the front? This was absolutely impossible. If the emperor was in danger, it was their great shame. Therefore, all the soldiers had already vowed in the bottom of their hearts, saying that they must protect The Emperor.

When Tuoba Hu heard what Tuoba Hong said, he was shocked. He didn't think that Tuoba Hong would really dare to do it. He even said that he would take the lead in charge. This was not a small matter. Now Tuoba Hong was the emperor of Yunmeng. The future of Yunmeng was all attached to him.

This was totally different from the previous defending city. This battle involved attacking enemies. In this kind of battle, death and injury was very common. Emperor just needed to personally supervise the army. There was no need to personally take the lead.

Tuoba Hu came over immediately and asked: “The emperor…”

However, just as he said two words, he was stopped by Tuoba Hong. He said: “I have decided, I am also a Yunmeng warrior. At this time, I can't fall behind.”

After that, Tuoba Hong turned and left.

Tuoba Hu stayed still for some time. After a while, he quickly ran to the front of the city and said to Ao Pull: “The safety of the emperor will be handed over to you. If anything happened to him, I will hold you accountable.”

The Ao Pull snorted and said: “Can You?”

Everything had been decided. Soldiers' morale was all time high. The next thing to do was to charge and fight. This time, the Zergs must be pushed back to Ahn'Qiraj. In such situation, the crisis of Yunmeng would be truly over.


When the first rays of dawn illuminate the earth, Imperial Tiger Guards opened the City Gates in a mighty manner and behind them were the other forces. Xiao Yu once again flew to the sky on the Little Dragon and led the Air Force to support the troops below.

He knew that reason for achieving such big victory in the yesterday's battle was the strong support of the Air Force. Now, he must utilise this advantage to full so that he could drive the Zergs back to Ahn'Qiraj.

“At Ten o'clock North, I found that a large army of Zergs was coming. It is recommended that Imperial Tiger Guards and others should take that direction.” Xiao Yu looked at the frontlines from the sky and said to Tuoba Hong.

Now, they were already familiar with identifying direction in clocks. They found it very convenient for the commanding the army.

“The soldiers of Imperial Tiger Guards and others forces, time has come to show your braveness and to protect our Homeland. Follow me, charge! For Yunmeng! For the glory of the Tigers!” Tuoba Hong shouted loudly.

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 527

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