Monster Factory Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 Total Defeat Of An Army

Why will the purple ray do appear near that factory?

Tang Jian fell that his opponent already thoroughly exposed because the device that emits purple ray it was possesses by that factory.

"The person who against is in front." Like a general Tang Jian gives the command, rus.h.i.+ng toward the distance brightly lit factory: "Walk, I wanted to look who is the opponent, dare to start with my head"

Tang Jian is leading a group of people with killing intent moving toward that side,

He is in crazy rage, someone has discharged a ma.s.sive amount of sewage in the factory and completely stop his factory operation and causes heavy losses.

Now he wants to beat the drum against the drum with the opponent to show clearly vehicles and horses and let the opponent pay for the losses.

Also, have to compensate a large amount of money.

Some of the people ideas are such shameless, the sewage discharge already for more than ten years and finally now have suffered the consequence instead of thinking that is the other site fault.

As for the sea environment that he polluted, Tang Jian think that is doesn't hurt, doesn't tickle of trivial matter and in the face of the benefit, all have to concede.

Borrowing the cover of the dark night, Tang Jian and gang with murderous intend have arrived two miles outside Monster Heavy industry.

Tang Jian wave his hand make the crowd behind pressed down the brake.

He plans to make the forward battle mobilization because currently, his anger rose to the top. He hates until he wishes before one's eyes that factory worker and has all to throw into the sea to feed the shark.

If they do not come to agreements on compensations then begun and when Tang Jian transmits this determination.

Those high power searchlight installed above the factory suddenly there one of them have made a movement, to live high and to look down to s.h.i.+ne on the Tang Jian and gang.

"Been Discovered!"

Tang Jian and gang expression instantly frozen and the bright white searchlight make them fear in the heart with the feeling is like demon and ghost being exposed under the suns.h.i.+ne helplessly panic.

Then the remaining searchlight like having grown an eye to immediately adjust the stance, let Tang Jian and surrounding one miles radius area and to light up on everything completely.

Everyone covering their eyes and felt everything in the front blind by the brightness.

"Wait wait we are not going to war with siege tower, why need to scare?" Tang Jian clams down after started to panic shouted to arouse those not knowing what to do foolish looking gang.

However, waiting for their confuse eye staring when raising the head and looking at the front.

The front light becomes a circle and slowly the two slowly walking over and look as strong as an iron tower, the muscular man with muscle bludge up connected to the neck like hill and valley crisscross.

Their eye looks murky and the facial expression as seemingly that as if several tens of people in the open areas all without exception is a cricket.

A short height small old men come out in between of the shadow of two robust men.

Tang Jian squint his eye and the glare irradiate on is making the atmosphere on their side look naturally weak. However their men are not weak if taking everything into account the opponent is just three people, even though two of them look like the king kong to move their hand, their side has tens of people and every with a club even if these two king kong will beat until becoming pig head.

The figure of these two are excessively stand out and Tang Jian very quick in the heart to hold these two with that day mysterious robust men who sneaked attack their security are the same person.

The crowd behind him to begin to stir and apparently wanted to knock down these two robust men to gives themselves exploits.

Tang Jian decided to negotiate first.

He is a businessman to speak are to seek nothing but profit even if a stone also must extract out the oil.

He must first give this factory to show clearly the interest, let them thorough understand their mistake. After that obediently compensate large sum of money and then responsible to repair the sewage pipelines.

If only the compensation is in position and the previous matter can be write off.

If they dare do not want to compensate then Tang Jian want to make them have a taste of what is raging counter-attack.

After all, this is also a lawless businessman making effort to breath inhale and trying hard to make his belly small as well as making his sound become deep when facing the obvious leader master craftsman said: "You know, offend me Tang Jian fate? Before I thoroughly completely erupted, I advice you to inquire around first…"

"Throw all of them to the sea." The Master Craftsman buckle the nostril said to the left and right king kong protector.

Tang Jian and his group look at you and look at me, subsequently like firecracker erupt the sound of loud laughter haha

Throw us down to the sea?

"Toad sneeze, great…" Tang Jian remaining word have not say finished and the two strong men like as strong as king kong rushed over.

The people he brings over his side is the similar not good person, at the moment 78 people to forged forward and on the hand holding galvanized steel pipe ferociously brandis.h.i.+ng down toward the monster labor.

Two Monster labors with an arms smash it flying and as well as all oncoming steel pipes.

These persons to be terrified inconsolable and they think that steel pipe on their hand same like being hit by the truck. Then again, they felt heaven and earth rotate around and when their awareness once again returns to the brain but their body already fly 3 meters away.

How are these going?

They felt after the steel pipe sent flying the body is like sent flying by truck.

They somewhat difficult turned around, soon after the scene happens in the front eye is the scene they unable to forget for a lifetime.

The two strong men, unexpectedly….. unexpectedly really same as the iron tower, after rus.h.i.+ng to the crowd, already completely ignore these galvanized steel pipes.

A normal person would suffer such fatal strike would be on the bed for ten of days or half a month, smash on these two tough men, sending out peng peng stifling echo but unable to cause any billow. However their counter-attack, as long as those people have suffered ones there is no possibility of waking up.

A bald valiant guy has a tattoo of a valiant guy in his bald head, after hit by a fist as big as cooking pot on the abdomen immediately softly lie on the floor and later the eye roll with the five organ pain like they are kneading together, the mouth open up to the maximum and frantically breathing air.

This bald valiant guy is the most skills among the crowd and usually this kind of situation where he often alone able to overawed everything.


Only 20 seconds have pa.s.sed and their side fully lays down 20 individual.

These people who are lying down one more pitiful than another.

There even two pitiful bad luck ghost has been slapped, simply pain until fainted.

The other person hates unable to turn into crab, with the eight long leg run together. Earlier when thee two tough guys being smashed by the galvanized steel pipe, they right away aware of anything but rea.s.suring.

There where is being smashed on people?

It obviously being crush by tyrannosaurus skull, apart infuriate them it did not play any role at all.

Tang Jian tongue dangle outside and it more terrifying than a ghost.

A monster labor grabbed his collar is like lifting a chick and effortless lift up.

The nearby sea is his new home, monster labor like throwing trash directly throw him into the sea.

At Dragon Creek Beach, Ye Qing mood is especially good.

JinMei company people muster a large force come over and two monster labor almost annihilated them.

The Monster labor powerful battle capabilities, let Ye Qing completely no need to worried about despicable means.

As the proverb says; strong dragon cannot repress a local snake, Ye Qing thought he is not a strong dragon, but is a out and out hulk.

Monster Factory Chapter 193

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