The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap Chapter 43 Part2

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Meanwhile, upon receiving permission from Jade, Ruri took Joshua and Yuan to the nearby restaurant in the Capital.

She was obviously wearing a wig.

"Mufufufu, little Jade"

Ruri was the same so she knows how it feels.

Moist eyes with O.NE.GA.I~, Ruri can't ignore such fluffy moments.

Moreover, Jade likes fluffy stuff. But because dragons were on top of the food chain, until now fluffy stuff hasn't been in contact with him. Therefore, he lacks fluff.

He can't stand it.

"She's an evil woman who uses cats when necessary."

"A Royal Woman, A Royal Cat was the new trend."

Yuan and Joshua could say whatever they want to.


Energetically, she greeted everyone in the restaurant. Ruri was surprised to be welcomed by the Lady Owner and her daughter.

"Ma~ If it's not Ruri-chan~"

She avoided going by lunch, therefore, there weren't a lot of customers in there.

"Ara~ ara~, what happened this time?"

"I wanted to apologize for suddenly quitting. I'm really sorry for troubling you."

"You don't have to worry about it. Euclaise-sama already gave an explanation."

Even though she suddenly quit, the lady owner didn't get angry at her. 

"Since you're already here, come and eat something."

"Ee~, absolutely!"

Since it been a while, the lady owner's daughter brought out the meal.

She the food on the table. Ruri sat on the across the table and chuckled when she saw Joshua and Yuan. 

Ruri started to tilt her head.

"What's the matter?"

"Nee~, who's the lover of Ruri-chan?"


一For a moment she didn't understand what it meant, but the moment she did, she denied it immediately.

"Yo-you're mistaken. I don't have that kind of relations.h.i.+p with either of the two."

"Is that so? But I heard from Jet-kun that Ruri have a dragon's scale."

"Why do you know something like that?!"

Ruri's head begun to ache in embarra.s.sment when she learned that that matter was known.

"I heard it from Jet-kun, you know? Ruri have a dragon's scale, therefore he asked me the situation about your dragon boyfriend. I don't know what is happening but dating a dragon means you can't date anyone else."

"I'm sorry. At that time I didn't know anything about the dragons…"

"You get it without knowing anything? Perhaps that dragon forced you to be with him…"

Then the lady owner's daughter's face turned serious. Ruri then hurried denied it.

"No, no. Before I didn't know anything about it, but now, we're… lover."

Although a bit embarra.s.sed, Ruri spoke of it happily and the daughter of the lady owner smiled.

"Then he must be surprised to hear that Ruri was going on a date. Really a very impatient lover indeed. Well then, it seemed like Jet-kun gave up immediately, his next girlfriend have to thank you."

"What do you mean?"

She didn't anything nice to Jet-kun's lover, Ruri was left to wonder.

After all, in Ruri's point of view, he was a good man.

"Ruri-chan might now know but Jet-kun already have two ladies."


"And, the moment he found out that Ruri wasn't available. He found another woman. The next month she'll be his third. Maa~ Jet-kun's kind are polygamous so its nothing unusual but still as woman, the dragons who are monogamous are much better than the polygamous, nee?"

Ruri's innocent image of Jet-kun was gradually fading away.

"Even though I didn't know that, I should still apologize for bringing the dragon's heart…"

"That already fine. There's no need. If he was shocked about that then it's fine to apologize. But there's no need to apologize to a man who immediately finds another one."

"I also think so…"

As she told her to eat slowly, the daughter of the lady owner resumes to her work.

And left alone the shocked Ruri.

Though Ruri was shocked, Joshua talks to her.

"What are you being sad about? Do you like him that much? You better keep that from His Majesty."

"That's not it. I was shocked to hear someone who cannot kill an insect has a girlfriend already. Not just one, but two! And I heard that I was going to be the third lady?! The third… it's impossible for me."

"Maa~ In a dragon's perspective, I agree with Ruri."

'I even thought he could be a good husband…'

No. It's not like she's against polygamy. But she couldn't accept the culture of the people born in a country exercising polygamy.

"Does the country Ruri was born in don't have polygamy?"

While eating, Yuan asked.

"Un, there were other countries that exercise polygamy but weren't nearby."

"I see, the marriage hear are largely influenced by the race, not the country. Especially the demi-humans. There are other polygamous families that said to be polygamous but have monogamous couples. But mostly they are four-legged in particular, so remember it well.

"Hee, then for you guys, three or four wives are common?"

"The number of people in the polygamy is smaller. For the Beast King, he has 19 princesses."

"Ge, 19?"

"Currently there are 19 of them, until now.  If you include the divorced or so, there would be even more."

As she couldn't believe it, Ruri had an indescribable expression.

Joshua adds more meat as he put them in his mouth.

"Maa, that's the extreme side of the story. But, unlike Dragons who only have one lover throughout their life. Other's brides and wives are the symbols of power and authorities for the other races."

"I'm glad I have Jade-sama."

She thought so from the bottom of her heart.

Though a little jealous, selfish and overprotective, you can rest a.s.sured that the Dragons won't betray you.

"I really hope that it will continue like this."

"What do you mean?"

Yuan began to talk seriously.

"My father killed my mother. I did say that my mother was a human right? Unlike Dragons, humans don't always love one person throughout their whole life. Of course, there are people who continued their love until the end. But my mother doesn't like my father being jealous. That's why my mother accidentally fell in love with the gardener and tried to elope. So when my father realized it, he killed my mother with her partner and also killed himself afterward."

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The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap Chapter 43 Part2

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