Monster Factory Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Choose Monster Heavy Industry

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing was really busy, these past couple had all been spent down in the underground base.

Below the final a.s.sembly station, an indescribable feeling came from the Mechanical Colossus X that had finally entered its final a.s.sembly steps.

For the paint, Ye Qing used the most cla.s.sic color of any construction vehicle – bright yellow.

At the front and sides, it had the logos Monster Heavy Industry and Mechanical Colossus painted in red.

Totalling in at 150 tons, the c.o.c.kpit was even specially design with a curved design to stick right to the machine and had a beautiful, single gla.s.s window. It was even able to seat two people.

If it wasn't for a call that pulled Ye Qing back out from the world of a.s.sembly, then he would definitely have waited late into the night to witness the completion of the Colossus.

Before, the underground base had no carrier signal whatsoever, so Ye Qing had the peons open a hole at the top of the hill and place an antenna that was connected to a signal emitter up there.

Now with signal in the base, Ye Qing took a look at the number: an unknown, out of the province number.

On the other side of the call, Ding Yin politely introduced himself: "h.e.l.lo President Ye, my name’s Ding Yin and I’m a movie director."

"Mr. Ding, h.e.l.lo, my name’s Ye Qing, and I’ve heard much of your famous name." Ye Qing was quite curious as he looked for a quiet place. Of course Ye Qing knew of the name Ding Yin, he had even watched many of his movies.

But why was he calling him?

"President Ye, it’s like this. Previously, I’ve ordered two 80 meter long film arms to be made, but during filming we found them to be unusable due to high wind interference."

"I’ve heard that your company was the leading expert in mechanical arms within the country. Hence why we want you to create two 80 meter film arms for us."

"But I just want to know, are you familiar with film arms?"

Of course Ye Qing was familiar with film arms. Even he himself could create these can’t be any more simple mechanical structures, which was why Ding Yin found the right person to ask.

Don’t mention domestically, even if it was internationally, in the mechanical arm sector, there was actually no one who can compete with the might of Monster Heavy Industry.

"Um… yes, we does specialize in this sector."

Ye Qing welcomingly accepted the t.i.tle first in the country, but……

"But director, the company’s backlog is completely filled. I current have no way to squeeze out time to create these two wind resistant film arms for you."

"So why don’t you call again in a couple of days."

On the calling side, Ding You, who was overseeing the entire cast crew, almost froze to death due to this bucket of cold water.

Monster Heavy Industry was actually not willing to earn this easy money and was even telling him to call back in a couple of days?

Ding Yin even had a price range in mind, yet who would’ve thought that the famous him actually got rejected.

"Hey hey hey ~ President we can talk this out."

"Um yeah, Mr. Ding, I really have my hands full at the moment. Why don’t you try again three days from now."

Ding Yin had seen those videos, and felt that the film arms they needed was basically like upgrading a bolt action rifle into a gatling gun.

At the film location, Ding Yin even jumped out of his chair: "The price is completely negotiable, President Ye, name a price."

"I’ve still got things to take care of, Mr. Ding call me again in three days."

"President Ye? President Ye?!" Ding Yin’s loud yells affected many who were next to him, even including the script reading Xue Ninggong.

Right now, when she heard the words 'President Ye', like a natural reaction, she would immediately think of Ye Qing .

"Director, what are you so anxious about?"

"Monster Heavy Industry, it’s all this Monster Heavy Industry." Ding Yin was anxious to the point of spinning in circles, and wondering if he should make another call.

"Monster Heavy Industry?" Xue Ninggong right now was seriously wondering why even the famous Ding Yin needed to beg Ye Qing for help.

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing continued to busy himself with the final steps of a.s.sembling the first ever Mechanical Colossus X.

Right now the Mechanical Colossus was in its final stages, so naturally Ye Qing didn’t have the mind to branch out.

A couple minutes later, the phone rang again. This time, from Xue Ninggong.

Currently, Ye Qing was completely focused on the Mechanical Colossus, and long forgot about the collaboration between Xue Ninggong and Ding Yin on this movie.

"Hey what’s up Superstar Xue?"

"Ye Qing, um…… Director Ding just call you moments ago……" Xue Ninggong was kind of embarra.s.sed as Ye Qing had just rejected the offer, yet here she was asking again a couple of minutes later. It was almost as if she was colluding with the director.

"Huh?" Ye Qing curiously asked: "Since when did he know that we knew each other?"

"I’m collaborating with him on the film «The Extraterrestrial Her» here in Zhongyun. I’m the lead actress."

"Hum… ok, sure sure. I got it. 80 meter long wind resistant film arm, I’ll have it on site tomorrow afternoon.

"Then, bye." As soon as Ye Qing finished, he hung up the call.

Since a cla.s.smate was asking, Ye Qing naturally needed to help out.

Of course Ye Qing couldn't bear with leaving the Mechanical Colossus X almost completed, hence why he called a master artisan to do it. There were tons of spare parts laying around, so there was no problem in completing it in one day.

The final step continued all the way till 1 AM. When the peon finally took the bowl thick gas nozzle and stuck it into the gas tank of the Mechanical Colossus, and filled in nearly 10 tons of pre-prepared diesel [ED: Not a typo, 10 tons of diesel. That's about 12,000 liters], it signaled the end of this giant construction endeavor.

When Ye Qing stood below the wheels of the Mechanical Colossus X, he couldn’t even reach half the height of the wheel.

"Ding ding ding ~"

The Monster Factory also rang with notifications at the same time.

This giant machine in front of him was worth more than 20,000 industrial points, raising the Monster Factory to rank 11 in the rankings.

The company that got overtaken this time was [Six Peak Agricultural Machinery]. They specialized in manufacturing farming tools, had more than 2000 employees, and was in total worth a couple billion.

Yet the tenth place slot belonged to [Double Capital Medical Equipment], a company with even higher manufacturing sales and tech levels.

Of course, all Ye Qing needed to do to overtake them was to make three more of these giant Mechanical Colossus Xs.

Zhongyun had many industrial companies. According to last year’s government report, there were 844 companies that broke the hundred million total a.s.set mark, and their total sales even surpa.s.sed 300 billion.

Of course this total was basically a lie. From the Monster Factory, Ye Qing was easily able to tell that there was only 500 some companies that broke the hundred million total a.s.set mark.

But this wasn’t what was important. The important thing here was that a single Mechanical Colossus X from Ye Qing was worth roughly a hundred million in sales.

When the gas tank was filled up, Ye Qing has a peon specifically go up to the top of the Colossus and place a 50,000 chain of fire crackers there to celebrate.

Ye Qing, just like in the movies with those newly built cruisers, rose one of the arms and smashed a bottle of champagne on it.

Having smashed the champagne, Ye Qing lifted his head and laughed.

Nearly a week was used in completing this monstrous construct, with the help of nearly all the monsters.

Now with it, the entire Dragon Creek Beach redevelopment project finally had an incredible helping hand. Who cared if it was rocks or hills, the Mechanical Colossus X would show them all what the steel fist of industrialization truly meant.

Monster Factory Chapter 160

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