Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Vol 1 Chapter 14

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To the sudden event that occurred Taiyou’s head went blank. However that was only for a moment and he soon got his bearings and hopped away like a frog and gained some distance from the white woman in one breath’s time.

The pedestrians who saw such a peculiar action by Taiyou, gave him various kinds of gazes/reactions. A business salary man had a strange look on his face as he alternated looking between the girl and Taiyou, A mother told their kid “Shh, don’t look at them” and she hurriedly brang her curious kids away from the scene.

The people around him were giving him an over exaggerated amount of attention, however, if you compare it to what happened to him moments ago, where a j.a.panese Katana sword was pointed right at him, their reactions would be even more crazier if they saw such a scene, in fact this kind of reaction would have been insufficient.

Taiyou was displaying a posture of extreme vigilance but it seems that such actions were a futile and vain effort. The white girl had a handkerchief in her hands, instead of the j.a.panese Katana, and there seemed to be no other hidden motives in her actions.

Both her hostility and her killing intent was so meek that he could barely feel  it.

Honestly, the feeling was so different that he almost thought that they were different people, Taiyou was bewildered/perplexed.

Looking at the girl, he couldn’t hold it any longer and he asked her a question.

「You, Why are you here?」



「More importantly, you? That hand is bleeding 」

Taiyou was still breathing irregularly, and he looked at the handkerchief was had been presented towards his hands.

It seems she’s trying to lend me her handkerchief in order to stop my bleeding?


「Having a handkerchief, is part of a woman’s etiquet, te」(Note: she talks in broken sentences: Etiquette)

「No that’s not what I am asking you…….」

「—it, was what a guy, once told, me 」

「A man taught you those etiquette?!」

「After that time, I held it on with me, where ever, I went」

「From that moment onwards? You haven’t replaced it with a new one?」

She tilted her neck slightly, and was thinking for a little while.

「………I don’t really, remember?」

「Please! can’t you start talking in a more political fas.h.i.+on!? It almost seemed like you had a total memory loss or something!」

「…….my secretary, talk, to you?」

「Like I said please talk in a more political manner!」

「………would you die……..for, me?」

「This is so hopeless!」

A comical dialog between these two people seemed to have unfolded on the road side. The pedestrians who saw the both of them would hurriedly try to avoid their path by walking faster, and this made Taiyou remember something slightly uncomfortable.

「We are getting way to side tracked here, you, why exactly did you come here for, that’s what I am asking you」

「That is, I came to recieve, compen……sation」


「For the katana you broke, I want, compensation」


Taiyou was astonished beyond belief.

「So you came here just for that?」

「It’s not just, a small, matter」

The mysterious white girl arched her eyebrows. Since the first time I met her, she showed me an expression of displeasure. (pout)

Although she was already a beautiful girl to begin with, maybe it was because it was the first time since they were both together that the tension had completely disappeared, but he thought that she was extremely cute.

「That child (the katana)…
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….. is my second favourite masterpiece, moreover……..it’s really, expensive」

「When you say expensive………………How much are we talking about here?」

The subject changed to money, and this time he mentally prepared himself.

「It’s around……..seven digits」

「That’s ridiculous! you could buy a car with that kind of money!?」

「That’s….not it, when I said around, I meant that it was crossing over to eight digits」

「Can’t you buy a house with that? just what kind of sword was it!?」

「That sword can be considered cheap, my favourite sword is worth…..」

「Your favourite sword is worth?」

I gulped a huge amount of saliva in expectation.

「national treasure」

「for reals?」

「truly. That’s why, its price… less…….Just like how my smile is」

「Aren’t you exaggerating a little too much!」

Although sure she was cute. but saying her smile is priceless was like saying she was a hooker. (Note: in j.a.panese the act of selling smiles was a term that can refer to a prost.i.tutes way of attracting men to buy their “smiles”)

「Complain, to the person, who taught me to say, such things」

「Who is this person really!?」


「I understand, all I need to know is that the person who taught you such things is truly a despicable fellow!」

unexpectedly Taiyou was a little riled up by the conversation. He hit the wall next to him with his full power. With a strength of 30, the wall crumbled easily.

「That reminds me. When you broke my sword a little, while ago」


Her voice still contained a little bit of grudge for what he did to her sword as she talked to him.

「You have amazing strength. I was able to deflect the sword that you………threw at me, but, my hands, they are still shaking/rattling. It was a dreadfully straight aim you had」

「Well I’m not sure if it was all that accurate」

「The secret to your strength, I want to know」

「Well, even if you say secret—」

He could not really mention the fact that he was capable of leveling up, as it would definitely lead to huge misunderstanding,

However, in the next moment. The facade that he tried to put out of feigning ignorance was blown away by the next set of statements.

「The power you displayed, with the amount of muscle on your body…….. applying the physical laws of nature………is most definitely, weird」


「There must be some other source to your strength. maybe its power you obtained from chi/qi? or is it perhaps, the thing known as…….magic?」

The white girl took a good guess but she was still quite far from the real reason. Although most her guessing had been off the bulls-eye, Taiyou had to recover his trembling heart from exposing the “secret” and he quickly returned to pretending to be senile/dumb/innocent.

「These days becoming reincarnated as a cheat character is really common…….don’t you think that this may be my second life?」

「That kind of, Unrealistic……thing, I refuse to believe it」

「For you, things like Chi/qi or Magic is that something that is supposed to be realistic!?」

「By the way, for your information, I do not, use, either…….of those things」

「You don’t?! From the flow of the conversation, you completely fooled me into believing you were some sort of magician or something」

「chi/qi is unnecessary. Physics/law of nature, is important. That’s because, “being big, fast and strong. if you have those three things you wont lose to anyone” is what someone erotic once told me」

「I think you mean to say admirable person, these particular words are logical and seem straightforward」

「No, it truly was…….An ero person who said it. An admirable person would have a thick bible book, however, that person had a thin book in his hands, that’s why」

「Indeed, I have no idea what you are saying!」

「The company and Chris’s thin book………..I love these things」

「This Chris person’s gender, its probably better if I don’t ask you about it right?!」

after exchanging such a comedic conversation with the white girl, Taiyou complete let down his guard and couldn’t think of such a girl as his enemy anymore.

She was cute, a little bit strange, and she reminded him of someone that was familiar to him, she was the type of girl he couldn’t hate.

It almost seemed as if their previous wild encounter/battle was a complete lie.

Therefore, he was awfully confused. He could not grasp the girls real personality.

She wasn’t his ally, but at the same time he could not see her as an enemy either.

She was an opponent he fought once before, and even now the wound in the palm of his hands would begin to pound/pulse whenever he remembered the scene. It was difficult for him to make a clear-cut decision as to their relations.h.i.+p status.

Whilst he was thinking about what to do.

「Taiyou-chan! I’ve found them〜!」

Hera appeared right in the empty s.p.a.ce beside the white girl and came flying towards him.

Seeing her figure instantaneously teleport near him, Taiyou was still surprised as he was not used to it.


The white girl leaned her head  in doubt. Taiyou was fl.u.s.tered and he tried to cover up his actions.

「It, its nothing. A telephone call just came in, that’s all」

Taiyou grabbed out his smart phone which was still broken and pretended to touch the screen, he then put the phone next to his ear.


Whilst saying such things, he winks at Hera.

Hera nods her head in understanding and gave a thumbs up to Taiyou whilst looking at the white girl.

「What’s up, did you find them?」

「Yes〜, I found them〜」

「The place? can you please tell me where it is?」

「Its over here〜」

「I understand, I’ll come over right now」

He was talking with a fairy n.o.body could see, normally people would think he was crazy if he started talking in a soliloque, however by holding up a phone to his ears, in this modern age he splendidly solved the problem and could become less conspicuous/suspicious.

Taiyou whilst pretending to be on the phone, gave a slight bow towards the white girl, he returned to her the handkerchief he obtained and hurriedly tried to depart.

Following Hera’s guide he started to depart, but he turned back to glance at the white girl.

She was just staring silently at him, and she did not seem to intend to follow him.

Looking at her not moving to follow, Taiyou was slightly relieved.

All the albino coloured girl did was stare silently into the back figure of a young boy as he continued on his path.

「I was…….being avoided/warded off」

As she muttered she things, she let out a slight sigh of dejection.

When compared to other boys and girls of her age, just by a little bit……..Her physical strength was above average. Her eyesight was extraordinary like a savannah huntress, and her hearing was also exceptional. it was to such an extent where, if she had been stuck in traffic she could hear the sounds of music coming out from a person wearing earplugs without any problems at all.

There was nothing her ears could not zone in on. From Taiyou’s phone, she could not hear any form of conversation being said by the party on the other side of the phone. From her perspective, it was as if the only reason he did that was to escape from her presence.

The stains of fresh blood on the handkerchief reminded her of the existence of the  boy whom she had cut in the palm with her katana. Thinking back, it was natural for him to want to avoid her after such a thing.

Although it was a natural reaction, even then the action of him trying to avoid her, made her heart ache with sadness, such was the problems of a p.u.b.escent young girl.

She returned from the road she came from, and her retreating figure, seemed to somehow look really lonely.

Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Vol 1 Chapter 14

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