Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Vol 2 Chapter 107

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Chapter 107

Translator: Reflet

Saying “just a tad bit” and actually doing “just a tad bit” might be the sort of thing that influential entertainers do as a joke. And if it were between a male and a female, even more so. Just like how the only human beings who could trust the term “just the tip” were basically aliens, it would be impossible for an aroused man and woman to heed the words “just a tad bit”. The two of them kissing, Aoba’s hand wrapped around Taiyou’s shoulders, tightly grasping his clothing. Their now-rough nasal breathing began to tickle each other’s faces.


Breaking their kiss, he called her name. The girl’s face had become flushed, and she looked at him with entranced eyes. In a dreamy state of mind, she called his name.

「One more time.」
「Is that alright?」

He asked, returning the gaze of her enraptured eyes.


Aoba made the face that Taiyou had hoped for. Touching her lips with a hooked finger, she became red and cast down her eyes. But she would also steal glances up at Taiyou’s face.
 The desire to tell her that he had wanted to see her make this kind of face grew even stronger.


Taiyou, stimulated by a feeling of dominance, staring at her intently but saying nothing. Not rus.h.i.+ng her, and not doing anything further if she

didn’t approve of it. Letting off that mood, he waited for her to open her mouth.
Ultimately, he was a sixteen-year-old boy who had been a virgin up until a month ago. He was much too inexperienced with the art of teasing.


Aoba fidgeting in front of him was just so cute, and not being able to take it any longer, he stole her lips.
The second kiss, seeking more than before.

「Natsuno, kun?」
「Sorry. I wasn’t thinking about your feelings, and I just couldn’t take it anymore and forced it…」
「I-It wasn’t forced, okay?」
「I also wanted to――wanted you to do it! So it wasn’t forced, got it?」
「Oh. But even so I really am sorry. That definitely was over-the-top.」
「That too――」
「That too?」

The words that she had said rushed out from his mouth, but he swallowed them abruptly. He didn’t even have to ask what she meant. He could of course have her say it, but as he was satisfied, he didn’t press.
Enjoying a brief period of pleasant silence, Aoba broke the ice.

「…Hey, so are you also kissing the others?」

Taiyou gave an immediate response.

「If anything, it’s probably a bit severer with them. Kotone, Suzune and Kazane take turns so I have time to breath, but Kohaku prefers it to last until the break of losing consciousness, so I also

also have it just a bit hard.」
「It’s hard even on you, Natsuno-kun?」
「Yeah. Oh, and by hard I mean breathing; the kiss itself feels super nice…makes me happy.」
「Is that so…」

Aoba lowered her face into Taiyou’s arms, thinking a bit.

「Alright, I’ll give it my best too.」
「Give it your best?」
「Yeah; I’ll give it my best to keep up with your pace, Natsuno-kun.」
「No, you don’t really have to give that your best…」
「But, if I lose consciousness then the kiss will end right in the middle of it all, right? Men don’t like it when things end halfway, right? That’s why I’ll give it my best to last to the end!」
「Oh, I see.」

As Aoba declared this from within his arms, something hot welled up from within Taiyou’s chest. It was a little different from earlier; gentle, but hot enough to at least rival any other feeling.
He kissed her lightly, making a noise. The fact that Aoba had closed her eyes and accepted him just prior to the kiss made his chest feel hotter and hotter.

「Thanks, that makes me happy.」

Aoba nodded. In that position for a while longer, they enjoyed the aftertaste. Not long after, Aoba slipped out of Taiyou’s arms and stood up.

「Next time, I’ll ask Mom and the others lots of questions, okay!」

Saying that with a red

a red face, she dashed out of the area. She ran deep within the shop and disappeared.

「What exactly does she mean by “ask”?」

Taiyou muttered. He couldn’t imagine in the slightest what sort of things she’d try to ask them. But he soon stopped thinking. Because after kissing Aoba, he didn’t think something like that mattered. Rooted in place, Taiyou briefly enjoyed that lingering memory.


Suddenly called from behind, he was so surprised that he thought his heart would jump out. The voice came within close proximity. Pochi had been gazing at him from the car that was no more than three meters away.

「S-Since when were you there?」
「I’ve been here the whole time?」
「O-Oh, right.」

He wasn’t sure why he asked that idiotic question. He became embarra.s.sed as well.

「So you saw us the whole time?」
「Yes, in the arena seat.」

Taiyou’s face became a lavish red on par with Aoba’s. Being seen…in itself, he didn’t mind, but the fact that he had forgotten that there was already a spectator there and did all that in front of them was embarra.s.sing. Because that showed just how much he had lost control of himself. He wanted to explain away the situation and have Pochi forget about what he had done, but that would be an unfulfillable dream.

「Master, what happened just now?」

Pochi asked, immensely curious. Based on the Based on the question and what it entailed, Taiyou caught on, eager to make it seem like nothing had happened.

「By just now, do you mean what I did with Aoba?」
「How do you not know…」

For a second he thought that this was her way of playing bashful, but that wasn’t the case. Kohaku probably had her all figured out, but here he was with Pochi, and her eyes seemed like they just genuinely were questioning. Not believing that it was possible, he asked her.

「We kissed, but do you really not know what a kiss is?」
「Yes, I know! That’s the general name for the fish categorized in the Sillaginidae family under the Percoidei suborder from the Perciformes order. Otherwise, it’s the English term “kiss” for the process of pressing one’s lips against something or someone. Right?」

Pochi answered without hesitation. Her way of speaking conveyed her ability to immediately recite anything from memory.

「Straight from the dictionary as usual, I see. Well as you can see, we did the “press lips together” definition.」

Pochi inclined her head, dissatisfied. Taiyou thought that was strange. For a second there he thought that she didn’t know what the concept of a “kiss” was, but her knowledge did seem to cover that. Then why was she questioning what had transpired? This time, Taiyou was the one questioning things.

Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Vol 2 Chapter 107

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