Monster Factory Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Man that ranking

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

To chase after perfectionism was every client’s' first choice. Of course, they also needed enough money to support it.

After completing the motion adjustment, the master artisan didn’t stop there.

Rather he doubtingly pointed out that the transmission in front of them had some problems, such as when it started, the two shafts turned at different speeds.

The transmissions turning the two shafts at different speeds naturally means wasted combustion power.

That problem wasn’t too serious. It was just like a car that had been on the road for several years heading in for maintenance. Naturally, it had all kinds of small problems, and the amount of gas it guzzled would also increase.

Some drivers know the trade and were able to tell the difference between real problems and fake problems created by the mechanic.

The chief mechanic on the s.h.i.+p was known as the Old Rails, which was responsible for all mechanics on the s.h.i.+p. He was also a true driver who knew what was a real problem and what wasn't.

When the master artisan mentioned the problem, he naturally could tell that it was going to need fixing. Of course, if the master could fix it, then that would undoubtedly save him a bunch of unnecessary trouble.

However when Ye Qing and the master artisan finally left, Kim Hunhil and Co were all in a terrible mood. It was almost like they had their wallets and savings completely emptied.

While Liu Yuanzheng was seeing Ye Qing back, he was literally thanking him all the way back, saying that when he got back from Korea, he would definitely bring some nice gifts to Ye Qing. He even asked whether or not Ye Qing had anything that he wanted to buy in Korea, and that if he did, he had it covered.

"Can you bring Yoona from SNSD over?" Ye Qing seriously asked while on the speed boat.

"SNSD? Yoona?" Liu Yuanzheng didn’t get it right away, thinking 'isn’t that a superstar?'

"Haha ~ Old Liu, don’t worry about it." Ye Qing patted his arm. This was seriously a difference in generations, even making chit chat had become this hard.

When they reached the Dragon Creek Beach, several work trucks from the electricity bureau were parked at the side of the road, upgrading the existing power lines. The metal smelting center was a true power eater, the original lines weren't even close to being able to satisfy it.

The electricians only needed to install another, thicker, power line on top of the existing lines, so it wouldn’t take too long.

And tonight would also be the night where the metal smelting center underground would be completed by the monsters.

This monster made, world best, metal smelting center, which had wasted more than 60 million in investments and materials from Ye Qing, would finally sound off its roars to the world.

If it weren’t for the metal smelting center being too mind blowing and too science fiction, then Ye Qing would definitely invite a bunch of people to celebrate the occasion with liquor, great food, and a cutting the red tape event.

5pm, the power line upgrades were completed.

8pm, the power system of the metal smelting center had been successfully installed.

Ye Qing, just like a husband waiting out side the operating room for his wife to deliver, stood in front of the ma.s.sive sci-fi like building, awaiting for the surprise that was pa.s.sing the inspections.

"Connect the power." Ye Qing clenched his fist and commanded.

The peons, with a savage roar, walked in front of the large electricity box, and connected the pure copper plug from the smelting center to the power grid.

The moment the smelting center was connected to power, the Monster Factory immediately started to beep with notifications.

Inspecting the Mixed metal smelting center (Unique)……

Ye Qing, who was already prepared for the special inspection, welcomed the mind blowing transformation before him.

A beam of light s.h.i.+ned from the sky, and mysteriously caged in the metal smelting center.

The entire underground base was completely covered in an illusion of blue.

The metal smelting center, parts solely build by the monsters exceed 60%, pa.s.sing necessary standards.

Inspection pa.s.sed!

Commencing upgrade.

Upgrading properties……

Accompanying the notifications was a beam of halo like light continuously wiping the metal smelting center with arcs of white light.

With every wipe of the arc, the ordinary steel exterior of the metal smelting center changed ever so slightly, away from being ordinary.

When the halo like light finally disappeared, line upon lines of faint runes could be seen on the surface of the smelting center’s metal exterior. The originally dark gray steel also turned to a shade of dark red; nothing was the same and ordinary about it.

Mixed Metal Smelting Center (Unique, unsellable):

Possesses the ability to process through tons of materials at a time and the ability to produce metals of all shape and sizes. With it, you now possess the core processing abilities of any heavy Industry.

Ye Qing didn’t even have time to go through the details of the new metal smelting center before he was sh.e.l.led into a complete daze by all the notifications from the Monster Factory.

First was the Monster Factory’s rapid rise in the local rankings. From 200 some position, straight up to number 17. The industrial index also broke through the 50,000 mark; meaning even more disguise uniforms can be bought.

World ranking 200,000 some spot.

But locally ranked 17……

Meaning with 7 more spots, the Monster Factory would be able to level up to level 4.

Opening up the rankings, all the other 16 industries in front of the Monster Factory sounded familiar to the ear, and undoubtedly they were​ all worth at least 200 million each.

Huaxing Heavy Industry, which was ranked at number one, was a monster with data that is the sum of all the other companies in the top 5 combined.

Their industrial index had already exceeded 20 million, ranked within the 5000s on the world stage. Sadly, with that high of an index, they were still lacking the ability to use all the glory that came with it; unlike the Monster Factory.

However Ye Qing felt like those glory points had already lost their value.

Currently, the Monster Factory could only support 40 monsters, which included 4 raging miners who couldn’t wear the uniforms. With the rest of the 36 monsters, Ye Qing felt like even if he gave them all 10 sets, he still wouldn’t be able to use all of it.

Once the number exceeded the needs, then it became just numbers.

The glory points were also like this. The uniforms worn by the monsters, when they returned to the Monster Factory, no matter how stained they were, it would again reappear as if new. There was no such thing as breaking them.

Ye Qing vaguely recalled that when the factory leveled up to level 3, there was a notification talking about how the glory shopping center only had 1 type of product for sale right now.

Most likely, when the factory leveled up again, there would hopefully be other products to buy.

A tools market, and a glory shopping center.

Were all r.e.t.a.r.dedly overpowered existences. The tools market offered all kind of tools that could be built in real life, but clearly their quality was just much superior.

As for the glory shopping center, it straight up offered things that didn't exist and couldn't be made period.

Several other notifications, after Ye Qing closed the rankings, were all talking about the glory shopping center.

Opening the glory shopping center, a single message, literally sent Ye Qing sky high.

Congratulations for acc.u.mulating more than 50,000 glory points. The lottery system of the glory shopping center has now been unlocked.

Every draw of the lottery cost 10,000 glory points. Anything drawn can only be used once. Cannot be lost or sold.

A small and exquisite lottery wheel appeared in the screen. Very similar to the lottery system from the very beginning.

It was just that within the lottery wheel, were a bunch of familiar products.

12 slots, containing camera, flashlight,, suit, watch……

Everything here, if you only looked at their exterior, then you wouldn't see any difference.


Ye Qing knew, the stuff in the slots, all have their hidden strengths.

Because a disguise uniform only cost 100 points, yet these items cost 10,000 for a chance, a chance to win.

At the same time Ye Qing finally realized, that everything that can be repeatedly bought in the glory shopping center was all aimed for the monsters.

Although right now it only had a set of uniforms, and the lottery was only for him, where he couldn't even think of winning another one once he had gotten one, and it was a unloseable product, only useable by himself.

Just what kind of strange and miraculous abilities did those everyday products have?

If it was a camera, then Ye Qing could understand, as it was an electronic product, so if it has some strange ability then it wasn't that strange. It was just the suit thing, no matter how Ye Qing thought, he still couldn’t figure it out.

Perhaps you to turn into a monster when you wear it?

Monster Factory Chapter 106

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