Monster Factory Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Gathering of crows

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

If Ye Qing had heard that, then he would have oh so definitely told him that the real value of those trees were way higher than gold.

Outside of the main gates of the exhibition gallery, Wen Xiaowei and Xiao Jun were both nervously pacing back and forth at the top of the stairs, just like how they were when their wives were delivering for the first time.

This night could be said to be the last struggle in the long, grueling war.

If it was successful, then there would be​ the reputation as well as all the profits.

If not, this would go down as an international joke. For the next several days, every piece of newspaper and reporting station would all be talking about this catastrophic failure.

No matter if it was during everyday living or during work, accidents were unavoidable. It was also these accidents that promoted individual creativity and ability.

To prevent any more accidents from happening, Wen Xiaowei was putting most of his expectations in Ye Qing, but had also prepared the needed 300 pillars just in case.

However, when Ye Qing’s train of trucks arrived under the escort of police cruisers, Wen Xiaowei and Xiao Jun, from the top of the stairs, under the bright lighting of the park, clearly saw the metal trees on the truck beds.

Their hearts that had been misplaced for the past several hours suddenly returned to their original positions.

The metal trees in front of them were basically the finest and most unique metal constructions they had ever seen. With just one look, it was as if the metal trees were alive and would be able to bear mysterious fruits in the fall.

These G.o.dly, constructed metal trees were cleverly integrated with this year’s exhibition.

Wasn’t this for new innovations? For new technical advances?

This would now be one of the major features of this exhibition.

"Tomorrow at 9 AM, is when this year's annual international exhibition opens its doors to the public." Wen Xiaowei, just like making a morale raising speech, spoke to the 500 plus technicians from all the partic.i.p.ating companies.

"Hence, by 9 AM tomorrow, we must and will welcome every guest from all over the world with an all brand new gallery."

8 AM, when the last batch of construction workers left the gallery, the main pa.s.sage to the exhibition park was also successfully cleared out.

Iveco vans and container trucks drove and parked into the parking lot one after another.

On those large vans were station signs of all kinds of TV stations. Some even had the roof of the van modified to contain all kinds of satellite antennas and receivers.

Cathay Television interview car, Phoenix Television interview car, Technology Channel interview car, Southeast Television Network, and many other familiar television stations appeared.

Apart from these, many internet news sites also sent over their interview teams. The interview teams sent by Tencent news, Iqiyi, Youku, A site, and other large scale news sites were also luxuriously matched.

Many foreign news stations also made an appearance. Due to Shanghai being one of the world's financial centers, almost all worldwide news services had reporters stationed here long term.

A van with the marks of Zhongyun Television station parked near the Lagonda. When the doors opened, two beautifully dressed girls with light makeup exited, each with a microphone.

Closely following were two cameramen with their cameras, and a professional photographer carrying all kinds of cameras.

When compared to all those other large news networks, the crew from Zhongyun Television station was clearly much poorer and weaker. They didn’t even have satellite communication equipment installed. If they wanted to send back the news, then they must rely on the exhibition's public wireless network.

At 8:40, a press release would be held inside of exhibition gallery by the government and some of the major attending companies to quickly explain to the reporters and television watching guests the major theme of this year's exhibition as well as what everyone could expect in the coming three days.

Being the saviour of this year's exhibition, Ye Qing's Monster Heavy Industry was also invited to the press release.

Wen Xiaowei, wanting to curry as many favors as possible, wanted Ye Qing to make an appearance and help advertise his own company.

However, Ye Qing was seriously too sleep deprived, so despite wanting him speak in front of all these reporters, he wasn't even going to risk it without at least a prepared speech.

What if he were to misspeak, then he would definitely become famous for all the wrong reasons.

So Ye Qing ran off to his Lagonda for some catch up sleep. In addition, he set his alarm to go off at 10. By then all the visitors would have already entered, and his 'espionage' with the 3D camera would be even more successful.

The two reporters sent by Zhongyun Television station were the two most beautiful girls they could muster. One was called Yu Fei, and the other was Wu Xiaoya. When the two got out of the van, they immediately recognised the nearby Lagonda.

A zhongyun plate number, and the unique Lagonda.

Yu Fei who first found it, immediately called out to Wu Xiaoya: "Xiaoya look. Isn't that…… Isn't that……"

"That friend of Bai Dou'r's!" Wu Xiaoya immediately recalled the owner of that car. Being able to find some familiar face this far away from home naturally had them delighted. Although they weren't very familiar with Ye Qing, at least they were with Bai Dou'r.

Seeing the slight gape in the window, and the shadow of someone inside, they hurriedly walked up for greetings.

When they got there for a look, they found that Ye Qing was in deep slumber with the seat going all the way back.

"Wow he can really sleep. Errr…… Let's not disturb him shall we?" Yu Fei whispered.

"En!" Wu Xiaoya nodded. Just as they were about to leave, she sudden remembered something, pulled out her cell phone, took a picture of Ye Qing from the finger thick gap in the window, then sent it to DouDou in WeChat saying ' DouDou, we met your boyfriend.'

Very quickly, DouDou replied: "We're BFFs! What you guys are doing is spying!" with a row of angry emoticons.

Wu Xiaoya and Yu Fei laughingly ran off.

8:40, inside the reception hall of the gallery, the pre opening press release was about to start.

Wu Xiaoya and Yu Fei sat in the last row. Although Zhongyun Television station was getting some good ratings in the past few years, they still couldn't compete with all the big international stations. Hence, they could only act like a bunch of newcomers from beginning to end, so being able to attend the press release was already a win, hence what more could they do?

15 minutes after the beginning of the press release was the time for questions from all the reporters.

As soon as the speaker finished speaking, the anxiously waiting reporters all immediately raised their hands as high as they can.

Wu Xiaoya and Yu Fei also raised their hands, however, everyone knew the underlying procedures with who does the asking, as they had already been prearranged. With only five short minutes for questions, naturally the opportunity goes to the influential international stations, as well as famous domestic stations.

The first picked to ask was a reporter from j.a.pan's Nippon TV.

The reporter was a male who stood up and asked in fluent mandarin: "On the internet, we found that the gallery suffered a large scale accident yesterday."

"Can you clarify whether or not this rumor is true?"

The one responding to the question was park manager Song Feijun, who was well versed in answering televised questions.

"Yes, it's true." Song Feijun graciously admitted. Right now was the age of the interwebs. At the time there were tons of people from many partic.i.p.ating companies around, so there was no way to contain this piece of news.

Any accident, after careful explanation, would no longer be an accident.

Hearing Song Feijun's admission, the reporters immediately started to take notes. Nippon TV's reporter continued to ask: "Since the exhibition is still following the schedule today, does that mean the damage has already been fixed?"

"Yes everything has been fixed. Although a day's time might seem short, but with the ever increasing advances in technologies, a day's time allows us to do a lot of stuff."

The next reporter to ask was from NBC.

"According to the provided information, due to time constraints, your side could only use several hundred metal pillars to reinforce the gallery. May I ask if this is true?"

"Yes, we did take reinforcement measures." Song Feijun smiled profoundly. Yes, they had prepared steel pillars, but whether or not they had used it was another matter altogether.

When the pillars got to the gallery it was already 3 in the morning. Adding on the fact that the construction works afterwards were all kept under wraps, hence who knew what happened after.

Continuing on with answering questions from a dozen or so reporters, the five minutes for questioning quickly came to an end.

All the reporters hurriedly got up and rushed out like a swarm of bees. The exhibition gallery suffered an accident yesterday, and could only helplessly employ steel pillars as temporary reinforcement measures.

Wasn't this the explosive kind of news that every reporter dreamt of reporting?

Immediately, they needed to film exclusive footage of the gallery as quick as they could, taking the opportunity before any guests had entered, then add on details describing the pillars as how abrupt and how ridiculous they were.

And change this China's science and technology exhibition into a ridiculous steel pillar exhibition.

Monster Factory Chapter 119

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