Monster Factory Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: The innovation award

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Whether or not a man was charming, generally began with whether or not he had the money to back himself up.

This doesn’t mean that money equals girls 24/7, as real girls wouldn’t be moved with only money.

Looks, talents, adaptabilities were all a.s.sessable criteria for men. However, if they had all of that plus an unexpendable amount of money, then wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

If there were a couple extra O'Neal sized bodyguards on the side, for example, like Ye Qing did right now, then don’t mention gals, all intelligent creatures would pay attention.

Since there was still some time before the 7 PM premiere, Ye Qing made a convenient trip to the car market on Construction Rd.

Currently Hulk One and Hulk Two weren’t licensed yet, so he could only call the truck drivers over for help. For people of Ye Qing’s age, no matter how much money they had, there was no way they would like to be in the same car as their subordinates and tossed around like a dummy.

Young people must have the apt.i.tude of the young. Bodyguards? Sure. However, there was no way that Ye Qing would have two bodyguards at the front while he was at the back flirting with girls.

So as soon as Ye Qing arrived at the dealers, he immediately filled in the paperwork and paid four million for a brand new Benz G-65.

This kind of rigid, tough looking SUV, was perfect for bodyguards to drive, and when Ye Qing was bored, he could also take it out for a spin in the ‘wild’.

Although most high end cars could be ordered to be custom designed inside, which also applied to this Benz G-65, but no matter how much money was spent on it, it still looked pretty much the same. Thus, Ye Qing only had one requirement when buying: it needed to be in his hands by 5 PM.

"There are still some at our main office in Shanghai. I’ll have it here by 4." The sales manager, as soon as he saw Ye Qing’s black credit card, nearly had his eyes pop out, and hurriedly said that if it wasn't there by 4, he could smack him around as much as he wanted.

Ye Qing, while there, purchased another Benz S-600I, for his dad.

After paying for the two cars, Ye Qing received two texts. One, charges for the texts. And two, credit limit increases to his card.

‘Benevolent Mr. Ye, h.e.l.lo. Because you're one of our valued private clients and a possessor of American Express’s Centurion card, due to your spending abilities, we have raised your hard limit to 10 million, with an extra 50 million floating limit. We thank you for your patronage. ICBC.'

"60 million?!" Seeing this, Ye Qing was completely delighted.

As long as it was a company, there was no such thing as not asking banks for loans. It was just that those loans were very tedious to get, as there were product inspections, land evaluation, approval, and so on.

A credit card was just like getting a loan, except it had a payment period of only a month. However, there was no interest nor fees, which was what Ye Qing needed.

After he finished at the Benz, Ye Qing then went to GMC for a look. However, there were only two kinds of coaches available and each priced at a bit over a million, which to Ye Qing just felt too d.a.m.n cheap, so he decided to put it off until he had taken a look of the shops in Shanghai.

Having finished his shopping trip, he then went back to the office for a spin.

Right now, the interior of the office basically did a complete makeover. No longer was it bare and devoid of people. With the just hired 300 some workers, currently the entire floor had been basically separated into 6 different departments, each with their own manager's office.

There were also another hundred some labourers underground in charge of packaging the mechanical engineered chairs and the engravers.

His own office was at the very back, with a wall of gla.s.s, able to clearly see everything going on down below.

This was only temporary. Later when he actually had the money, he was either going to buy out an entire building, or better, build one.

Just as Ye Qing sat down in his seat, there was already a knock on his door.

It was the just hired advertising manager Yang Baihe. She, apart from being a bit flat, was gorgeous however you looked. This was probably the most common problem faced by all female dancers.

Ye Qing asked her what it was.

"President Ye, we're on TV! We’re on Dragon TV!" Yang Baihe cheerfully yet reservedly said: "Quickly look, they’re talking about us right now!"

"Okay ~ got it." Ye Qing replied as he remained stone faced.

"President, this is Dragon TV! It's a nationwide broadcasting station!" Although she had only been here for a day, the familiar faces, along with her boss being her senior, had her feel like she was back in university again; familiarities everywhere.

During school, Yang Baihe never even heard of the name Ye Qing. So naturally Ye Qing appeared to be more mysterious, and totally not like those flamboyant, grandiloquent guys,

"Xiao Yang, this is only an interview shoot from a TV station." Ye Qing still appeared to be calm and collected, but he was all happy inside.

These previously locally famous juniors, which were now all his subordinates, upon hearing his words, their expressions told it all. Admiration. Admiration for him, and admiration for the strength of Monster Heavy Industry.

This was the indescribable feeling of being a legend.

Naturally of course ~ Monster Heavy Industry being broadcasted on Dragon TV made Ye Qing happy, but it was only happy.

For Ye Qing, who had been in much bigger scenes previously, what was there to be excited about?

Unhurriedly getting onto Dragon TV's official online stream, yet in the end with one look, he immediately sat straight.

Within the screen was an award ceremony like scene. A man and a woman stood as host and hostess, except this award ceremony wasn’t for super stars, rather it was one for all of the partic.i.p.ating products in this year’s exhibition.

Illusion’s VR, Changwei's 3D curved TV, Huawei’s smart cat, and Monster Heavy Industry’s mechanical engineered chair……

This was the scene from this year’s most innovative award ceremony. 10 products were selected by the exhibition hosts, then the live crowd present voted for who was the final winner.

This was an honor, as well as a golden cover for the winning product.

The screen continued back and forth between the award ceremony and the reporter, yet the reporter was just introducing the Monster Heavy Industry, saying that they were the company with the highest number of products entering the compet.i.tion at two.

Those beyond marvelous alloy trees naturally were one of the contestants, as right now the reporter was right below the giant metal Yingke pine in the activity center saying that the pine behind him was also a product of Monster Heavy Industry.

Very quickly, everyone in the company all found out about the ceremony, and were all guessing whether or not Monster Heavy Industry would be able to win the award.

Several managers all knocked and came in to report on what they did today.

"President in your opinion, do you think we’ll be able to win this award?" The IT manager Ji Ke asked: "if only this was online voting, then at least we would be able to vote, and maybe even cheat a little."

"Generally these award ceremonies all have predetermined winners," said Kong Tao, as if he had witnessed stuff like this before: "I’m going to go on a whim here and guess that it’ll be Huawei, because they were responsible for the entire exhibition’s telecommunications. Plus they were also one of the leading tech giants domestically, so the innovation award is definitely theirs."

"But we've got two out of the ten possible choices, so why can’t it be us?" Yang Baihe asked.

"Because they’ve already been predetermined to be either Huawei or Xiaomi."

Monster Factory Chapter 131

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