Monster Factory Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: A bottomless pit

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Creating the memory alloy hull only took 20 minutes, yet installing it took the peons more than 2 hours.

That efficiency……

Guess that was the kind of speed at which the New Ports s.h.i.+pyard operates with, otherwise how the heck were they able to build all those carriers.

Ye Qing did a count of his current a.s.sets. The bank card received around 50 million in the past couple of days, and taking away all of the capital invested, his profits were exactly 50 million. (Tl: Where's the change d.a.m.n it?) (ED: You might have to stick your head deeper down Ye Qing's deep pockets to hear it.)

Money naturally needed to be spent to be considered money. Currently the majority of the work being done at the the Dragon Creek Beach factory was completed by hand by the monsters. This obviously took must of the monsters' time, so Ye Qing felt like he must do some automation upgrades to the factory to free up some of the monsters.

Of course, with the tools shopping center in hand, all the small equipment necessary could be conveniently bought.

All Ye Qing really needed to do was buy all the needed materials, and those huge pieces of equipment not available in the tools shopping center yet.

Just when Ye Qing was about to go on another shopping spree, he got a call from General Manager w.a.n.g.

Yeah, it was the guy who sold him the pressure press and electric furnace. He informed Ye Qing that his credit card was here, and asked where he was, as he was going to personally deliver the package.

"Don’t worry, I’ll come pick it up." Having hung up, Ye Qing could hardly contain his excitement.

The ICBC AE Centurion credit card was one of top ranking credit cards in the country. With this card, not only would everyday life become more convenient, there was also the face a.s.sociated with owning one.

After driving to the local HQ of the ICBC, picking up and setting up the card, Ye Qing had finally joined the the rank of credit card users.

Of course, different from all those credit debtors, Ye Qing’s​ finances were much more robust. His first credit limit was already one of the best in the world, but even if he were to hit the limit ten times in a row, he would still be able to pay off everything on time.

Sitting inside the Lagonda, Ye Qing carefully examined the exquisitely designed card, and had an uncontainable urge to go splurging.

The initial limit on the card had been set at 2,000,000. Generally a credit limit was determined by the user’s spending habits, so it could be a billion or it could be absolutely nothing.

Having not used a card before, there was no real good way to a.s.sess the limit, so Ye Qing straight up wired 50 million onto the card.

And all that was left was to buy buy buy. First stop, the machine exchange market to buy more 5 axis CNC lathes.

Many of the parts used in the mechanical engineered chairs needed the precision levels of the 5 axis CNC lathes.

The tools shopping center didn’t currently offer 5 axis CNC lathes because those guys were just as big as a newspaper stand. However, this time, Ye Qing wasn’t prepared to buy any domestically made equipment at all. The precision levels necessary for making the chairs were just too strict, and during the process of creation there existed the need to swap out for multiple different kinds of blades.

Hence the more comprehensive its abilities were, and the more automated it was, the more monster power Ye Qing could free up.

To be completely honest, the industrial strength domestically could create these 5 axis CNC lathes. However, no matter if it were in ability or precision level, it was miles behind their foreign counterparts.

Furthermore, in the field of mechanical automation, the difference between domestic and foreign products was simply drastic. Yet the difference came from the amount of time spent developing and researching. The country so far had only been industrialized for several decades, in comparison all those western nations had at least a century to develop their technologies.

In a regular factory any experienced worker could oversee multiple domestic CNC lathes at the same time.

If the lathes were to include blade storage units, and automated blade change systems, then a single master artisan could completely cover 10 of those machines.

So the more CNC mills available, the less work the monsters had to do.

It cost roughly two million a pop for a German made DMG 400 series lathe and its a.s.sociated blades. Ye Qing straight up bought 20 of them, but there were only 3 in stock within the entire Zhongyun region, so the rest need to be s.h.i.+pped in from other areas.

Totalling up to 40 million, the dealer was delighted beyond speechless, and continuously guaranteed that he would have the ones in the region delivered by tomorrow.

Having swiped his card, Ye Qing lazily sat down in the rest area, and called the Centurion support staff to request for a temporary limit increase.

The one who picked up was a girl with a wonderful voice. Moreover, she was Ye Qing's private support servicer, available on call 24/7.

"Good afternoon Mr. Ye, how may I help you today?"

"I need a temporary credit limit increase." Ye Qing looked at the shopping list in his hand, all the stuff on there added together still needed about another 30 million.

"Mr. Ye, may I ask how much are you looking for?" The customer support girl was sweetly asking the question. Moreover, Ye Qing could guarantee that this girl could definitely speak multiple languages.

"Is 100 million possible?"

The other side was silent for a bit before the girl came back on with some stutterers: "Mr…… Mr. Ye, I…… I noticed that you wired over 50 million earlier, and now there remains 12 million after all your expenditures."

"If I may ask, what do you plan on buying with this 100 million?"

"Whatever I see fit. So can I get this 100 million limit?" Ye Qing felt this was super fun. This girl’s weak replies had Ye Qing feel as if he was somehow bullying her.

"I’m very sorry Mr. Ye, but due to you possessing the card for only so long, our system can’t provide a detailed estimate, so I need to report this to my managers and have them do the estimates."

"Sure, roughly how long?""

"10 minutes. I’ll call!"

Without missing a minute, Ye Qing’s phone rang 10 minutes later. Still the same girl, who in a very sorry tone, informed Ye Qing that his credit limit had been increased to 20 million.

Well 20 million was, with the 12 million on the card, just about enough. If it was really not enough, then down payment first, and then clear the rest later when everything arrived.

It was just that the girl was apparently obsessed with apologizing. Not only did she personally apologize, but also apologized on behalf of her entire service team on how their service wasn't up to par. What’s more she even apologized on behalf of the ICBC to cement her sincerity.

This service att.i.tude……

Ye Qing could only give it a perfect score, but sadly that wasn’t possible at all. Hanging up the call, Ye Qing turned to challenge the metals market, and literally emptied out all his credit.

So good. Now not only was he penniless, he also owed the bank 22 million.

Naturally it was all worth it. Yet, after completing all these mineral transactions, Ye Qing made another trip to an agency to have them help his factory register a level [Metals Research Laboratory] and a [Mechanical Drive Research Facility].

As the factory expanded, Ye Qing of course needed to keep up with the pace of time, and spread his advances into every possible sector. If he wasn’t able to produce a single research brand at all, then when he kept on coming out with endless revolutionary products there would definitely be a lot of problems and questions waiting.

Before Ye Qing asked an agency what were the requirements for getting a research facility approved, and the answer he got was that no matter whether it was only levels, his factory still needed to meet certain thresholds.

The size of the factory at the Dragon Creek Beach, excluding the underground base, now definitely met the requirements for getting at least the first level research designation.

When the research names had been approved, then all Ye Qing needed to do was make some random advances, invite a couple of professors to hang their names, and then he will have met the requirements for registering for provincial level laboratories.

In a couple of days, when he had money again, Ye Qing was set on buying out the entire region of the Dragon Creek Beach.

Which includes the sea, and the hundred some hectare of barren hills. The barren and resourceless region, had no development value at all, so naturally the price of the land was going to be cheap as all heck.

At 5 pm, Ye Qing returned back to the factory feeling a bit tired.

But before the Lagonda even pa.s.sed the gates, Ye Qing shockingly found twenty some speed boats lined up in a long line as they headed straight for the factory docks.

Monster Factory Chapter 112

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