Monster Factory Chapter 184

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Chapter 184 a.n.a.lyze! Strong Purifying!

Translated by Bunny

100,000 ton press, have to wait 【Monstrous Forging Machine】produce.

Honestly right now with 10,000 ton, it is not about making satellite frames, does it need to be that good?

Final sintering forming work, have to use specialize electric oven to be finalize

High temperature vacuum electric oven!

The advantages of vacuum firing are very numerous. It is a period of time before it is put. This kind of vacuum furnace needs a large amount of foreign exchange to be imported from abroad. In Huaxia, it is to mark the key protection equipment stamping nameplate.

In those years, calculate the entire country just have only a few of these equipment.

Now, Master Craftsman based on the principle directly, with the chrome alloy silk and with the vacuum pump, oneself DIY a vacuum electric oven.

When the embryo sends in the furnace internal heating, Metal Specialist turned into the wooden puppet, stands by the vacuum electric furnace dully

The burning does not get it done in one go,these period needs to go through lowering temperature twice, once temperature till 200 degree.

The electric oven heated till it become fire brick, Ye Qing stand for a few seconds, the heat cause forehead sweating. The metal specialist stand by pasting distance of the electric oven, but still look as cool as ice…

Waited until the next day, Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, finally can carry out the final a.s.sembly work.

After the vacuum treatment magnetic generator, it was install under a circular device. After the magnetic generator installs, monster labors pick up a cooper cable as thick as several girls wrist, after connecting the device it look like a astronomy observatory.

Monster Factory Phone ringing di..di.. sound.

Under examination…

The product components, under the independent monster processing parts, over 60%, fulfill the product quality requirement.

The examination!

Process reading.

Five minutes later, this Strong Purifying Industrial Sewage Processing Equipment made and optimize by Monster Factory, finally complete!

The more complex the device, the needs of software to process it operation. Monster factory programming implementation, help Ye Qing to save lots from hiring top grade programmer,the time require to program the software.

Has completed, Ye Qing actually does not dare according to the planning new device convention, to connect the power supply to test device.

When these device is power on, all nearby electronic products will short

Naturally its power is adjustable, the minimum power can the adjustable to 50 meter.

There is an electromagnetic s.h.i.+elding sleeve outside the cable, this type of 185 square copper core cable must be prepared with a minimum length of 10 kilometers, moreover is it not one but it is three cable, only can make device work on the entire bay..

Only is these electromagnetic s.h.i.+elding sleeve cables, is value about three Lagonda money.

Fortunately after this device makes, Monster Factory rank rush toward 21st rank.

Let the Monster Labor, based on 5 meters a sections, the foam warp around the copper cable, preventing it from sinking in to the water.

The supporting equipment fibergla.s.s s.h.i.+p has not been delivered yet, Ye Qing use the plastic floating box to fixed it, after that use Heavy Truck, carries dozens tons copper-cored cable bobbin bracket, with Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, along the Mechanical Colossus push forward smooth and flat ground, move forward toward 2 kilometer away outside beach.

Three Monstrous Laborer stand on the vehicle compartment, the muscle swelling and shaking the bobbin bracket,to make the copper cable fall on the ground slowly.

Waited until the predetermined target, Monstrous Labor has used the aluminum alloy rod, Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, pushed it out to the sea several meters away.

One cable 15 meters, wrist thick pipeline, smoothly the processing device put on the sewage water, connecting it to the beach.

At the appointed time the pipeline, will collect the harmful waste in the sea water, the waste will be discharge to the seash.o.r.e.

"go go go!" Ye Qing jump up to the car, the four monster labor shout and quickly make evacuation.

Continuously running back to the nearby barren hill, Ye Qing wear the data,it detect the distance between him and device exceeded 2km, Ye Qing use the walkie-talkie call the monster labor, close the breaker.

Actually Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, does not cause any harm to the biology life. It will only aim at the harmful substance in water, it certain releases frequency of the electromagnetic wave, its ionization of the atomic belt, movement toward the device direction.

It was based on the blueprint instruction, Ye Qing felt relieved in the heart. Even the hospital magnetic resonance, giving people the feeling of radiation has the radiation and so on, if possible should stay away eight zhang distance(3.33m)

The moment the power source connected, Ye Qing subconscious felt gooseb.u.mps, could not help back two steps.

But waits for him to calm down, wait left and right, does not see the distance device start working.

Pats his forehead, Ye Qing remember that its operation panel needs to input the order…

Could not help, Ye Qing made a monster labor put on a temporary DIY life jacket, swim toward the Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, to start the operation panel.

Monster Labor set up, obey Ye Qing order, quickly swam to the sh.o.r.e and quickly ran away.

Strong Purifying Industrial Sewage Processor starts!

a.n.a.lyzing sewage!

5%…… 20%…… 70%…… 100%…

Examines the oxalic nitrile, phenol, a.r.s.enic, quicksilver, cadmium, lead, organic acid, alcohol, aldehyde and ketone, ether…

Ionizing loading range two kilometers, start operation.

The next moment, the magnetic generator power on maximum power, the sewage magnetic generator can affect two kilometer range, it release a magnetic wave invisible to naked eye, like lighting pa.s.sing through the sea surface.

The scene infront of Ye Qing instantaneously change.

Originally some dark green industry chemical sewage, its like conducted with electric, the sh.o.r.e within two kilometers radius areas chemical sewage waters, was cover with a layer of purple ray.

Ye Qing drops his jaws, very surprise watching the distant scence.

Sea surface, seabed, even the orignal shadow of the hidden reef. The entire sea, all turned into purple.

This this this!

Ye Qing thought, it become factory turned into factory distribution electric meter, it rotates like as fast as windmill.

This processing method, virtually like a dream!

However, it even left the dream behind.

Along half radius of two kilometers of polluted seawater, it was dyed with a mild purple light. Ye Qing gradually discovered that these purple right flowed as if flowed like the mercury.

The closer to the Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, the purple ray radiate stronger.


It is not the purple radiate stronger.

But it is the sea water becomes viscous, under the magnified of Data, Ye  Qing can see clearly, the sea water gradually turning into the oily equally viscous material.

These are the long term pollution of various chemical waste water harmful substance, slowly gather together, more and more built up of viscous material.

Ye Qing looks somewhat felt gooseb.u.mps.

Seeing so much of harmful chemical substance extracted from the sea water, is really…

is really too much

Few minutes later, drop of dark green, as thick as if solid from chemical pollutant, following the tube of the junction, it freely falls into the sand beach.

The second drop!

The third drop!

Quickly, finally it become a fine line.

In the sea water, a long lost clearness, starts to spread slowly.

Monster Factory Chapter 184

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