Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Volume 3 Chapter 97

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Translator: Nefarian

The word that was stuck in Taiyou’s head came to the surface. There is a certain word that was popularized among the j.a.panese people for a certain period of time.

That word was KY aka “people who cannot read the situation”. 1

The behavior of the clueless fairy which magically appeared in front of him right now was the very consolidation of the word.

「You’re amazing Taiyou-chan, with this you’ve managed to hit level 12 nanodesu~. What’s even more amazing is that I did not even need to teach you the method to earn experience points, you’ve managed to find the method on your own!」

The totally clueless Hera looked at Taiyou and gave him a bright smile.

「As expected, Taiyou-chan is wonderful, you’re the only one in one-hundred million nanodesu. Taiyou-chan is the only one I can be proud of.」


「Alright, since there is n.o.body in the surrounding area, let me show you immediately the results of the level up. Taiyou-chan, there’s something really surprising that’s because―― oops, Taiyou-chan has tried his best so I think it will be better to check it for yourself. 」

Hera continued acting like she was deeply moved.

「Oi, you.」

「With this, you are getting closer and closer to Yami-chan, right now it’s probably at the level of a romantic fling, but one day a blooming romance will arise~」

「Listen to what I’m saying!」

Hera was just talking on and on to herself and Taiyou reached his limit and shouted out. And then a slapping sound resounded as Hera got slapped into the carpet.

「That hurt nanodesu! What are you doing Taiyou-chan! Are you having a male period or something?!」

「Listen to what people are saying! Or more like why did you suddenly appear here!」

「Eh? Well I mean you levelled up you know? I’ve even made sure that there was n.o.body in the surroundings just like you requested, but are you somehow unsatisfied Taiyou-chan?」

「……Level up.」

「Yes, the thing Taiyou-chan was doing just now acc.u.mulated experience points and a level was gained as a result.」

「…..Are you talking about the writing of the girl's names on the memo-pad just now?」

「That’s exactly right nanodesu!」


Hera is slapped one more time, this time she spins around and flies away towards the wall.

「What are you doing?!」


「Hang on a minute Taiyou-chan」


「What are you――」


「Stop it alre――」


「Calm down and listen to wha――」


「Did I do somethi――」


「Y-You meanie――」


Being smacked over and over again, Hera was finally in tears. Still every time she was dusted away, she still fluttered….. and unsteadily wandered back to where Taiyou was.

Looking at her in such a state, Taiyou felt a little better.

He always had the impression that the tasks that Hera had him do to level up were meaningless and useless tasks. She made him do things like stack up blocks and knock them down, dig up holes and fill it back up, turning a coin back and forth, these types of menial tasks….

At the very least, all the tasks he had to complete since now has been things like this, so it was kind of ingrained in him.

Moreover, even Hera has mentioned that these were repet.i.tive “tasks”.

So he thought that raising his level was essentially repeating useless type of work.

But the thing he was doing just before was something he did not consider meaningless, it was the thing most distant from the word meaningless.

Writing the names of the girls he loved and confirming the feelings he had for them. At least he was getting some kind of satisfaction from doing the act.

Certainly when he considered it calmly, the fulfilment he earned from writing down their names in the note and the fulfilment he felt when doing the repet.i.tive laborious work was similar (he did not want to admit that it was practically the same).

Nevertheless, the fact that the act led to his level up insinuated that it was a form of meaningless and useless work. From his point of view, getting angry was a natural thing.

「Uuu….. Taiyou-chan I felt a murderous intent desuyo.」

However, when he thought about it calmly, Hera (probably) did nothing particularly bad either. She was only acting faithfully based on her own instincts and she also kept her word to keep quiet when other people were around.

Not only that, when Taiyou was swatting her away, even though she was tearful she always seemed to come back to his side obediently.

Seeing her appearance like this, Taiyou felt a slight tinged of guilt.

「….. My bad」


「I was really irritated before, but now I’m reflecting on it.」

「Is that why you are speaking like this nanodesu~?」

「I’m being serious, that was my bad.」

Saying this, Taiyou lowered his head towards Hera. Unable to antic.i.p.ate this development in the slightest, Hera panicked a little.

「W-Wait a minute Taiyou-chan! What are you doing? Please raise your head~」

「I’m sorry, please forgive me.」

「I understand desu, I will forgive you~. I’ll forgive you to the extent of me trying to speak out very difficult kanji words! So you can raise your head now Taiyou-chan!」

「Is that so? Thank you.」

Taiyou raises his head and seeing that Hera became relieved.

「Fuu, that was surprising desu.」

「I’m truly sorry.」

「It’s alright, I only exist for your sake Taiyou-chan. I will do anything for Taiyou-chan, besides, it’s alright for Taiyou-chan to do whatever he wants to me desuyo~」

「…… Thank you.」

「Yes desu. Ufufu.」

「What happened?」

「I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m really happy when you said “thank you” desuyo~. If I can hear those words from you, I wouldn’t even mind it if I kept being swatted until the very last ounces of my HP desu.」

「The last ounces of your HP? Don’t tell me, are you saying that you can actually be killed?」

「Yes desu. Didn’t I tell you before Taiyou-chan? I can only be killed by you Taiyou-chan.」

「Ahh, now that you mention it, I do remember hearing something like that from you. Was that really the truth?」

「I can not tell lies to Taiyou-chan desuyo~」

Hera speaks in a joyful manner. She always speaks in a roundabout way, but somehow the words she spoke just now had a completely different feel to Taiyou.

「Is that so? Well then, let me just recollect my thoughts and then would you mind showing me the results of the level up?」

「Yes desu, in that case, here it goes~」

As soon as Hera finished speaking, a torrent of numeric figures rushed through Taiyou’s brain. Numbers he was used to seeing continued to flow through.

「Did agility finally exceed 30…? Eh, hasn’t strength gone over 100?!」

「Yes desu, as expected of Taiyou-chan. Being at level 12 and having strength over 100, you are like a grizzly bear’s senpai aren’t cha~?」

「Isn’t that a total balance breaker…..」

Taiyou opened and closed his palms whilst looking at it. As s.h.i.+rokiyami has pointed out, nothing really changed about his physical appearance and it did not seem like he was someone with any sort of overwhelming power.

「Should I try measuring my grip strength?」

「You can also do the bench press desu, I’m sure you will be able to lift more than 190 kilos~」

「I may even be able to become an a.s.sa.s.sin if that’s the case.」

「Isn’t it a little different from that desuka? 」

「Well I’m still the same person inside so it’s alright.」

「Oh, I see nanodesu~」

Exchanging a Hera-like conversation………. He was confirming his newfound abilities. Just how much more explosive can his strength be now that it’s gotten up to this point was something that he wanted to test out sooner or later.

After a while, the door opened with a click.

Two women showed up from there. The first girl was the familiar young looking old lady and the other was a face he had seen for the first time.

The woman who came in after Kohaku was a female in her 50’s and she was elegantly dressed in a tailored kimono. Her spine and backbone were still tensely upright, and she gave off this feeling of grace.

「I’ve kept you waiting nojya. Hanaeda, this is my husband jya.」

The two women were standing in front of Taiyou and Kohaku was introducing him to the woman. Taiyou panics and stands up in a hurry, even though this was their first meeting, her appearance looked like an elderly person and because of this he bowed his head to show respect.

「Nice to meet you, I am Natsuno Taiyou.」

「It’s my pleasure, my name is Iwas.h.i.+ro Hanaeda. It is my honor to make your acquaintance. Please raise your head.」


After saying this, the three people started to sit down. Taiyou sat at his former position, Kohaku sat by his side. Hanaeda sits on opposite side facing the two people.



The two women raise their voices at the same time. When he was confused at what occurred, he noticed that their gaze was gathered at the same spot.

The thing they were looking at was the memo Taiyou had written in just until a while ago. In it was the names of various women, naturally Kohaku’s name was also in it.

「Just like Kohaku-sama has told me, he really does seem to love you from the bottom of his heart doesn’t he?」

「Of course jya, if he wasn’t such a man, I wouldn’t go as far as to trust in him.」

「I’ve started praising someone’s spouse again.」

「L-Leaving that aside.」

Since he was deeply embarra.s.sed by the topic, Taiyou hurriedly tried to change the topic.

「Did you say your name was Iwas.h.i.+ro-san? What kind of a relations.h.i.+p do you have with Kohaku-san? Since a little while ago, I noticed you’ve been calling her with the “sama” honorific.」

「I am indebted to Kohaku-sama. Although it may be presumptuous of me to say this but, I feel as though I am like her daughter.」


Murmuring out the word, he turns his gaze towards Kohaku who was next to him.

「Are you going to fancy another girl whilst your bride is right next to you, danna-sama? That’s not allowed jya, Hanaeda is like my daughter, so it would be incest if you were to fancy her jya.」

「No, that’s not the cas――」

「I’m joking jya. The thing that I wanted to discuss with you along with Hanaeda is the main reason I have brought her here.」

「The main reason…」

Having those words roll off the tip of his tongue, he turns his eyes towards Hanaeda. The woman was looking at Taiyou with a serious expression on her face.

「Then, let me talk about Pochi」She said.

Nef: KY stands for Kuuki Yomenai, which means someone who is clueless to the mood of a conversation ↩

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