Monster Factory Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: No fear

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Selecting the peons,  Ye Qing pressed the hire b.u.t.ton 7 times in a row.

When the gas clouds dissipated, 7 new peons appeared. Ye Qing who has gotten used to the summoning effects of these monsters, is sizing up these workers in front of him.

10, 1.95 meter tall, over 350 lbs, full of bursting muscles, monsters with giant tusks.

Orderly lined up in a row. This kind of view is impossible to describe.

Truthfully, Ye Qing is looking forward to bringing them with him as he goes to collect his debts.

Even if it’s those almighty debtors who not matter what, will try to escape from the debt collector, will need to immediately and obediently spit out everything they owe including the interest.

In front of a green skinned monster with tusks, there isn’t any room for negotiation.

Although, apart from Sang Qing, Ye Qing has no beef with anyone else.

However Ye Qing actually still owes some of his cla.s.smates, roughly 10,000 yuan, from a couple of days ago when he had to borrow to pay the hospital bills.

Now that he has the money, naturally he’s going to pay them back.

But this doesn’t need to be done too urgently, right now it’s best to get the upgrade rather than worry about returning the money.

Having hired a total of 10 peons, Ye Qing unlocked the ability to upgrade the factory. Without any hesitation, Ye Qing pressed Yes.

System upgrading…….1%……2%……

From the looks of things, it’s going to be at least an hour long wait. At the moment, there isn’t any stones left to carve, so Ye Qing supervised these peons to cut steel plates into machine components and to a.s.semble them into 2 more stonecutters.

The stockpiled steel in the factory is just enough to make 2 more machines. 10 peons working together, is definitely not as simple as 1 + 1 + … = 10.

This is a group of inexhaustible, unable to procrastinate monsters.

If they are each given a sledgehammer and sent out to demolish, then they definitely will be quicker at it than someone operating an excavator.

Of course, these peons can’t be used 24/7 straight like robots. They still need their rest after a day of work to recover their fatigue value.

Now that Ye Qing has 10 peons, there is no problem rotating them around in staggered s.h.i.+fts.

Making use of this left over time, Ye Qing logged onto WeChat and returned the money he borrowed from his cla.s.smates.

Ye Qing has some nice connections while at school. Previously when he called his university buddies to borrow money, many of them transferred funds over through WeChat.

However it’s just that the numbers are too small. Nothing can be done here, so Ye Qing had to ask around in his middle school cla.s.s group.

They were all separated into different in high school, and grade 12 was just too tiresome. Ye Qing forgot about most of their names and looks. However, he still kept his connections with his middle school cla.s.smates and they all kept in touch.

Within the middle school group, only two lent him money. One gave 800, while the other gave 3000. This one is also the one, out of all of his cla.s.smates, who lent him the most money.

The one who lent 3000 is a female cla.s.smate, named Zhang Zhitong.

Ye Qing is very unfamiliar with Zhang Zhitong, especially since 8th grade because they never spoke since then.

Zhang Zhitong has a no matter what they do, men will always forgive her kind of look.

However she did not give any boys a chance during all of middle school and high school.

Because Zhang Zhitong at the time loved reading novels, especially those of the detective genre which boys rarely touch.

Hence all of her cla.s.smates, including the teacher, all knew what she wanted to do in the future. And that is to be a police officer. Due to this, it was rumored that she even especially asked a well known local martial artist to be her master and teach her kungfu.

Normally students who liked to read, all have bad grades. However Zhang Zhitong is an exception.

She is genius. During 9th grade, she is already able to rent and read english detective novels from the school library.

During 12th grade, Ye Qing heard from his cla.s.smates that she even had the ambition to attend the National police university of China early.

Those university that allow early enrollment, generally are all police academies with special requirements.

Those who have the ambition to enroll early are all brave people. Because with many schools, if you fill out the early enrollment form then you’ll be accepted as long as your grade However you will rarely be able to choose another school after, even if Harvard is on the list.

The National police university of China was established before the founding of the country. It is also a sacred place for the majority of our nation’s detective wannabes. At the same time it is also the university with the highest acceptance standards in all of China.

Back then, she was the only one in all of Zhongyun whose early enrollment was accepted by the National police university of China.

Those who come in contact with SWAT members are all scoundrels or dauntless bandits. Hence due to the occupational hazards after graduation, the police academy has very strict standards when accepting new students. Especially for girls; it’s so much that it can even be called nitpicking.

Zhang Zhitong was able to be early accepted by the National police academy, mainly due to her body’s strength. Which is stronger than most boys.

If you can make friends with these kinds of people, who after graduation, are guaranteed to have a boundless future, then these friends.h.i.+ps naturally need to be treasured.

However, to be honest, if it wasn’t because Ye Qing had nowhere else to go couple of days ago, then he wouldn’t want to talk to Zhang Zhitong ever again.

This grudge, was planted during the 8th grade.

Not long after the start of 8th grade, the bikes that were parked in the school bike rack, kept on having their tires deflated for no apparent reason.

The culprits were very cunning. Even when several people from the cla.s.s were guarding, they still managed to get away.

During that period of time, many of the students were fl.u.s.tered. So much so that many of them brought bike pumps with them to school.

Zhang Zhitong, who was in the same situation as them, said after her meticulous investigation, it’s all Ye Qing’s fault.

Everyone knows that Zhang Zhitong loves to do detective reasoning and is also able to understand major english works. Which even their english teacher can’t do. Hence everyone believed her.

And what’s more, her looks, solidified her words beyond reasoning. It was even to the point where some restless adolescent youths took them as imperial edicts.

The next day, Ye Qing showed up to cla.s.s with bruises all over his face. This is because her words caused him to partic.i.p.ate in a fierce fight with several of his cla.s.smates.

Even after the “culprit” was caught, the bikes still had their tyres deflated. In the end, the school guard had to be personally involved before several drop out thieves were caught.

Ye Qing’s injustice had been cleared, and received a bbq meal from those whom he had the fight with as compensation.

But the unjust treatment Ye Qing received at the time and cla.s.smates’ contempt, were all unforgettable. Even after so many years had pa.s.sed.

If it wasn’t because Zhang Zhitong was a girl, then Ye Qing would’ve already dragged her onto the school fields, and had an all out brawl.

Since then, Zhang Zhitong was automatically listed into Ye Qing’s blacklist. Even when she publicly apologized in cla.s.s, Ye Qing only put on an act of nodding and never talked to her again.

This time, Zhang Zhitong unexpectedly lent Ye Qing money. Although unexpected, Ye Qing seriously had no choice but to accept it.

“Thank you!” 2 words. This was the only sentence that he had ever said to her in all these years, and they were all in a WeChat message.

Using the gap while the peons were resting, Ye Qing returned all the money he borrowed and called them back for thanks. Finally came Zhang Zhitong’s turn. After transferring the money, Ye Qing is still undecided on whether or not to call her to say thank you.

“Ah forget, I’ve already called the rest of them. She’s also the one who gave me the most, so it’s better call.”

Ye Qing took several deep breaths and rehea.r.s.ed countless times, before flipping through his contacts list.

In the end……

Ye Qing flipped his contact list up side down, before realizing that he never had Zhang Zhitong’s cell phone number.

Zhang Zhitong hasn’t accepted the money yet, so Ye Qing wanted to wait for her to come online and say a couple of courteous thank you lines.

Taking a look at the monster factory’s upgrade process, it already reached 68%. At this moment the iphone 4 rang, looks like someone is calling.

The number is completely strange to him. Ye Qing has some suspicion that this is Zhang Zhitong’s number.

Zhang Zhitong has probably graduated from the national police academy. So if she wanted his number, she can just casually ask one of their cla.s.smates.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing stiffly answered the call: “h.e.l.lo, who is this?”

“It’s me Mr. Ye.” A treacherous voice came through: “I’m Lie Fenjin, director of the city construction management office’s architectural design office. We’ve meet before, in that that meeting room when you showed everyone those carved curbstones.”

Ye Qing is startled. He knows who Liu Fengjin is, he was introduced at the time in the meeting room, Ye Qing gave each of them a business card. But just why is he calling me now?

“I remember, how can I forget about director Liu.”

From the rumors, this guys is quite close with Sang Qing. If it wasn’t because of the deal, Ye Qing would be unwilling to acknowledge him.

“Mr Ye are you free tonight? I booked a banquet at Tianranju restaurant, and I’m looking to meet with you, Mr Ye. It’s just I don’t know if you’re free.”

Asking me out for dinner?

Ye Qing is like a blind monk, completely lost. My business is just beginning, it hasn’t even reached the point where places that carry lots of power, like the city construction management office, need to invite him out to curry favours with him, right?

“This…… Director Liu, I already had plans tonight with some long time no see cla.s.smates” Ye Qing randomly chose an excuse to get by. This dinner is definitely not as simple as it looks.

“You must come, you must come. Mr Ye, you can bring your cla.s.smates with you. I’ll even introduce you a highly important boss .”

Liu Fengjin is polite to the point where people can’t bear with it: “Tianranju’s sea grouper isn’t available everyday. Mr Ye if you don’t come then the grouper would be wasted.”

What a serious deal. Zhongyun is situated next to the sea, so everyone here loves eating seafood. As for sea groupers in restaurants, it would cost at least several thousand. If it’s those rare ones, then being several times dearer is definitely not out of the question.

Liu Fengjin says he wants to introduce someone to him, Ye Qing can pretty much already guess who it is.

“Alright then director Liu. I’ll be there shortly.” Escaping isn’t Ye Qing’s style. In any case, even if he escaped this time, he’ll definitely receive even more invitations from Liu Fengjin later on.

Of course, this dinner definitely won’t end peacefully.

Hence Ye Qing needed to make some preparations, just in case something does go wrong.

The dinner was booked at 7 pm, Ye Qing still has 2 hours to prepare.

“Hulk One, Hulk Two, come over here.” Ye Qing rushed towards the two peons who are still working on the machines. At the same time, he also had the other 8 peons return to their cards to rest.

Hulk One and Hulk Two swaggered over while swinging their arms. Ye Qing handed over the handheld grinder to the two and told them to saw off their tusks.

The two monsters looked at each other with expressions full of reluctance. Since the boss has commanded, then they can’t not follow orders.

Their tusks are spread out like a tent. Just like the orcs in WoW, making people wonder whether or not they can pierce through armor.

The grinder span at crazy high speeds at it slowly cut off the tusks.

10 minutes later, the two tuskless peons stared at each other, seemingly on the verge of crying.

You don’t say. As soon as they lost the tusks, they seriously look just like humans. It’s just that their skin colour is different, they are really ugly and have muscles everywhere.

They seriously look like bodybuilders who have taken too many steroids.

Ye Qing had them squeeze into his commercial van, then brought them to the wholesales market on Gongren road.

The gla.s.s in the van is full of dark solar film. So Ye Qing isn’t worried about people seeing what’s inside.

Even if an accident occurs, he can always send the two back to the factory.

Having arrived at the wholesales market on Gongren road, Ye Qing found a secluded spot to park the van. Carefully locking the car, he made a beeline towards the closest wholesales store which offers hairdressing and related products.

Monster Factory Chapter 16

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