Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 72

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CSWH Chapter 72: Father's Close Questioning

"…….it's been a while Wiel."

I returned to the Anderson Marquis territory from the Capital on horseback by myself.

And then, upon catching the Guard Corps on horseback, we headed towards my younger brother, Wiel Or Anderson's house.

Wiel was staying in a different residence from the Anderson Marquis' residence that was situated in the territory's northeast region.

"It has been a while, older brother."

Wiel was even taller than me, who already had quite a good body build, and had a slender figure, like a long and thin pole.

Due to his const.i.tution that didn't tan, his skin was white. Right now, perhaps because his condition was bad, but he appeared a bit pale.

"Your complexion doesn't look so good, are you feeling unwell?"

"No…….lately I've just been lacking a bit on sleep."

He made a bitter smile as he sat down across from me.

"Now that I think of it, it's a bit late, but congratulations."


Not understanding what he was saying, I tilted my head.

"Regarding Mellice-chan's engagement."


"It really is such an enviable matter. It'd be nice if my daughter could also get engaged to a good person as well."

My goodness, he muttered while drinking tea.

I stared fixedly at Wiel for a short period of time as he did that, but he let out a sigh and once again sipped his tea.

"……so? What's the matter, older brother? It's quite unusual for older brother to come over here."

"Is that so?"


I closed my eyes for a moment.

A heavy atmosphere flowed through the room.

"…….there was something I needed to ask you."

"What is it?"

The moment I asked that, I placed my blade at Wiel's neck.

Wiel's eyes widened in surprise, and then fearfully looked at the sword placed at his neck, and I, the user of that blade.

"……wha, eh……wh-what do…you mean by this……"

I snorted at Wiel as he stuttered in a fl.u.s.tered manner.

"I don't like to beat around the bush……..say, Wiel. Why did you attack my family?"


"Answer me, Wiel. I've already got my hands on proof that you are connected to the mercenaries."

A red line was made on his neck where the sword had been thrust at, and blood fell drop by drop, from it.

It was a situation where it seemed like I was about to cut him down……but even so Wiel gulped a breath down and laughed.

"……..could you put your blade down? Older brother."

His confusion from moments ago seemed to disappear, and Wiel showed no signs of agitation.

"Why, you ask……"

In the midst of the gloomy silence, Wiel's quietly muttered words reverberated.

"What's so strange about that?"

"You're so selfish…….older brother. As a result of doing whatever you pleased, you abandoned your duties as the eldest son. Just when we thought you left the House, you were set up as a hero, and then you shrewdly took the seat of family head……..have you ever thought even the slightest bit about me, who has been dragged around by those actions of yours?"

My sword shook with a twitch.


I briefly averted my gaze from Wiel in guilt.

"…….I've always hated you. Compared to older brother, my talent in the sword was far inferior, so I desperately pursued knowledge instead…….but despite that, the one that our parents always look at was older brother who was blessed with talent in the sword. I was happy from the bottom of my heart when older brother was expelled from the Anderson Marquis House. Because finally, everyone would look at me. All this time……I've thought that rather than older brother who does whatever he wants and just handles with swords all the time, I, who has worked hard to refine my knowledge, was more appropriate to become the family head. That time alone, I thought about working my body hard in order to further develop the Anderson Marquis House…… spite of that, the moment the war ended and older brother came home, the one who was easily thrown away was me……"


"……what the h.e.l.l was my life!? I am not a convenient p.a.w.n for older brother, nor the Anderson Marquis House! Despite that, n.o.body thought about me, and just continued to throw me around for their own convience!"

"And that is why you attacked my family?"

"Yes. I actually wanted to attack older brother…….well, as a result I got to see older brother's sad state while suffering so I'm satisfied."

My blade had drifted off a little, but I once again placed it against his neck.

"Why did you attack my family instead of me…….!"

I bit down on my lips, enduring the hatred that welled up within me.

"I didn't have someone with enough strength to kill older brother. Since only older brother's swordsmans.h.i.+p is amazing. Well…….it was supposed to be a compromise, but since I was unexpectedly able to see older brother's suffering appearance, I was extremely delighted."

In contrast to that, Wiel simply continued to answer without any care in the world.

Seeing his reaction, I was no longer able to endure it, and I swiftly brandished the sword in my hand.

……however, Wiel did not move one bit.

As if he were silently waiting for his decided fate to descend upon him, he simply stared back at me.

Gently, the wind generated by the sword touched Wiel's neck.

However, I did not move the sword any further than that.

"……the moment I learned of your deeds that was the end of you. Despite that, why have you confessed to the things that would be disadvantageous for you?"

I stopped just on the verge.

And then, I once again questioned Wiel.

"Who knows……even I don't quite understand why."

As he said that, Wiel laughed dryly.

"Since my plan was stopped halfway through, it may be because I felt vexed at that but…….I may have just been satisfied at being able to tell older brother the thoughts in my heart myself."

I drew back the sword slightly.

Wiel gazed at that indifferently.

"…….you will be under house arrest. Don't think that you'll be able to get out of prison any time in the future."

In an instant, the members of the Guard Corps, who had been on standby outside the room, restrained Wiel.

"Older brother is quite generous."

In response to that, Wiel did not show any signs of panic and laughed quietly.

And then, prompted by the Guard Corps, he stood up and walked towards the door.


On the other hand, I stood still as though I had been frozen on the spot and called my younger brother's name without looking at him.

"I will not apologize. Even if your distortion was a result of my errors, you were the one who stole away someone precious to me after all."

Wiel shrugged his shoulders as if asking what in the world I was saying at this point in time.

"……however, I love you. As family."

"Older brother really is naïve."

Wiel was taken away by the Guard Corps, still smiling.

Translator Comments:

So what did everyone think of this development? While I feel like I can somewhat understand Wiel's motives, it hardly warranted the actions that he took, but I'm curious as to what all of you think of this confession by Wiel. I dunno if this is the last we'll see of him, but his parting words sure are ominous, haha.

Common Sense of a Warrior Chapter 72

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