Monster Factory Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: The first prototype

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The automated drill bit exchange system!

A CNC machine had no way to finish some complex component with just one single drill bit.

Generally, the more milling options available to a machine, the more drill bits it had.

Those drill bits that were of all shapes and sizes naturally needed to be kept in a specialized storage area. When the need arose to exchange bits, the storage would rotate automatically, so that when the machine released its current bit, the bit would fall into an awaiting claw which would place it back into storage and the new bit would be inserted in and secured.

The automated tools exchange system for the Mechanical Colossus Ye Qing designed worked on the same principle, as in the forefront of the arms was an automatic securing system and hydraulic connectors.

The Mechanical Colossus came with a built-in toolbox in the back, so when the need arose to change tools, it was as simple as turn, place, release, pick up, and secure.

As for how to nimbly control the two mechanical arms, that was another technical problem.

However, that problem could be easily solved, since there was no way the black tech 'Artificial Mechanical Arms' came with no control system.

Above the working platform was the c.o.c.kpit. Inside of it were two support beam like control sticks. The pilot could place their arms into the control sticks and, with the support of the arms movement system, the mechanical arms outside would be able to perfectly mimic the wanted movements of the pilot.

This had already left the realm of conventional c.o.c.kpit designs, and rather looked more like the c.o.c.kpit of a Gundam.

To prevent misuse, a controls b.u.t.ton was installed inside, such that it must be pressed at all times during operations, otherwise no commands would be received by the pair of mechanical arms.

This type of control system was just a Gundam without its armour and armaments. However, there was an obvious shortfall in this design: the control system just weighed too d.a.m.n much. A regular person probably couldn’t even last 10 minutes in the c.o.c.kpit before they wouldn’t be able to even lift their arms. However, that was a problem that Ye Qing would only tackle when the prototype was completed and tested.

So, for now, only the peons were able to operate this machine effectively for any sustained period of time.

The base was much simpler to construct, as all that was needed was to install and connect a readily available diesel powered generator with a geared transmission system. Taking into account the need to climb hills and cross ditches, the base was designed to be 4×4 and used the large double tires of those large wheel loaders.

When the work platform was completely installed and connected to the base, Ye Qing, with his laptop in hand, climbed into the c.o.c.kpit of the prototype with much antic.i.p.ation.

This prototype came in at a height of 5 meters, and had an arm length of 10 meters.

With the arms retracted, it just so happened to be level with the c.o.c.kpit, so it was able to act as a temporary s.h.i.+eld for the pilot. In addition, no matter how the arm was moved, there was no way for it to touch the c.o.c.kpit because it was locked out by the control system to prevent newbies from seriously damaging the c.o.c.kpit.

The inside was completely barren with no such thing as comfort. As soon as Ye Qing climbed in, he was immediately hit with a suffocating wave of heat.

"Need an AC unit!" Ye Qing called out as he jotted it down.

The chair was currently just a piece of welded metal, which needed to be replaced with high-end electric tuned racing chairs.

With the mechanical arms retracted, although it could protect the c.o.c.kpit, it limited the field of view of both sides, so there was a need for additional side mirrors. A rear view mirror was also required when backing.

Pressing the start b.u.t.ton, the 300 KW diesel engine roared to life from below him.

The controls were super simple, only two gears, forward and backward. The braking system employed the most common braking system to date, and just like an automated car, one brake pedal and one gas pedal.

Ye Qing had the peons open the main gates and thundered the Colossus out into the yard.

Along the way, Ye Qing felt almost no vibrations coming from the solid metal chair.

No clear vibrations implied that the entire machine had a great suspension system.

Ye Qing slowly thundered out and came to a stop in front of the barren hills. After sticking his arms into the two control sticks, the mechanical came to life just like a Gundam.

Pressing down on the operating b.u.t.ton with both hands, the output from the engines nearly doubled as the two arms started to automatically move to keep in sync with Ye Qing’s arms.

Currently secured to the mechanical arms were two drill hammers. Ye Qing took a deep breath, and just like the Hulk, smashed.


Following in the wake of the movement of the Colossus and the roar from the drill hammers, the buffalo sized coral in front of Ye Qing disintegrated like it for hit by an artillery sh.e.l.l.

A left hook, and the coral's base exploded again. Pressing down the b.u.t.ton for full power, the two drill hammers on the mechanical arms immediately started to chug along like a train going full speed ahead.

The machine frame also began to visibly shake, however this much shaking was completely unable to affect the operations of the machine.

Turning the drill hammers to face the ground, the earth was literally sent flying everywhere in an instant.

*Tut-tut ~ Tut-tut*

Just like driving a pillar in to the ground, a big pit appeared in the ground.

Ye Qing, whose arms were already swore, choose to switch his tools from the drill hammers into the demolition shears.

The mechanical arms automatically rotated to the back, and with some clangs, it released the drill hammers into the tool rack and swapped in two demolition shears. With a couple quick turns, the Mechanical Colossus suddenly turned into a giant crab. Ye Qing controlled it just like how he would cut watermelons, as he proceeded to demolish the corals at random.

After getting cut down the center, a piece of giant rock was actually stuck between the demolition shears. As Ye Qing found sitting down too inconvenient, he stood up, then with a forceful spin, tossed the several ton stone towards the sea.

The stone flew over 20 meters before it splashed into the sea with a giant spray.

"Awwwwwesome!" Ye Qing let go of the controls and relaxed his sore arms. The superiority of the two mechanical arms were simply beyond imaginations. Although they were still lacking in many parts, but in the mechanical sector they were already at the limits of top-tier international industry technologies.

However, within the master artisan's eyes there was only two possibilities, the possible and the impossible.

Since it had been proven that a prototype was possible, then the 150 ton Mechanical Colossus must also be possible.

Of course, this prototype must be preserved. Ye Qing was going to first get it copyrighted, so that when the Monster Factory ranked up to Rank 4, the comfortably improved Mechanical Colossus would also be able to hit the market. By then, all those foreign excavators would all definitely go crying to their mamas.

Once Ye QIng got down from the c.o.c.kpit, he handed all the suggested comfort improvements to the master artisans.

Seeing that it was now 5 PM, Ye Qing was prepared to pay the University of Zhongyun a visit. To be more precise, to take many photographs of the coconut trees with the 3D camera.

Although the University of Zhongyun was ranked right in the middle of all national universities, its research facilities were completely comprehensive.

Not mentioning anything else, just take the tropical climate research greenhouse for instance. Although it was somewhat small, how many universities actually had one?

While on the road to the university, Ye Qing gave the a call. This climate simulated greenhouse was practically the baby of the university. Not only were there coconut trees inside, it even had many fruit trees that were constantly being missed by the students.

So, without pulling any connections, there was no way for him to even get inside the greenhouse.

Last time, when Ye Qing's company was ma.s.s hiring, the Chen Huangying and Professor Cai personally led the students, so Ye Qing was guaranteed access when asking them.

Getting Ye Qing's call, Chen Huangying was above and beyond delighted. Hearing that Ye Qing wanted to go into the greenhouse for some photographs, he was even ok with him going inside and pick until there were none left.

Half an hour later, Ye Qing's Lagonda stopped in front of the university's main entrance.

Monster Factory Chapter 146

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