Monster Factory Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: It’s starting, it’s starting

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The entrance was covered in people. Even the parking lot were filled to the brim.

Ye Qing took a spin inside and finally found two rare parking spots with some work.

The spot was right in the middle of a bunch of super cars like a GTR, a Porsche 911, and a Benz SLK 280. However, those were all only beginner super cars, the most expensive one was an Audi, but it didn’t even make up for half of his bodyguards' ride.

When Ye Qing and DouDou arrived at the entrance, a ma.s.sive poster was hanging from the center of the hall.

It was for Xu Ninggong’s newest movie, [Past Love].

In the trailer, Xu Ninggong starred as a high schooler, while the leading male was smart and good looking, yet poor. He stealthly fell in love with her and didn’t think that she also stealthly fell in love with him as well.

It was just that the male lead was poor to the point of not even being able to afford breakfast. The several times he actually gathered the courage to approach her, he would always give up in the end due to his empty wallet. In addition, how could he ask her out when he couldn’t even afford a bowl of hot and sour soup? What? Was he going to hope for her to pay?

Thus, he could only go to the place she always goes, sit there with his bun and preserved vegetables, and daydream.

The poster had pictures of eight different actors. Right now many of the to be audience members were ignoring the security blockade and pulling out their pens to sign the poster.

Ye Qing also brought a pen as Xu Xiaohu had asked him to help him get a signature since he was busy with the exhibition, so naturally Ye Qing agreed to this little task of his.

DouDou was in a sky blue flower petal dress today, and had a backpack. There were many young bystanders that were stealing glances.

Most of the people who came to watch were couples. Generally, when the male of the pair was this focused on something other than her, he would be in for painful punishment. However, they currently didn’t have the time to pay attention to their guys as they all fiercely stared at Ye Qing.

Well, who let Ye Qing be this big of an attention magnet with his two NBA like bodyguards?

"I bet this movie’s going to have a poor box office. There’s going to be many good foreign films releases this summer that people will undoubtedly watch." Ye Qing, who doesn’t like these pure romance films at all, complained to DouDou.

"Romance films are comparatively cheaper to make. If they can get 200 million in the box office, then the investors will have already made something." DouDou, seeing Ye Qing complain, chuckled: "However, the main song in the movie is actually quite nice to hear. Xu Ninggong’s song composing skills was praised to be one of the best, and I personally love her songs."

"Though I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to get a signature when this is over." DouDou said looking forward: "I’m a loyal fan of hers, and I even know how to sing all of her songs."

"I can too, hahaha ~ " Ye Qing scratched his head: "My nephew also asked me to help him get a signature. When the premier ends later, there'll definitely be a signing event, so I'm also going to get one."

When they entered the theater, Ye Qing left his two bodyguards outside.

The seats DouDou got weren't bad. Wanda Theaters didn't have something like a VIP chamber, so the best seats were basically the front row. Good for watching the people, but terrible for watching the movie.

The two seat beside Ye Qing were empty right from the beginning.

This row was most likely for all of those who got tickets through connections. When Ye Qing sat down, DouDou was even greeting some fellow colleagues.

At 7 PM, the lights started to dim.

A group of reporters were squatting on the carpet in front of the stage flas.h.i.+ng away with their cameras like mad.

A giant billboard poster slowly dropped down, then the entire audience in the theater all screamed the name Xu Ninggong.

A premiere naturally meant that before the movie begins someone needed to come forward and receive an interview from the host.

Ye Qing was still a bit nervous, since finally, after ten years, he was able to see his first love again.

Thinking about only one person for ten years generally only happens in romance clips. Ye Qing’s first love naturally wasn’t kept, as he liked and loved a couple other girls afterwards.

However, Xu Ninggong was still his first love. When Ye Qing was in grade 10, Xu Ninggong had already attended the televised national youth singing compet.i.tion. That entire summer, Ye Qing was able to watch her on China music channel.

Later, when Xu Ninggong got invited to the Spring Gala, the single [The moon helps me sleep], became the hit song for hundreds of millions of youth nationwide.

The song was entirely composed by her, so from then on Xu Ninggong’s music career soared. When Ye Wing was attending university, she had already became a nationwide idol, and was elevated to become the youngest of the empresses.

Ye Qing, even now, was still proud of himself for writing her first love letter, it was just that whenever he brought this up to anyone, they would always laugh at him for how crazy his boasts were and tell him that he was a toad looking to eat swan meat. [ED: Someone trying to get something that they can't get.]

With the pa.s.sing of time, Ye Qing also hid this in the deepest of corners, and even the fact that he was a cla.s.smate of Xu Ninggong was never mentioned again.

Of course, the dream of personally seeing Xu Ninggong was never extinguished, since after all, this was one of his childhood wishes.

DouDou, who was beside him, was obviously nervous. There were many times when she wanted to cry Xu Ninggong’s name, but after a quick glance at the stoic Ye Qing, she quickly extinguished that urge.

The first to walk on was obviously the host, but this host gave Ye Qing quite the surprise.

Because she was the director of the entire Zhongyun broadcasting station, and the purple evening dress she was wearing brought out much of her feisty personality.

"Ah ~ wait, isn’t that the director?" DouDou innocently looked at Ye Qing, because even she was surprised.

"Yup, it’s definitely your director alright, she definitely has some hidden dealings with Xu Ninggong." Ye Qing said: "Didn’t Xu Ninggong announce that she was going to attend your station’s new show? There’s definitely some catch 22s."

"I also find this strange. Xu Ninggong being an empress like figure is actually coming to our Zhongyun broadcasting station for shows. This, this kind of feeling……" DouDou covered her mouth as she tried to hide her smile: "It's just like you going to a street stall for food now."

"I've already had a ton of instant noodles as it is, so what’s the biggie with street stall foods…"

Liu Yun's hosting skills showed experience. After a couple minutes of vivid introductions, she suddenly turn the mic to the crowd and smiled: "So who does everyone want to meet?!"

"Xu Ninggong!"

The live crowd basically exploded as if they had all received an injection of chicken blood.

"Then, let us welcome Xu Ninggong!"

A ray of light suddenly lit up a corner of the stage.

What was let loose in the dark corner was a breathtaking sight to see.

The sole spotlight that was on her was just like a halo. Her long long hair that was tucked behind her ears, and that pair of moon like eyes in the darkness, made her practically heart wrenchingly beautiful.

Add on a dress of pure white and it gave everyone the illusion that she just came out of a drawing.

Xu Ninggong was just too beautiful. This point was also uncontested, otherwise no matter how good she sung, there was no way for her to reach empresshood.

Flashes came like a storm, and DouDou was excitingly clutching her chest as if she had just won a five million jackpot.

"Big brother Ye, look, it’s really her. My gosh, look how beautiful she is, she's even more beautiful in person than on TV."

Ye Qing right now was there, but not able to pay any attention at all.

On the stage, sitting in the audience. Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, he had finally seen the real person.

DouDou found the expression Ye Qing had on his face right now to be strange. Although this was the first time she was seeing her idol, DouDou would still occasionally steal glances at Ye Qing.

Seeing his expression, DouDou now completely ignored her idol.

"What’s going on Big brother Ye?" DouDou worriedly asked: "Is all the screaming making you uncomfortable?"

"No, that’s not it……" Ye Qing let out a long long sigh, then turned and seriously looked at DouDou: "During elementary school, we used to be cla.s.smates."

"It’s just that seeing her now is quite exciting, especially when during grade 4, I even wrote her……"

Monster Factory Chapter 133

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