Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Volume 3 Chapter 89

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Translator: Mikazuki               Editor/Translation Checker: Nefarian

Early on a Friday Morning, in the living room terrace | On the LCD TV for the family on the news program channel, a reporter wearing a raincoat is on the TV screen, broadcasting what is happening outside.

It was the usual day of the traditional typhoon. There was no problem watching it being broadcasted but if you watch carefully, you come to an understanding that you cannot deny that there was a feeling of leaving behind an era. Because this was the age where telecasts are digitized and anyone could do simple video editing, it reached the point where accidents occurred more frequently, if you paid more careful attention.

Even now, there are countless uploads on the internet of beautiful woman reporters who’s underwear can be clearly seen through transparent clothes. It’s become quite festive and merry. A man completely unrelated to the disturbance, the husband of the harem・Natsuno Taiyou was sitting directly opposite of the TV, while a young elderly woman・was sitting on his lap. The physical difference between the two made them look like parent and child but if you looked closely, you would see that Kohaku had her fingers crawling around his chest. Using her fingers in a sensational way that no child could ever do.  Even though her caresses were making his mind feel uneasy, it was still early in the day so Taiyou was repeating excuses in his mind to stop the uneasiness.

「I guess the typhoon will come after all. I thought it would turn away somehow or another」

「It seems so jyana」

「It’s the first typhoon of the year. It’s nice that school has been canceled, but I don’t want it to cause damage」

「It seems so jyana」

「……Your mom’s navel protrudes outward, your dad is a pop-eyed goldfish」

「It seems so jyana」

「Were you not listening at all to what I was saying!?」

He raised his voice as high as possible. Since a little while ago, it had been one thing after another. Kohaku felt like that for a long time and had only been giving half-hearted replies.

She was in a good mood, so she sat on his lap and behaved like a spoiled child to Taiyou. It would be ok if it was just that but coupled with her appearance, if it wasn’t for her puns, it would feel like watching a toddler's regression.

If he thought about it, the way she used her hands were obscene, clearly grasping Taiyou’s sensitive part and s.e.xually arousing it.

Taiyou thought that it was really wicked.

That’s why he retorted the way he did and she finally said words that were not half-hearted replies.

「Is it not good? Once in a while……I feel like being spoiled in order to clear my head」

She said that in such a good mood that it could have had a heart mark attached to the end of it.

「That’s fine but」

Although he was actually happy, Taiyou held back from saying it.

「Please consider the time and case」

「Time and case?」

Kohaku tilted her head in confusion, because she was still in spoiled child mode, the old lady of 130 centimeters was very cute.  While holding such a girl in his lap, he glanced out the window.

It was about time for a normal typhoon to land, but only slanted rain soaked the windows, which made the windows make a rattling sound.

「As the typhoon approaches, I have to check that doors are locked and potential for fires」

「You’re so serious. But I like that part of you jya」

「Well, I don’t think it’s worth liking」



He lifted his head in response to the voice and Suzune’s appearance was there.

How long had she been there? She suddenly bent her waist and kissed Taiyou on the lips.

When she lifted her face, she had a huge smile.

「Please leave that to us. If there is something, we will regrettably call Taiyou-san, so please flirt with Kohaku-san until then」

「Is that ok?」

「Yes! Ah! but, please be affectionate with us afterwards」

「o, ok」

Satisfied with Taiyou being fl.u.s.tered, she immediately departed.  Without knowing if anything was checked, she went into a vacate room. On the second floor, Kotone came out of one room. She smiled when her eyes met Taiyou’s and then she entered a different room.  Kazane’s appearance could not be seen but based on the sounds that could be heard, she was probably doing a similar thing.

The three sisters were restless but they wandered around the house looking delighted.

「Hey, Natsuno-kun」

Kohaku started purring like a cat and this time, Aoba came in. Her long straight ponytail was swinging back and forth. She was wearing her casual clothing which was a skirt and over the knee socks. She was relatively slender for her height. Her knee high socks wrapped around her slim, elegant legs, radiating healthy beauty.

Because the boundary between cloth and skin was at eye-level, Taiyou instinctively reached out and touched her exposed skin between the top of her socks and the hemline of her skirt.


「Ah, sorry, unintentional mistake」

「What are you doing!? 」

「Well, you were too charming 」

Taiyou put his hands together in a wors.h.i.+pping pose and said "sorry".


Aoba blushed and muttered something. It was the word "I'm happy" but it was drowned out by the sound of rain and wind, so it did not reach Taiyou’s ears.

Taiyou asked what the purpose of her visit was as if nothing happened.

「Do you have any errands for me?」

「Well, no, there’s nothing. See you later!」

She ran away while blus.h.i.+ng magnificently.

He saw her figure immediately run up the staircase and return to her room. Taiyou secretly regretted overdoing it and angering her.

「Youth is good」

「What? What do you mean?」

「Even now, you didn’t turn around jya」

When Taiyou didn’t understand the meaning, he tilted his head to the side.

Kohaku often refers to lines from famous works. Sometimes, she uses the original source as is and other times, there are different meanings caught up in it.

Compared to that, Hera is easy to understand just from personal experience.  Even though they seemed similar, Taiyou somehow thought that it was two different people.

「Well, my husband is a nice guy. I should have said this before jya. Males such as Lions and Gorillas usually do not work, the only time they work is when enemies appears jya」

「Is that the way it is?」

「Judge for yourself,  if it wasn’t such a thing, would the women be delightfully wandering around?  You should leave the house to the women」

「……What are your true intentions?」

「Spoil me with all of your strength!」

「Are you an orange!?」1

Taiyou retorted.

He had a guess that it would end up this way.  Of course, there is no objection to making love rather than spoiling Kohaku , so he thought it was ok for now. However, soon his turn came to do errands.

「……This doesn’t seem to be a foreign enemy」

Within the storm, Taiyou is holding an umbrella and walking with a plastic bag hanging.  Strong crosswinds blew occasionally, and each time the umbrella looked like it could be crushed.

Inside the bag near the handle that was being twisted by the wind that was blowing, was a round florescent light within a paper box. The three sisters were doing checks inside the house and this particular object was broken, so he was asked to buy a new one.

While he was in the middle of admiring Kohaku's beauty, his breathing was moderately rough and because it was leading up….. to the good part, she gave him a bitter gaze as he left.

「Well, I guess even male lions are made to run errands. but if I'm not mistaken, male lions don't need to hunt, right?」

Murmuring such things, a strong wind changed directions and blew violently.


Taiyou quickly lifted the umbrella with both hands and tried to direct the tip of the umbrella in the direction the wind was blowing. However, he could not react to the wind in time and the plastic umbrella was crushed following a tearing sound.

In the rain, Taiyou was soaked in a split second and stared at the completely useless umbrella.

「It’s certainly time for me to go」

He muttered. The wind that destroyed the umbrella became increasingly stronger as if it was leveling up. It then became a crosswind that made it difficult to stand.  Indeed, Taiyou thought that him going was the correct solution because he could not afford to risk sending out his brides into such a storm.

He crushed his now useless umbrella with uncommon yet extraordinary strength, crumpled it, and rolled it into a large baseball. He once again headed for home.  As soon as the rain blew sideways, his pants were immediately soaked, but since they were mostly submerged since the beginning, he no longer cared.

He firmly treaded one step after another towards Taiyou’s Castle.

「Uh? That is……」

Suddenly, he caught sight of a figure that he recognized in his peripheral vision.  s.h.i.+rokiyami, with her trademark black goth-loli fas.h.i.+on, was standing in the center of a treeless children’s playground. She stood still in the storm without evidence of an umbrella. Her long white hair that reached the back of her knees, swayed in the wind.

She was soaked with water while looking at up the sky with her usual boundless gaze.

Taiyou somehow a.s.sociated her appearance with a kitten left by their owner and placed in an empty cardboard box made for selling oranges. He approached and entered the park in order to call out to her.

「What are you doing?」

「……Train…ing? 」

She did not appear surprised when Taiyou suddenly called out to her, and she answered while looking up at the sky.


「Beating the headwinds……training」

「Incidentally, aren’t you getting wet from the cold rain? I mean, it’s usually dangerous especially considering that rather than mere headwinds, a typhoon is approaching」

「……It's no wonder that it's stronger… than I thought」

「No no no, wouldn't someone normally notice this type of thing?」

「What is……normal?」

「Never mind with the philosophical questions」

Taiyou pulled s.h.i.+rokiyami’s hand and walked towards the exit of the park.

「What are you……doing?」

「Don’t worry about it, just follow me」

「A rainy day……Bancho?」2

「If you understand, then just follow me without complaining」

「If I was a cat… I'd scratch you all over the place」

「You can scratch me as much you want later」

「Please give me… Milk」

「That manner of speech, I've already heard enough to make my stomach full」

While exchanging all sorts of trivial conversations in the rain, Taiyou returned home with a kitten left by their owner in an orange cardboard box… err, or rather, the girl known as s.h.i.+rokiyami.

Mikazuki: No idea where is the joke about the Orange is or what it means ↩ Mikazuki: Bancho: leader of a group of juvenile delinquents​. ↩

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