Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 319

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Translator: Reflet
Editor: ryunakama

//note: BBA is an abbreviation for Baba, which means granny or old woman in j.a.panese



Taiyou was shocked. Kohaku had suddenly started licking his cheeks.

"W-W-What are you doing Kohaku-san?"

"So this be the taste of a man who thinks of other women, aye?"

"Can you at least make it clear whether you're being serious or it's some sort of joke?!"

"Not to mention this be the taste of someone who be thinking about a BBA."

"You don't have to word it that way! Plus that person is waaay younger than you. She'd be like your granddaughter."

"Nay, she be a fine BBA."

Kohaku grinned.

"If she's a BBA then what the heck does that make you?"

"I'm a Baba."

If this were in text, she probably would have put a heart mark next to that.

"Baba is Baba. I be Loli Baba. And she be a BBA. Aye, no mistaking it."

"Ohhh, I sort of get it now."

Taiyou gave a wry smile. Kohaku loved those kinds of jokes, and he had become a bit learned himself.

Sure, she had quite the dazzling figure——truly someone attractive enough to rival his brides, but in the sense that her age seemed to be in her mid=thirties, she was unmistakably a BBA.

…Or at least in a joking sense.

"So ye were thinking about that wee la.s.s, Orikawa."

"Wee la.s.s? …Well yeah. It's not that easy for me to get over what just happened."

"Ye were wondering why she appeared there, eh? I suppose even if I urged ye to stop thinking so much, ye wouldn't budge an inch."

"That's right."

Taiyou made a complicated face.

"After meeting prior to this, I did in fact investigate her on the internet. Youran did after all say that she was an amazing person…though I honestly already knew her to be a famous person. She is after all making the majority of smartphones in the world."

"That be very true. Among those Apple folks, she be at the top of the world as far as I be concerned."

"Yes. She's that incredible of a person. So although I was surprised that she was at a party of celebrities that Youran took me to, I didn't think of it as an issue. But…"

"Ye think it to be weird that she comes out right now, eh? However, it be true that Orikawa be one of the main celebrities of Oritachi Town. It was even that way back in my day."

Kohaku said, searching with her own smartphone. She showed the search result to Taiyou as she spoke.

"See? Pedisensei be saying similar things, ja."

"That's true. And she's known Kirisaki-san from way back."

"A famous celebrity in her hometown, and a secret yakuza in the same hometown. Even their ages be similar. It wouldn't even be a surprise if they were connected."

"I only suggested that we charge into Kirisaki-san's place. Even Kirisaki-san didn't contact anywhere before we exchanged sibling vows."

"Why not let everything be coincidental, natural? There be nothing strange."

"No, that's exactly why there's an alarm ringing inside me. Well, maybe that's because Youran mentioned it to me before."

"And what was that, ja?"

"Lucky things continuously happen around me. But there's actually someone behind all that and they're trying to hide it from me. After several years pa.s.s, I find out in a natural way. Apparently that's how it is for all the elite."

"I see."

"But that doesn't even happen for the super elite. They knew about Youran as well as my relations.h.i.+p with her, yet they did nothing at all. They did nothing to b.u.t.ter me up, nor did they do anything to bring me down. It's like we're only connected by pure coincidence."

"I see."

"Now here's where my pet theory comes in. Only accomplished individuals can separate their objective from their methods. There is no way that person would appear before me without any objective."

"Even though there be a possibility of it being a coincidence?"

"Well sure, if that was all it was…"

"Ye've become quite the skeptic as of late, lad."

"…Maybe you're right."

Taiyou made a complicated face. Indeed, he had become quite doubting.

"Hm. Well, I don't mind it if ye are that way, Dannsama. We'll just have to do something about that, eh?"


"Indeed. Something."

"Like what?"

"How about we give that la.s.s Orikawa a good surprise and show up wherever she's eating dinner?"

"Well yes, it certainly is about that time, but do you even know where she is?"

"We'll figure it out, lad. Now, let us be off."

Kohaku said, spinning around. That very moment, Taiyou felt a thud in his chest, as if he had been struck with a hammer. Sparks flew before his eyes, and his head swayed from side to side.

(Did Kohaku-san cause this?)

The minute he turned around, he saw Kohaku's face from the side. That image burned into his retina. The expression she was making gave him quite the shock. The shock was too much, and for a moment he didn't know what it even was. Unable to comprehend exactly what was going on, it was all he could do to stand upright.


Kohaku stopped, looking back. Her facial expression was the same as always. There was nothing strange about it. But that was precisely how he knew that her face for that instant had been completely different.


"Hm? What ails ye, lad? Do ye want some b.o.o.bs or something?"

Kohaku joked around, no different from usual. But all that did was make that moment he saw contrast even more. Taiyou raced through his thoughts furtively for an instant.

Just what was that? Why was it powerful enough to sway his heart? What was the meaning hidden in that expression?


Something illogical in his consciousness guided him to the correct answer. Loneliness, pain, helplessness. He had seen a culmination of all of that in her face that one instant.



Pulling her hands, he gave her a firm embrace. Kohaku released a shriek that was unusual for her but very endearing.

"W-What, ja? What has happened, Dannsama?"

"…Let's do it right now."

"Eh wot?"

"Right now! Nooow!"

"Do it? Do what? Cards——"


Taiyou said it clearly so that there was no room for misunderstanding. Kohaku was surprised.

"W-What is the matter, Dannsama? Were ye not concerned about that la.s.s?"

"I could care less about that. I'd rather make love with you right now, Kohaku-san."


"Then I'll violate you."


"If you don't let me make love with you I will violate you. Yup, sounds good."

"W-Wait just a minute, Dannsama. We can't just go doing that right—-hyan!"

He lifted Kohaku up, walking off rapidly. His nasal breathing was not rugged purely because of arousal.


"I'm really sorry."


"I will use all the time tonight for your benefit."

Whispering in her ear, Kohaku slightly nodded with damp, glistening eyes.

Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 319

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