Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 61

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It begins~

CSWH Chapter 61: My Training

The next day, I once again visited the Armelia Ducal House.

Incidentally, Father still had not returned from the Armelia Ducal House.

After I had returned home last night, a messenger came from the Armelia Ducal House to tell us that Father was staying over as expected.

I do think that staying over was much safer compared to forcing him to return in a drunk state, so I did approve of that decision, but……since I'll be going over there from now on to request that they teach me, it felt sort of embarra.s.sing, and made it sort of difficult to head over there……

Letting out a sigh, I raised my lowered head.

And then, I stared fixedly at the Armelia Ducal House.

There was a sense of tension as if I were about to go onto the battlefield.

The sound of my heartbeat was ringing loudly, going badump badump.

……in order to calm it down, I took a deep breath and exhaled.

No matter what I did, I simply could not get rid of this awareness that this would be difficult to deal with.

'This' being the necessary manners and knowledge for a n.o.ble, and all of the fundamental elements that are required for high society itself.

Up until now, I have averted my gaze and continued to run away from it.

I had always procrastinated on the problem, saying "right now" I "still" didn't need it.

And now, I'll have to pay for that.

After this, I will be exposing my unsightly appearance to Aurelisama, showing her that I am incapable of doing things that anyone can usually do.

However, I will have to accept that.

Because that was where my current ability stood.

……being forced to faced that I "can't" do something will surely be touch.

All the more so if it is something that is "natural" for the child of a n.o.ble.

I have only been practicing the military arts, so it can't be helped. If I just thickened my skin and went ahead with it, it'd probably be easier for me but……unfortunately, I didn't have the stout heart required to just brazen go ahead so easily.

……I am sure that is because I did not have any confidence in myself.

It was unusual. If this was about the military arts, I could perceive something that I "couldn't do" as a "chance to grow". However, when it came to manners and aristocratic knowledge, something I "couldn't do" appeared to be like a huge wall that would be impossible to climb over and my courageous heart withered.

I stopped my feet from moving forward.

And then, I once again took a deep breath and exhaled.

……don't hesitate.

My pride isn't some tiny thing there for the sake of protecting my own vanity!

……like that, I strongly encourage my weak self that wanted to continue keeping my legs at a stop.


I once again fixed my eyes on the mansion enthusiastically, and entered it like that.

"Welcome. Please allow me to guide you.

At the entrance, the butler Alf was already standing by.


"Mellice-sama, please call my humble self, Alf."

"……then, Alf. Is my Father……?"

"If it is regarding Gazelle-sama, today he will also be resting over here."

"I see……I'm sorry for my Father."

"Please, do not mention it. Our Master Romel-sama enjoys himself quite a bit when Gazelle-sama is here after all."

"……I see."

As we spoke about such matters, I followed his lead and entered a room ahead of us.

"Welcome, Mellice-san. Let us begin our manners training at once."

"……before that, Aurelisama. Thank you very much for looking after my Father yet again today. In addition, I look forward to your guidance and support from today onwards."

"It is find. My husband is enjoying himself after all…….rather, I feel rather apologetic that the busy Gazelle-sama is keeping him company. Now then, shall we begin today's training on tea parties? It will only be the two of us, but I do believe that you are more of a practical learner."

And then, the tea party began.

As I recalled the things I had learned at lightning speed for the Queen's previous tea party, I desperately drank tea while responding to the conversation.

"……it seems that you have the basic gestures down."


Her unexpected words befuddled me involuntarily.

"Incidentally, Mellice-san. What is the purpose of a tea party?"

"……is it for socialization?"

"Yes, that is right. It is very important for n.o.bles to deepen their relations.h.i.+ps. For the sake of obtaining information, as well as for the sake of creating allies when you need to accomplish something…….leaving that aside, if it was you, whom do you think would be easier to speak with - someone whose face is still, or someone who is smiling at you?"

They were very easy to understand words.

Although it was not like she was telling me that directly, that is what was wrong with what I was doing earlier.

"……the person who is smiling."


With a grin, Aurelisama made a model smile.

"The manners of a n.o.ble are complex and not only limited to tea parties, so I understand that you cannot help but focus your attention on them. When you're unused to it, all the more so. That is why it is best to make it so that even if you don't pay attention to them, your body will naturally perform the mannerisms."

As she said that, she raised her cup and drank.

Her sequence of movements were polished and elegant, flowing naturally like water.

"Incidentally, Mellice-san. Why do you think n.o.ble manners are so complicated?"


I hadn't ever thought about it.

I only saw it as complicated and troublesome.

"Manners were decided upon so as to not cause the other party discomfort. Each and every action, depending on how it is interpreted by the recipient, can even be seen as trickery. Even if you do not have any malice, if it brings about the receiver's displeasure, they could see you as having it. In order for that not to happen, throughout our long history, a certain etiquette has been decided. There are times when we must meet the upper from other countries, so it is also necessary for diplomacy."

"Is…that so……"

"Although, amongst n.o.bles there are those who wish to display their authority and sadly become extremely fixated on manners but……"

I get that, I thought as I unintentionally made a bitter smile.

Rather, up until now I had only recognized manners as being used for that purpose alone.

That was precisely why I had thought it was an unnecessarily troublesome thing.

"At any rate, there is no disadvantage in having polished manners. On that note, let us promptly correct a number of your actions from earlier."

Smiling sweetly, she laughed once more.

Even though it was a very gentle smile, as usual she gave off a pressure that said she wouldn't allow me to say 'no'.


"Then let us do our best."

And then, I spent a very rich time with Aurelisama before retreating to my room.

Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 61

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