Monster Factory Chapter 188

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Chapter 188 I Also Know Discharge Sewage

Next morning 6:00 am, Tang Jian the boss of JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company have a sleepless night, looking at the challenge letter in the hand, his anger almost burst his lung.

This challenge letter, it was someone walking swagger and put into the security.

It is not why, the camera in the front gate, coincidentally at the crucial moment, the signal completely lost, the surveillance monitor was also turn into full screen snowflake (visual static).

When the screen return to normal operation, the security room theft-proof door, already been kick open with the door-frame as well, that challenge letter, being press under an electric baton.

The theft-proof door has a cave-in footprint, when Tang Jian like blazing fire rushed to the door, saw a footprint with lots of slits in it, almost been frightened out of it.

It is happened to be that the driver that took him there is a 1.85 meters strong men, he is wearing a size, 45 shoes, the driver have hard time shopping for shoes, the driver shaken terribly when compare to the footprint, discover his own shoe size become 3 inch smurf.

"I estimate it at least size 50 code shoe…"Basketball fans driver, with the jaw trembling reasoning it out.

This computer printed challenge declaration, not only show he is nearby Dragon Creek Beach, secretly discharge the chemical waste sewage. Also openly admit, previously blocking the sewage outlet, is their doing.

You Are Dead! //你死定了//

These four words are in the end of the letter.

The opponent is not putting threat, empty threat, but really put into action. Yesterday night, the two security went to check the hidden camera, unexpectedly tied in 大 pose on the tree.

Tang Jian thinks carefully find it truly inconceivable, one after another cctv has stop working, these show opposite side have high-tech equipment capable of jamming cctv.

The opponent has high technology, not only have high-tech jammer, but also capable of destroying underwater sewage pipelines, have at least two a.s.sistant as strong as NBA players, can't accurately said that it was a body full of muscle black man.

Tang Jian the more he thinks, the more he thinks it was Sea Shepherd Organization style.

However, he also heard, Dragon Creek Beach side have an addition of a large-scale factory, it is now ground breaking and start construction.

They were also very suspicious, need to send someone to investigate investigate.

"Mā de, Who care who is he, even if is US president cannot stop lǎozi make profit."Has already tasted enough of sweetness, how can he gives up the sewage pipelines?

Blinded by greed to return blinded by greed, Tang Jian still have not his reasoning.

Since the opponent has found out his sewage outlet, unable to guarantees opponent will make this matter, report to the EPA.

Therefore Tang Jian decided, let the underwater operation company, let those pipelines repair.   

Then the factory side secretly makes some changes, let the degradation pool drainage system, temporary connected to the Non-negative Pressure Pipe Network Pressurization system.

By then lǎozi will meet the country emission standard, let degrade process until it become qualify water, discharge to the sea, see who will trouble for itself.

hēng hēng

As long as first use enough acidic cleaning agent, will clean off all the remaining residual chemical sewage from the sewage pipelines, make the EPA agent unable a.n.a.lyze it.

"oneself can counterattack the opponent, can sue them for disrupting the factory normal operation and production, with maliciously intend to injured factory security personnel." 

The key is repairing the sewage pipelines, on day unable to repair, the chemical waste-water residual in the pipelines unable flush cleaning.

The key is repairing the sewage pipelines, on day unable to repair, the chemical waste-water residual in the pipelines unable flush cleaning.

That is the evidence, the EPA only need to follow the pipelines to investigate, sampling the residual in the pipelines, compare it with the polluted sea.

Finnish repairing, flush the residual sewage, it will become a qualified discharge pipelines.

As for why the pipelines built toward the sea, but don’t discharge directly?

Tang Jian early at the beginning construction pipeline, has thought of a complete countermeasure.

Nearby is the farmland, said directly the farmer does want any discharge nearby here, they are afraid the farm will be polluted, multiple time come to the factory blocking the entrance, obstructing the factory normal operations.

This reason is tenable!

"Wait for my pipelines emergence repairs complete, will slowly calculate this account with you" Tang Jian raise his neck up, lightly exhale out a smoke ring.

In the Dragon Creek Beach bay, an integrated salvage, hoisting, a 1000 tons detection function workboat, lowering the anchor, stop above the sewage outlet.

Two divers wear full seal pressurized diving suit, connected with long compressed air tube, fire cutting tube, and also rescue steel cable, slowly dive into the water.

The condition seabed is as deadly silent as the Dakar Desert, two diver step on the grey white slit, like moonwalk small jump and jumping, exploring the sewage outlet.

The fake coral that they previous installed, it was like it have smash into piece by sledgehammer.

Two divers helpless glance around, similar tactics already happened many times, too many times for them until from shock to become numb.

They do not have the same ability of MPCV, the entire cutting work has continuing entire hours, they are only cutting the following fake carol, already slowly ascending, returning to the sea surface.

Ride the crane to climb up to the deck, take off the heavy helmet, the diver panting, on the deck there dozen of people with of valiant gaze, a young man holding a wooden stick arrives: "The pipeline outlet already been cut, you all call Tang boss, let them start the machine to try out"

"Laborious was laborious, finished this jobs, I invite both of you to the Royal and n.o.ble bath center has a good rest."

One of the men takes the lead, on one side pull out the cellphone to call, while politely showing goodwill to the two divers.

There are ten thugs on the s.h.i.+p, naturally were not to threaten the underwater construction company.

Both were from the same side, These people were here to guard against the mysterious peoples that come to the factory,

Receive the call. Tang Jian was overjoy immediately issue the order to start the drainage.

He already connected the degeneration pond connected with the Non-negative Pressure Pipe Network Pressurization system. Now the entire 20 tons of the acidic cleansing agent, have been ready

The pressure system high power compressor starts work, the pressure meter on the pressure tower slowly increasing.

Usually have to wait the pressure meter until 6 megapascals, the sewage pipelines will go through, the pressure will maintain on a stable condition.

Wait out Left and Right, however the pressure meter has reached 9 megapascals, the flow meter does not show any sign.

Cannot continue to add more pressure, because of the previous incident Tang Jiang suffer a major loss.

When the phone call has reached the s.h.i.+p, the two divers say should not be, the fake coral already being cut.

They have doubt inspect the fake coral, although the fake coral has been destroyed into pieces, however not even a single above the sewage outlet were blocked.

Two divers clenched teeth, wear the helmet and dive in the sea once more.

One and a half hours later, 100 meters away their head surface, keep waving hand.

The workboat raises the anchor slowly move over, after the two divers embark on the s.h.i.+p were angry almost pound the helmet.

Because of the sewage pipelines in this location, unexpectedly pressed until a flat!

Looking at the pipe color, its trace look like it were being heated by high temperature and then pressed until flat.

"I… I rely on which peers it is, has this technique, do not go to large scale underwater project, run… run over to the like us hu… haha against to do?" The diver is grasping air hard like cow, there is no solution.

"Then please hurry up, just cut off these pipelines again."the leader previous leader who call was quite anxious.

"Rests… rests awhile."The divers were frightened with the hand waving:"Deepwater operation, a day can only work at most 4 hours, or will have occupational disease."

"Then you two quickly rest, delay for one hour, we will be additional point in danger of being exposed."

They already are being exposed.

The distance from here to Dragon Creek Beach factory around 6 miles, they can't see the factory clearly from here,but Ye Qing can stand on the barren hill, through the data, see clearly all their movement.

On the muddy seabed, MPCV, already carry all round water proofing on strong purifying equipment, is carrying the long cable, moving closer toward the workboat.

Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment, it is not necessarily used to treat the sewage.

Used to destroy all the electronic device of that s.h.i.+p, is also very appropriate.

In the underground, several master craftsman, is meticulously making one set of superhigh pressure compressor equipment.

They can also discharge industrial sewage in the Dragon creek Beach, the same for Ye Qing can connect the pipeline, use a more powerful pressure equipment, discharge back toward them.

Monster Factory Chapter 188

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