Monster Factory Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The strange pool

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Ye Qing’s hands were clenched on the wheel and his face was ashened. He tried calling his father multiple times, the only response he received was the busy tone. It would appear that his father’s injuries are far worse than described.

He hated not being able to instantly teleport to Zhongyun and beat the s.h.i.+t out of those family relatives. However the cruel reality is that that is not possible.

The headlines in local news tomorrow will include: a local factory had a major accident yesterday, the owners are extremely rude, even attempting the attack the victim’s families.

The road is still blocked up front. With a quick turnaround, Ye Qing drove his van off of the highway and onto local roads.

Ye Qing is quite familiar with the roads near Zhongyun. Backing up on the shoulders and taking short cuts is merely to avoid being sandwiched is even harder. Sadly these short cuts aren’t easy to navigate. These roads were originally built by a local brick kiln for trucks. Later this brick kiln closed, so everyone stop using this pothole ridden gravel road.

The commercial van is rear powered and has a high cha.s.sis. Under empty conditions, it operates almost like a SUV. Hence there is no need to be afraid of those screwed up roads

Pa.s.sing multiple farms and a village, the trip was absolutely terrible. It was like moving over fields of sh.e.l.l holes, with all the ups and downs.

Having carefully navigated past multiple giant potholes, Ye Qing clearly remembers a stretch of open farm land ahead.

This is also why Ye Qing would rather wait a bit during traffic jams, rather than taking short cuts across farm fields. He has no idea what is being grown in these fields. If it’s only wheat then that would be fine, but it’s stuff like corn, melons and such, then is no way for the car to safely cross because it’ll destroy all the crops along the way.

Soon a half person deep pothole appeared in front of the van. Lucky both sides of the dirt trail are covered by wheat crops with clear tire tracks over them. Seeing this, Ye Qing followed the set out tracks made by a predecessor in all honesty.

“Sorry bro, but I’m really forced to do this. I heard that wheat sprouts will grow even after ……” Ye Qing drove as he apologized and comforted himself.


Ye Qing didn’t even finish his sentence before the left front wheel of the van burst into smithereens.

Ye Qing anxiously got out of the car to examine the damages.

The result were eye popping. Underneath the front left wheel of the van is a piece of steel studded with sharp pins.

Ye Qing, who is familiar with everything mechanical, found that this isn’t from any part of an agricultural tool. Rather this piece of metal is welded together by human hands, and placed here to specifically pop tires.

When these stuff is placed into the wheat fields, the green coverages of the wheat sprouts provide the perfect camouflage for it. It doesn’t matter how good Ye Qing’s eyesight is, he just wouldn’t be able to find them while driving.

After some careful examination of the surroundings, Ye Qing is scared out of his wits. The two wheat fields beside the road are full of these stuff. With a walk around the car alone, Ye Qing is able to roughly identify more than 10 of them.

What is this hate! Bro why you gotta be like this!! You can’t possibly have covered this whole stretch of fields right??

Having removed the tire popper, Ye Qing hurried tried to back the car onto the road. But to no avail. The loose wheat field soil prevented the stuck rear powered van from moving whatsoever.

The loose fields also prevented the changing of tires. When Ye Qing brought out the tire jack and the spare tire and had everything set up, the jack literally sank into the loose soil.

This field definitely belongs to some b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Ye Qing is p.i.s.sed to the point of being on the verge of a complete mental breakdown.

Inside the van are just the repairing tools from his latest job like wrenches, levels, sleeves, calipers, and the likes. There is nothing there that can be placed underneath the jack to spread out the weight.

The wheat fields are also barren of any wooded materials.

The anxious Ye Qing suddenly remembered seeing some old wooden boats in a large pit. Without any further thoughts, he grabbed some wrecking tools and ran towards it.

These sh.e.l.l hole like pits are all part of the brick kiln. After the closure of the kiln, the local farmer probably filled these pits and used them to raise fish. Hence the broken boats there.

Ye Qing, while huffing and puffing, arrived at the nearest pit and quickly ran down the slopes.

Finally arriving at the bottom, Ye Qing is dumbstruck. On this side of the pool is a mountain of broken bricks, while everywhere else is cliffs. Since there is no way spider man exists, Ye Qing can only resort to climbing the mountains of bricks.

The broken bricks are full of sharp points, so Ye Qing had to careful when climbing. Having reached the top, he took a deep breath and jumped down from that 2 meter tall pile.

The good thing is, the loose soil below absorbed most of the impact leaving Ye Qing without injury. It’s just that during mid flight, Ye Qing can only stare on as his phone flew out of his pocket and dropped into the pool.

Having landed, Ye Qing leaped forward to try saving that precious phone.

But to no avail…….

Even with his whole arm in the water, he can only stare on as cell phone continued to sink further into the depth. These pits here were all dug out by the brick kiln. Even with 10 Ye Qing’s standing on top of each, they still won’t be enough to overcome the depth.

With these kind of depths, don’t mention Ye Qing, but even if you brought Phelps here, even he can’t do anything about it.

The phone itself isn’t worth much, but apart from the cloud sync system inside, there is also a bunch of other data and seas of pictures that can’t be returned with money.

“G.o.d, what the heck did I do to mess with you?!” Ye Qing yelled towards the sky as he knelt on the ground.

Suddenly a flash of blue light appeared out of nowhere, putting a stop to all of Ye Qing’s complains. Then the dark green pool of water appeared to have been injected by 100,000 high voltage volts. Countless blue electrical arcs rose to the surface from the depth of the pit.

*buzz ~ buzz ~ buzz ~ buzzzzzzz……*

The ground shook. The brick walls on the other side collapsed, sending endless splashes into the sky.

As the blue light illuminated the whole pit, it also lit up the face of the dismayed Ye Qing.

Borrowing the light produced by the electricity, Ye Qing shockingly finally found the source of all this. It actually came from his dropped phone at the bottom of the pit.

This is not possible! His cell phone battery has a maximum capacity of 2000 amps, that’s only .11 volts! Even if this much voltage is discharged at once, it can’t even electrocute a small rat, so how can it produce this end of the world thunderstorm in front of him?

But this impossibility happened right in front of him. Ye Qing felt that his 20 some years of scientific rationalism came cras.h.i.+ng down. If not due to his still regular thoughts, Ye Qing is really doubting whether or not he is seeing hallucinations and what not.

The most ridiculous thing is that the lightning show is still going on. The phone suddenly let out a spark and flew up, out of the water. Ye Qing squawked as he tried to flee behind the pile of bricks. The phone already caused this much of an incident underwater, then once it leaves water, then can I still live?

Violent arcs of electricity will definitely puncture through Ye Qing like skewering candied hawthorns.

Sadly Ye Qing underestimated the phone’s lifting powers. When Ye Qing wasn’t even half way up the pile, the phone broke out of the surface with a *swish*.

Without no turning back, Ye Qing shouted: “I’M f.u.c.kING GONNA DIE!!”

One second ~ two seconds ~ three seconds ~

The expected lightning strike never came. Ye Qing, who is sweating cold sweat all over the place, slowly turned around. Then almost fell off the brick pile. That cell phone……

Is actually……

Is actually flowing behind my head!

The phone currently has returned to normal. The previous 100,000 volt arcs, almost made Ye Qing doubt his eyes.

If it wasn’t absolutely necessary, Ye Qing would never abandon his cell phone. Hence Ye Qing picked up a random piece of brick and tossed it towards the hovering cell phone.

Nothing happened. Next, Ye Qing slowly brought up his curled up fingers and tried to lightly touch it.

If there is a shock, then the muscles in the finger will spasm and retract from the cell phone uncontrollably. This is an old trick used by electricians. Due to him working with machines all year round, these tricks have all but become instincts.

When Ye Qing’s fingers came into contact with the cell phone, there was none of the antic.i.p.ated spasm, no static shock, just the feeling of ice cold metal.

As he grabbed the phone out of the air, Ye Qing is just like a curious cat, wanting to know why and how it can let out so much power.

Holding onto the power b.u.t.ton, the black as night screen suddenly lit up.

The only difference here is the disappearance of the traditional andriod system. Rather it was replaced with the words [System upgrading……], and all the b.u.t.tons fail to work.

Monster Factory Chapter 2

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