Thunder Martial Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 – Xu Yan’s insanity Translated by Monkillu


Xu Yan was looking at this youth with a puzzled expression. He discovered that this youth wasn’t ordinary from a single glimpse. Moreover, when he saw the youth, it was as if Xu Yan saw the shadows of another two people from the youth.

Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian.

There was something similar about these people, and that was the aura. This aura was called genius.

“Lu Peng, why did you come?” When he saw the youth, Mu Yi and Liang Guang looked very surprised.

“I came out for a walk and accidentally heard your conversation” The youth named Lu Peng smiled and said, “I think that what this senior brother has said is very reasonable. Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian, these days, have made repeated attacks on our disciples. They deserve to die, we should support him.”

Xu Yan was looking at this youth with a surprised expression. In his heart, he increasingly felt that Lu Peng wasn’t ordinary, and that he was even more pleasing to his eyes.

“But Lu Peng you…!” Mu Yi was looking at Lu Peng. He seemed to want to say a few things, but he couldn’t.

“That’s right, I admired both of them very much, but they actually made a move on my Black Tortoise Sect. And I think that if we can obtain this senior brother’s friends.h.i.+p, it will be more meaningful compared to my admiration of these two so-called geniuses.” Lu Peng was looking at Mu Yi and smiled faintly.

“Um, that’s right. I also have this kind of intention.” Mu Yi nodded and said, “They provoked our Black Tortoise Sect. Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian should really die.”

Lu Peng also said, “Right, since we are going to kill, then we must be quick and efficient. I suggest to gather all of our tenth Zhen Qi Layer disciples.”

“Yes, we will gather everyone.” Mu Yi nodded.

“Then I will go.” Liang Guang spoke as he rushed out.

“I, Xu Yan, representing the Ling Wu Sect, on behalf of our ten seeds, thank you all, and many thanks to this junior brother. I’m very grateful.” He bowed deeply towards Lu Peng.

“Senior brother is too polite, this is something that we should have done. I still have to trouble senior brother to lead us to look for them.” Lu Peng moved sideways and wasn’t willing to receive his greetings.

“It should be, it should be.” Xu Yan’s mood stabilized and his eyes was filled with grat.i.tude.

Liang Guang gathered the people quickly, there were eleven tenth Zhen Qi Layer disciples.

“Let’s go.” Lu Peng smiled faintly.

“Does junior brother also want to go?” Xu Yan was stunned.

“Brother Xu, don’t worry. The strength of my junior brother can’t be judged from the surface.” Mu Yi spoke and Lu Peng nodded at Xu Yan.


Xu Yan led the way, rus.h.i.+ng at a fast pace.

“Is this guy rus.h.i.+ng to his reincarnation?” Behind Xu Yan, the group of tenth Zhen Qi Layer elites couldn’t help but whisper in low voices. Some of them were unable to keep up with Xu Yan’s speed.

Xu Yan had no choice but to reduce his speed, but they still lagged behind him.

“Junior brother, what is your intention? Why did you make us promise Xu Yan? Didn’t you admire Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian very much?” Mu Yi and Lu Peng were following in the rear.

“I had arrived by the time Xu Yan came, therefore I heard your conversation. Didn’t you discover that Xu Yan was acting very strange?” Lu Peng asked.

“It was indeed quite strange, he was just like a mad dog.” Said Mu Yi.


“This is also excusable. If I have not guessed wrong, there is only one person remaining of the Ling Wu Sect’s ten seeds.” Said Lu Peng.

“What!?” Mu Yi’s expression changed.

“Although it is only a guess, but it shouldn’t be too far from the truth. The Ling Wu Sect’s ten seeds’ relations.h.i.+p is very good, although they aren’t blood brothers, but they can be compared to real brothers. This time, Xu Yan’s manner is unusual, his mood is unstable. It should be due to the death of the other nine seeds. Moreover, they seem to have died in Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian’s hands.”

Lu Peng said, “Therefore this person is a mad dog right now, who will bite anyone. We can’t offend him, therefore I let you promise him.”

“How is this possible, those are nine tenth Zhen Qi Layer existences. Their strength is terrifying. As for that Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian, although they are geniuses, it is still impossible for them to kill nine of them, moreover, in front of Xu Yan.” Mu Yi still couldn’t believe it.

There are various kinds of ways to kill people, it does not have to be powerful. They can use some trick, they can also use poison. If I did not guess wrong, the place where Xu Yan is bringing us, surely is the place where they fought with Zi Chen before. When the time comes, we only have to look at the battle marks to understand.

What if we run into Zi Chen accidentally?

“It is impossible to run into them. They’re not fools, how could they still stay there?” Said Lu Peng confidently.

“Junior Brother is really intelligent. No wonder senior brother Wu Hong values you so much!” Praised Mu Yi.

Xu Yan’s speed was very quick, moreover, he did not stop at all along the way, he even cut off eating and drinking. It made the people behind him become furious, and curse unceasingly. It can be said that they were suppressing anger.

“Eat and drink while running.” n.o.body dared to disobey Mu Yi’s words. Therefore, no matter how big their resentment was, they buried it deep in their heart.

Therefore, Mu Yi also obtained Xu Yan’s grat.i.tude.

A few days later, under the lead of Xu Yan, the crowd finally reached the place. But this time, they rested for an hour in the distance first. After their energy had restored, Xu Yan then led them to the valley.

“Very smart. He still has not lost his reason.” There was a hint of appreciation in Mu Yi’s eyes, but Lu Peng was actually sneering in disdain.

“It’s here.” Xu Yan pointed at the valley in front and said: “Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian are in this valley. We will go in directly and kill them.”

Receiving Mu Yi’s hand signal, the crowd nodded. They dashed towards the valley quickly.

At the edge of the valley, they saw the dried bloodstains, the traces of some smashed flesh. After they rushed into the valley, they saw the mess on the ground. There were deep craters everywhere; numerous dried bloodstains; as well as black, red, and white unclear objects.

Lots of giant boulders had fallen on the ground, there was even some black blood on some giant boulders. This was a battlefield, and it was very messy.


Seeing this scene, everyone gasped. With their imagination, they could already feel the brutality of the battle before. Their gaze fell on the top of the valley. It can be imagined that when the giant boulders fell from the top, what kind of terrifying scene it created.

Here, numbers did not have any use.

When he saw this battlefield, Lu Peng already understood what had happened. There was admiration in his eyes. Obviously, he had guessed correctly how Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian were able to kill nine people with just them two.

There was n.o.body in the valley, there were only some giant boulders. The crowd found nothing.

Xu Yan was very depressed. His eyes were full of disappointment and unwillingness.

At this time, a clear sound of bones breaking was heard. After that, the crowd saw that behind a giant boulder, there was a long beast tail that was swinging unceasingly.

After several flashes, the crowd arrived around the giant boulder. They saw a black leopard, three meters long. Together with its tail, it was close to five meters, and about two meters high. It was chewing something with its head lowered. After it heard some rustling sounds, it then looked up, and revealed its mouth, which was filled with meat residue.

It felt that each and every aura around him was a lot stronger than itself, and anyone of them could kill him. There was dread in the eye of this black wind leopard, it lowered his head as his body trembled.

A rank eight ferocious beast, the black wind leopard, would not attract too much attention here, but everyone was looking at the black wind leopard’s food.

With just a glance, everyone’s pupils dilated, because they saw a human’s half a corpse, a human corpse that did not have his upper half and only had his lower half.

Human legs.

And next to it, there was a hole, around the hole, there was some soil that was dug away. And in the hole, there was still a complete corpse that had died for quite a while.

This was dug out by the black wind leopard, the crowd felt that it looked somewhat familiar.

“Second brother!”

However at this time, Xu Yan uttered a sad cry, and the crowd finally realized, it was Lin Yu.

When he saw the half corpse, that was half eaten, on the ground, and Lin Yu’s corpse, Xu Yan became completely dumbfounded. After a cry of alarm, he stood there motionless, his eyes were empty, as if he had lost his soul.

In his mind, he was thinking of how his several brothers had sacrificed themselves, and strove for a slim chance of survival for him, allowing him to escape.

That unwilling roar resounded in the ears, Xu Yan’s ears were making a buzzing sound.

In the hole, besides Lin Yu’s corpse, there was another corpse that was half revealed. Obviously, there were more people buried there.

Everyone had died, and he survived. Although he brought helpers, but his brothers still died without leaving an intact corpse. The dumbfounded Xu Yan felt his whole body’s blood boil, after that, his blood rushed from his chest straight towards his head.

“You d.a.m.n thing, I will eat you!” Xu Yan finally could not suppress his emotions. The blood rushed towards his head, his eyes turned red, and he lost his reason. It was as if he had turned into a rank ten ferocious beast as he dashed towards the trembling black wind leopard.

This was a battle without any suspense, but it actually terrified the crowd. Xu Yan had discarded all of the methods a cultivator used to fight against their enemies. He pounced at the black wind leopard directly, just like a ferocious beast. He attacked this black wind leopard by tearing, biting, scratching, and hitting!

He turned completely into a ferocious beast. Moreover, under the gaze of everyone, the flesh of the black wind leopard was bitten off, piece by piece. Xu Yan’s mouth was filled with blood, he directly swallowed the flesh and blood, along with the beast fur, into his stomach after he chewed it for a couple of times, he was completely crazy.

The crowd who saw this was absolutely terrified.

“I want you to die! You eat my brother, I will eat you.” He was biting while scratching, Xu Yan was also roaring repeatedly.

On the side, that group of tenth Zhen Qi layer disciples retreated one after another, there was fear in their eyes.

Mu Yi did not speak so they did not leave, and only looked at the brutal scene.

The black wind leopard gave horrified roars. It wanted to run away, but it was being held down by Xu Yan, he could only let Xu Yan bite off its flesh, piece by piece, until it finally died from the pain, bleeding to death.

The black wind leopard had finally died.

Xu Yan’s body was covered with fresh blood, his expression was ferocious and terrifying. He stood up from the ground, his cold eyes glanced towards the crowd suddenly. At that moment, the crowd felt like they were being stared at by a rank ten ferocious beast, their hearts s.h.i.+vered.

But there was Mu Yi here, so they were not afraid either. If they were to make the move, they would be able to kill Xu Yan in a face off.


Xu Yan’s eyes swept past the crowd, after that he finally roared towards the sky, just like a roaring ferocious beast. His roar was full of unwillingness. His tenth layer zhen qi was surging wildly, his red eyes were scary, his whole body was covered in blood and gave off an extremely ferocious feeling.

After that, his body soared high to the sky, he stepped two times in the air and pa.s.sed over the crowd. His body flashed several times and disappeared.

Xu Yan did not say anything, he just left.

Everyone was dumbfounded, they were perplexed.

“Finished. This person is finished.” Lu Peng heaved a deep sigh while looking at Xu Yan’s disappearing figure.

“What a pity. I did not expect that such a person that valued his friends more than anything, would actually turn into such a sorry plight.” Mu Yi also sighed.

“Affectionate righteousness huh? Zi Chen also seems good. It’s just that Xu Yan and the others stood at the wrong side.” Looking at the corpses on the ground, Lu Peng smiled faintly.

“Bury them again. As for this beast, chop its corpse to pieces and throw it into the forest as fertilizer.” Lu Peng was looking at black wind leopard’s corpse on the ground, his indifferent expression had suddenly turned cold.

“Yes!” A disciple nodded.

Thunder Martial Chapter 53

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