Monster Factory Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Wait what, dragons?

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"It’s all because we’re too sudden!"

Then what other plan was there? So Sheraton it was. It wasn't like Ye Qing could split himself to receive these foreign clients at multiple hotels.

After letting Kong Tao deal with everything hotel related, Ye Qing didn’t stop either. Pulling out the alloy trees' 3D photos from the camera, he called over some designers and CAD drawers to polish them a bit and make them into a .ppt doc.u.ment for others to see.

The clients were all here for the alloy trees, so Ye Qing definitely needed to have some products on hand to show.

This was simple, all that needed to be done was pick a couple trees from the list that didn’t make it before and have the master artisans create them.

The size, of course, needed to be smaller, so that the clients could examine their details.

If this was a couple of days ago, then there was more than enough for Ye Qing to worry about. However, now all that he needed to do was move his mouth and everything else would be sorted out for him by his employees.

At 3:40 PM, Ye Qing and the managers were waiting at the highway exit for the arrival of Xu Xiaohu.

The welcoming procedures had already been prepared. When they arrived, Ye Qing was first going to make a trip back to the company after getting a better picture of what everyone wanted, then will they head to the hotel for further details.

After the pa.s.sing of 7 to 8 minutes, Xu Xiaohu called to inform them that they would be at the exit in another couple of minutes.

There was another employee waiting by the toll station, which had orders from Ye Qing to pay the toll fees for the train of cars that was coming.

The first to exit was Xu Xiaohu’s Benz S600, then behind him was a train of Shanghai plated cars, one every 200 meters.

Ye Qing flashed his far lights twice to signal ‘follow me'.

This was a train of super expensive cars. Spearing it was Ye Qing’s Lagonda, closely followed by his Benz G65 and S600. Those to be clients of his also traveled in extravagance. Ye Qing counted two Bentleys with just a quick glance.

When pa.s.sing through the city, many bystanders all curiously looked at the train of cars. These years expensive car trains weren’t rare, but having them all lined up in a single row truely was.

In addition, none of the cars had any wedding ceremony should-haves attached to them!

When the last of the train reached the main entrance of the Blue Sky Tower, the advertising manager Yang Baihe was standing there with a group of juniors welcoming these 'cash cow' clients that were from far away.

"Hi there. Hi there." After Ye Qing got out of the car, he quickly shook hands with the deep eyed foreigners. Kong Tao was also behind Ye Qing, acting as the temporary translator.

8 companies, 30 some clients. 20 some of them were actually foreigners, while the rest were translators and drivers.

Their suited up appearance were completely matched by Ye Qing’s prepared welcome party of suited males and females.

The pa.s.sing bystanders all quickly gathered for the 'chaos'. This was a rare scene and one that was easily able to make one’s blood boil. Especially Ye Qing’s juniors, who just graduated, just starting to work as white collars and were willing to go to the depths of h.e.l.l with Ye Qing.

Ye Qing also had his blood boiling. As these 8 companies weren’t small at all. Apart from Disney, there was the Compa.s.s Group, Buncey, and similarly famous groups.

The one from Disney was the executive vice president of Asia, named Neville, an American who spoke fluent Mandarin.

Ye Qing, having quickly finished his round of greetings, hurriedly ushered them into the office.

These people all lived in the world of luxury, hence, before two minutes have pa.s.sed after exiting their cars, they were already sweating bullets.

Today, Ye Qing was actually dressed professionally for once with a full set of Hermes gear. Of course, Ye Qing definitely wouldn’t be an idiot to wear a jacket in this weather. Rather, what he had on was a light grey short sleeved dress s.h.i.+rt.

Within the office, the room that would be used to receive these clients had already been prepared. The chefs from the cafeteria also displayed their knife skills by carving the frozen watermelon into moon like shapes and then adding some peeled lychee and cherries for the clients to cool off.

Ye Qing sat in the middle with Kong Tao translating from the side.

Ye Qing first had Kong Tao freely welcome the guests, and when the atmosphere was somewhat relaxed, the Compa.s.s Group representative from the European Union was the first to get to the point.

"Mister Ye, we, can only sigh at the might of this year’s alloy trees. What we want to know is, since your company can create these alloy trees, then can you create other alloy constructs?"

The representative of the Compa.s.s Group pulled out a picture from his bag. What shocked Ye Qing was what was on the picture. It was actually a coiled up, devious looking, twin horned black dragon on top of a big boulder.

"A western dragon?" Having seen the picture, Ye Qing was surprised just like everyone else: "From what I know, your company should be based around the investment sector, so why are you looking for an alloy black dragon?"

"This isn’t just any black dragon, this is the symbol of our Compa.s.s Family. Dragons, according to folklore, all love to h.o.a.rd gold and s.h.i.+ny stuff." The Compa.s.s representative painfully explained: "In several more days, we, the Compa.s.s Family, will be celebrating our family's 200th birthday, so we're looking to create a giant dragon to place in our manor."

"Just wondering, if we were to order a 10 meter long dragon, do you possess the technology and skills to do it?"

"What we want is a one piece artwork, that is completed without any welding. We don’t care whether it’s from a casted mold or from 3D printing, but what we do care is for it to have the exact same level of detail as your alloy trees."

Currently, all the clients were gathered together, so it definitely wasn’t the right time to discuss price. What the Compa.s.s Group was asking Ye Qing was whether he could do it with the same level of detail as the trees.

Yes ~

Many companies were able to create a dragon from metal, but what about the details?

There were thousands of different species of trees, each with their own unique lines.

Dragons were also the same. One without any details just looks like a dragon with no life to it, which definitely wasn’t something the Compa.s.s Group wanted.

What the were looking for was a real life representation of a dragon which could be pa.s.sed on, just like the manor.

A family which possess many riches doesn’t just stop with the pa.s.sing on of castles and manors, they also need some extraordinary works of art to pa.s.s on as well. It could be some master level oil painting, or it could be some exquisite artwork, or some suit of ancient armour.

A modern piece of metal art naturally also works, all that was required for it was to be awe inspiring and unique.

"Holy sh*t ~ You actually want me to make a G.o.dd.a.m.n dragon?" Ye Qing really wanted to ask this Compa.s.s representative whether or not he knew just how much it would cost to make it without any real works to reference?

Wanting the absolute detail meant a different mold for every single piece of scale.

Even if all the master mold makers were gathered, the result would still be lackl.u.s.ter because this was only a thing of imagination.

Then came the question, if Ye Qing wasn’t even able to satisfy the conditions of the first client, then what was there to talk about with the rest?

In the international exhibition, anyone who saw those lifelike alloy trees would doubt their existence and rather believe it was the result of magic.

So naturally there would be some technical difficulties when creating this dragon, but it was similar to making the tree. As how to create the drawings, that wasn’t something Ye Qing had to think about.

To take, or not to take: that is the question.

There really weren't many technical difficulties, it was all about how to create the drawings.

Hence Ye Qing’s deep thoughts.

Monster Factory Chapter 139

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