Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 204

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Translator: Ranzan

He walked along Seikaen shopping street that evening.

He had enjoyed himself being with Kohaku and Aoba, but now he was contacted by Kotone and the two others as they said they were a little late from shopping.

Over the phone, he could tell the three sisters were speaking as one. The three could take care of themselves together, but Kohaku had told him to at least go and carry their bags, so he left the castle.


He was approaching a large bridge when he heard their voices behind him.

The beautiful voices of three women together at once.

He turned and saw the three in school uniforms there. They all ran up to him and stopped.

「What is it, Taiyou-san?」

「Coming all the way here?」

「Were you at home?」

Kotone, then Suzune, then Kazane spoke, a chorus of souls.

It was an easily recallable strange sound of three speakers speaking from the same sound switch.

These three triplets were of different sizes and independent, spoke no different from other girls, and only spoke this way when they were with Taiyou and his "family."

He wasn't used to it at first, but lately, it was a sound that put him at ease.

「Yeah, I wanted to join you and help you shop.」

「So you came all this way for that?」

「It's no big deal.」

「Well, we're happy.」

As the bashful three all returned a smile, they changed around where they stood, with Kotone and Suzune on the left and right, and the smallest Kazane walking in front of Taiyou.

The three surrounding him in three directions, looking like they'd touch, and yet not touching.

They walked along that way.

Lately, when he was walking along with them, they would walk in this position.

He noticed that they were walking away from the shopping center and towards the bridge, and thought it strange.

「Aren't we going to the shopping area?」

「Not to the one in Seikaen.」

「Towards Stars.」

「We were thinking of getting some dinner to eat.」

「Stars…the supermarket near Oriyakata?」

As Taiyou said this, they all answered, 「Yes」around him.

Stars was a supermarket with a history at Oriyakata, as it had a connection to the local baseball team, the 「Oriyakata Superstars」as they were called.

When Taiyou was living alone he went there quite a bit, and he knew the place well.

It was a bit far, but it had better products than those in Seikaen, so Taiyou understood their choice.

They crossed the bridge and walked along the road a while, finally coming to where they could see the structure of the parking lot of Stars.

Their goal, Stars.

Taiyou took out a shopping cart from the line outside, put in a shopping basket, and pushed them inside.

「So, where first?」


He asked and the three women all looked at each other.

They looked like they were possibly making eye contact, but they weren't. The triplets were speaking through telepathy.

They must be doing that now, Taiyou thought.

「First, let's go to the dairy section.」

「Because we're out of milk.」

「And we need some fish.」

「Is this shopping list…for Kohaku-san?」

Milk and fish, because they both seemed to be parts of a special designated combination, Taiyou imagined that it was for the Eternal Little, Kohaku.

Since she had just made a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic display of herself wrapping a blue ribbon around her flat-chested body, it wasn't strange for him to consider that she was going to boost up some attributes with those foods.

「Nooo… not Kohaku… maybe we just wanted them?」

Kazane answered this question for the other two.

She had the same body type as Kohaku, so she was already defensive before she was asked anymore.


「It's for Aobchan.」

「Lately, she's been into eating things like that.」

「The reason is…I think you can imagine, Taiyou.」


Taiyou tilted his head, and thought about Aoba, who had been with him until just recently.

Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s weren't so big as to merit a compliment on their size, but even so, they weren't so small that she had to work hard to make them bigger.

They were just the fit for both of his hands, they had just that amount of volume.

So then, why? Taiyou thought it was strange.

Why he was thinking about it, they arrived at the dairy section, as the three girls ran out disregarding Taiyou pus.h.i.+ng the cart alongside them.

「Huh? Hey, Suzu-chan, which was was Aoba always drinking again?」

「I think it's…wait? It isn't there.」

「It isn't the low-fat one like this over here.」

「Is this one okay? The maker's the same.」

Taiyou joined into the conversation as he pushed the cart behind them.

「We can't buy that one, Taiyou.」

「This isn't the one that Aoba wanted.」

「Since that's the one that seems to work, we have to help her out with it.」

「I…I see.」

They rejected Taiyou's offer of help flatly.

After talking about not finding this or that one, they decided to look for and buy the right one on the way home.

They moved away from the dairy products, and onto the tofu area nearby.

Just like before, the three girls ran out looking for something ahead of Taiyou's cart.

They couldn't find what they were looking for this time either, so Taiyou asked him from behind again.

「What are you looking for now?」


「There's one type that Aoba likes.」

「Can't you find it here?」

「What type? Soft? Firm? Or maybe fried? 」

He gave up all the types he could think of. It might be the type that Kohaku liked, famous tofu from Okinawa.

He thought this might be the case, but the truth was way above his imagination.

「「「Zaku Tofu!」」」

「That's right!」

They blurted out desperately.

「That's what I thought! Well, I didn't, but in a way I did!」

He remarked loudly in response, as if Kohaku was there reacting with him.

Her j.a.panese was weird in that she always put so much force into it.

「Asking just in case, but do you ONLY buy what people request?」

He asked, and the three simultaneously responded in chorus.

「Yeah, Kohaku loves them.」

「She likes to drink alcohol, and then scoop and eat it bit by bit, she said.」

「We saw her do it before while humming along some song.」

「I think I can understand it, even though I can't.」

He grimaced a bit, but after seeing a peculiarly packaged tofu, picked it up and handed it to the three.

「Here, give her this one. x.x.xX Tofu.」

「Wait, but this is the wrong one!」

「Kohaku told us…」

In the middle of the chorus, he stopped Suzune.

「This one's fine. I'll teach you a magic word in exchange.」

After hearing Taiyou say that, he whispered a famous line into their ears.

It was a line that wasn't known for its strict use, but since the three weren't very good with lines, they thought they'd just stop, learn the magic word, and give Kohaku the tofu.

So they put the tofu into the basket and they all walked around the supermarket some more.

Next, Taiyou noticed something.

The three girls were putting things in the basket piece by piece. As they did, they were saying, 「Aoba wants this」 and 「Kohaku wants this」, but he didn't know how they knew when they said 「s.h.i.+rokiyami wants this」as they put something in.

The women the sisters mentioned were either Taiyou's wives or a woman he wanted as his wife, and were choosing products for them.

Just then, Taiyou focused on one thing.

In the sisters' words, they were forgetting one person.


Since he noticed it, he thought he might as well ask.

「Are you three forgetting someone?」


They all stood and spun, the unmatched three with a matched voice.

They three thought about it, and came to the conclusion in a synchronized response.

「「「Oh, yeah! Leticia too!」」」


What about you three? Was the question he was about to ask that was lost in their unexpected response.

Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 204

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