Monster Factory Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Master artisan, I choose you!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Li Huaxing, with 100 percent commitment, went to pay a visit, yet something hilarious happened.

He was blocked outside of the gate!

Yes ~

A super slouched old man casually stated while picking his nose: “Like I care who Li Huaxing is, the boss isn’t here anyway, so wait there.”

The gate guard also stated without a care: “Our factory’s full of trade secrets, so what happens if you guys steal them?”

Li Huaxing’s bodyguard was p.i.s.sed to the point of nearly breaking. Let’s not mention that this old man doesn’t know of Li Huaxing, he even fking came up with such a lame excuse to block them out.

What secrets could your small time factory even have?

If it wasn’t because the old man gate guard seemed very uncivilized and r.e.t.a.r.ded, the bodyguard would definitely use his industrial knowledge to teach the moron what trade secrets really meant.

Fk ~

At our Huaxing Heavy Industry, even when the Premier came to visit, all those large scaled precision equipment would all try to be turned off. Even if they were pressured into displaying something by the leaders, they would still try their best to prevent any cameras from going off.

That is what trade secrets mean, alright?

Yet this guy was watching the gate from inside the yard……

Ah forget it. The bodyguard doesn’t want to spend any more effort dealing with the country b.u.mpkin.

The bodyguard was pretty p.i.s.sed, but Li Huaxing was super happy.

The gate guard old man not having heard of him was pretty normal, so naturally Li Huaxing wasn’t going to spend his time arguing with a gate guard.

But with his luxury car and bodyguard here, there was no way that the gate guard wouldn’t understand that he was here to talk with his boss.


He was still not letting him in. Then that only meant that this factory possessed many untold secrets.

Furthermore, seeing the high surrounding walls, it was clearly meant to block the view, so Li Huaxing’s naturally delighted.

The bigger the secret, the happier Li Huaxing was, hence when Ye Qing arrived in the taxi 40 some minutes later, Li Huaxing wasn’t unhappy at all.

Taking a glance at Li Huaxing getting out of the car, Ye Qing immediately recognized who he was.

With Li Huaxing’s fame, which owner in the industrial yard didn’t know him? Everyone put him as their role model and goal.

The number of times he had been on TV was even more than the Mayor. What’s more Huaxing Heavy Industry was right beside the old factory.

He was Ye Qing’s role model. As soon as he got out of the car, Ye Qing immediately went up and politely welcomed him.

It was just that Ye Qing was very confused as to why Li Huaxing was here.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome Mr. Li for coming to visit.” Ye excitedly shook hands with him, and for the first time had an urge to take a selfie to show off……

“Mr. Ye, you’re so young!” Li Huaxing politely greeted, and tried to retract his regular att.i.tude: “When I was still your age, I was still fixing bicycles on the streets. Yet, Mr. Ye, you’ve already conquered such a piece of land, and even became another mature tree-like figure in the industry.”

Ye Qing only smiled at the praise because he wasn’t clear why Li Huaxing came in the first place, so he didn’t know how to respond.

Li Huaxing’s successful history was full of amazement at every turn. He said he fixed bicycles, but who knew if he used fixing bicycles as an excuse, and rather bought parts, a.s.sembled them, then sold them.

Li Huaxing, having met countless people, naturally saw through Ye Qing’s uncomfort at all the polite talk, so he got straight to the point, and told him exactly why he was here.

“Mr. Ye, your factory is seriously full of surprises.” Li Huaxing sighed, and invited him into the Rolls-Royce to talk.

Seeing the gate still tightly shut, Li Huaxing extinguished his desire to enter and take a look. This way he could erase the suspense of coming here to steal trade secrets and take advantage of the luxury of refrigerated juice and fruits that comes with a Rolls-Royce.

Having experienced the Bentley last time, Ye Qing was no longer ohing and ahing, rather it further raised his desire to own a luxury car.

“Mr.Ye, you’re curious as to why I’m here, aren’t you?” Li Huaxing personally retrieved two sealed cigars, cut them, handed one to Ye Qing, and sighed as he lit them: “Mr. Ye, you still remember the two propellers you made for Xia Muqing?”

“Those two propellers quality and workmans.h.i.+p not only scared me, but also confirmed that there was a master mechanic working in your factory.”

Li Huaxing took a puff of the fragrant cigar, and the smoke was immediately cleared away by the circulation system: “Right now…… My Huaxing Heavy Industry is facing some difficult technical challenges. These challenges comes from our new 240 ton haul trucks, primary resulting from faulty structural design, but we can’t pinpoint exactly where.”

“I want to ask Mr. Ye to ask your master mechanic to help us surpa.s.s these difficulties.” Li Huaxing with some hesitation looked at Ye Qing: “I’m pretty sure you’re also very knowledgeable in the area of mechanical manufacturing. In our line of work, everything is linked together, as long as an experienced master takes a look, it’ll be extremely easy for them to find where things went wrong.”

“240 tonnage mining haul trucks?” Ye Qing was super envious when hearing this, as it was from head to toe a steel monster.

When Ye Qing was still little, he watched Jackie Chen’s «Last of the good guys», where Jackie drove one of these steel monsters over the protagonist’s mansion and trashed all the Porsches, Rolls-Royces and what nots, all with a single haul truck

From that time onward, those 4 wheel giant monsters, left a deep impression on Ye Qing.

That was The Caterpillar Group’s product. The Caterpillar 797 series, a whole size bigger than what Li Huaxing was making right now.

Now the question came……

Right now, the problem Li Huaxing was facing, came from their newly developed product, and without fixing those problems, they had no way to produce those products.

So should he go help by taking a look?

Knowledge about mechanics, if the master artisans said they were second, then there were only aliens who could call themselves first.

This wasn’t designing a new product, rather as long as it was a problem within the mechanical sector, it would be a piece of cake for the master artisans.

But it was just the same as when Ye Qing didn’t want to sell techs. If the master artisans helped them fix the problems, then they would definitely pull ahead.

Huaxing Heavy Industry was a leading manufacturer in Zhongyun, and was also one of Ye Qing’s must face enemies.


Helping him, means increasing the lead he has on me. But the problems Li Huaxing’s product was facing were only temporary, as there exists mining trucks that were larger the 240 tons.

Others could make it, so Li Huaxing could also fix it, it was just the amount of time needed to solve the problems.

Helping him, didn’t mean selling him brand new tech. From this transaction alone, not only could Ye Qing win a big fat check, he could also complete what every other manufacturer in Zhongyun wanted to do — become Li Huaxing’s friend!

This help was must a help!

If these problems weren’t fixed, then the advertising Li Huaxing did before was all just lies. Not only would it ruin his reputation, but also force him to pay a large contract breach fee.

Right now, the thing that Li Huaxing was most lacking in was time. Helping him solve the problem, naturally meant returns in many different forms.

Having decided to help, Ye Qing simply responded right on the spot.

Hearing that Ye Qing agreed to help, Li Huaxing just couldn’t hold back anymore, just like Gong Wei back then, grabbed Ye Qing’s hand, and used the most polite tone he could muster to ask if they could leave right away.

“No problem, let me talk to my workers first.” Although Ye Qing had the confidence, he still gave Li Huaxing a flu shot: “Mr. Li, if my master engineer can’t find the source of the problem, then please don’t blame them.”

“How could I? How could I? You agreeing to help is already going far and beyond.” Li Huaxing personally came out to open the door for Ye Qing: “I’ll sit in the front, you two can have the back.”

“Qiao Two!” Getting out of the car, Ye Qing immediately yelled for the master artisan that was right there.

“What’s up boss?” The temporary gate guard master artisan, hurriedly ran over.

“Get a set of instruments from the workshop, then get in the car with me.” Ye Qing pointed to Li Huaxing who was beside him: “We’re gonna go and take a took at what problem Mr. Li‘s factory is facing.”

Qiao Two had nothing to do right now, plus he was wearing the disguise uniform, so naturally Ye Qing called him. All the master artisans were the same anyway, so it didn’t matter who he called.

“Sure sure.” Qiao Two, without any resentment, immediately headed off to the workshop for the tools.

The tools they used were all the rare kinds, which came with some 50% increase properties.

The bodyguard who was currently opening the car door, and Li Huaxing who was about to get into the shotgun seat, were suddenly stunned.

They stopped their movements and immediately solidified their expressions.


That’s right, they swear they didn’t hear wrong.

The person who was just watching the gate, will be looking at their mechanical problems.

The gate watcher, he was seriously a gate watcher!

Li Huaxing and his bodyguard could definitely confirm this, so why was he coming with them?

When master artisan came back with the tools, and slipped into the back of the Rolls-Royce, the bodyguard’s expression changed for the worst; even worse than having eaten a fly.

He, for himself, as well as for Li Huaxing, questioned the master artisan.

But this time everything was very awkward: “Sir, do you even understand the mechanics behind a 240 ton mining truck?”

“For those low tech products, I can tell every single problem with just a glance.” The master artisan confidently said, and to specifically p.i.s.s off the bodyguard: “Tell me, what lesson is there to learn from such low tech products?”

Holy s.h.i.+t, if I can say it, then where’s the need for me to be a driver?

The bodyguard was almost p.i.s.sed to the point of wanting to drag the master artisan into a corner and give him a thorough beating.

Li Huaxing, who was beside him, visibly shook. But right now it was him asking for help, so he could only swallow his suspicions.

When they got back to the factory and had the gate watcher see what world level equipment was, and what heavy industry really meant, then Li Huaxing felt like he would be able to get his dignity and pride back.

Monster Factory Chapter 74

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