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The Blue River is the seaport of Zhongyun City. The largest freighter can take 5,000 tons.

After the freighter enters Tianyun Lake along the Blue River, there are three waterways to choose from, and the farthest can run to more than 500 miles away in Liangjiang City.

The owner of the dock is Hai Chengyu, an old expert in transporting illegal materials through the river.

He has a regular grain transport company under his name. Now the farmers have just harvested wheat for a month. It is a good day to harvest and transport grain.

The river transportation of Zhongyun is not developed. There are all kinds of highways and railways, and there are large harbor terminals. The river transportation will naturally be left out.

Of course, this has something to do with the low carrying capacity of the Blue River.

When the river transportation is neglected, the inspection of the natural river transportation it is also reduced.

The grain handlers in the dock can carry up to 3,000 tons, and now the tanks are filled with harmful chemical pollutants.

The workers covered the entire cabin with plastic ponchos and waited until two o'clock in the middle of the night. The grain transport s.h.i.+p sneaked off the dock.

The speed of grain carriers is very slow, only thirteen knots.

"Captain, don't you send a boat and navigator in the front?"

Looking at the grain carrier leaving, Tang Jian, owner of Jinmei Chemical Company in the dock, whispered his doubts: 'The last time when Huang Jishan Huang took the goods, he would have fallen behind if he hadn't driven ahead to lead the truck.'

"Send the boat to lead in the front?" Hai Chengyu laughed and laughed: "You are too exaggerated by the boss Huang Jishan. I have navigated hundreds of times in the Blue River and never let a navigator in the lead."

"Boss you don't understand. The river transport is no better than land transport. It is often the case that land transport was inspected."

"The river transport is different. Once the s.h.i.+p navigates, it is not an easy task to stop."

"The s.h.i.+p inspection is carried out at the dock, such as mine. When the s.h.i.+p arrives at the dock, the Marine Police will board the s.h.i.+p for inspection."

“n.o.body reports, there will be no water police on the road to stop the s.h.i.+p inspection. Because we are a grain transport s.h.i.+p, not a fis.h.i.+ng boat that likes to illegally fish, and no a sea sand collecting s.h.i.+p that secretly collects river sand.”

Tang Jian is not familiar with Hai Chengyu. Listening to Huang Jinshan's tone of voice so confident, that he has some doubts in his heart and looks down on the pride of this fellow.

"Of course, Mr. Tang, you are a layman, and you don't know the way of our business." Hai Chengyu had sly eyes and smiled smugly, and some laughed proudly: "Although I have no navigator in the lead, I can still keep you safe and sound all the way."

"Because on the sh.o.r.e highway, I had my men driving around the river. Especially at the gate of Tianyun Lake, when there is an inspection, the people on board will be able to receive information."

"Then I can rest a.s.sured ~hha!" Tang Jian nodded and handed out a Gao Xiba cigar. Meanwhile, he scolded Hai Chengyu in his heart because the people of the sea are all mud legs.

Hai Chengyu's arrogant att.i.tude made Tang Jian very uncomfortable.

On weekdays, Hai Chengyu, a person like this, did not even have the qualification to eat with him.

Now, because of the shadowy thing, Tang Jian hardened his scalp and found this muddy legs that he would not take care of on weekdays, and had to flatter him three times and even four times.

When Hai Chengyu agreed to help Tang Jian fight, his heart was full of abuse and f**k**g.

An old Sonata traveled leisurely along the Blue River. On the dark Blue River, a grain carrier loaded with cargo was moving forward with a murmur.

It is good to have no police inspections in the Blue River in the past, but these days are different.

It is only three days before the No. 1 Leading Group is stationed in Zhongyun to conduct a comprehensive a.s.sessment of the environment for livelihood and the construction of civilization.

The place where the leading group stays is located at Xiaoping Lake Water Resort.

During the three-day evaluation period, Xiaoping Lake was the top priority of this security work.

The Blue River is also the only estuary of the inland lake Tianyun Lake. Occasionally, sand dredgers will sneak from the sea and navigate into Tianyun Lake to steal high-quality river sand without dechlorination and sh.e.l.ling treatment.

The sea sand is endless, but the sea sand is soaked in seawater all the year round. It contains a lot of salt, which is very easy to cause chloride ion corrosion in the construction project, causing safety hazards.

The collection of sea sand must be dechlorinated, and it is very simple to determine whether it is sea sand.

Look at the presence of tiny sh.e.l.l fragments in the sand to make sure that people who have been to the beach will find that there are countless sh.e.l.l fragments in the beach, which can hardly be completely cleaned even after being washed.

The surface roughness of the river sand is moderate, and it is relatively clean and contains fewer impurities. It is very popular among the owners of the sand mining vessels.

On weekdays, due to the sea sand collecting s.h.i.+p, the number of sneak countercurrents is too small, and there is a special police patrol on the Tianyun Lake.

The Zhongyun City Marine Police knew this situation but did not specifically check the card.

It's different now!

For the inspection on the 1st of next month, one inspection team settled down on the Blue River there are three days before.

If any member of the team has pain in his painful bone, he will not sleep at night and run outside to look at the river bank scenery.

At this time, a sand-collecting vessel suddenly roared, not to smear the face of Zhongyun City?

Unfortunately, this afternoon, Zhongyun Customs and the Transportation Bureau jointly issued a seven-day Notice on the Special Rehabilitation Activities for the Implementation of Illegal Transportation of Water Traffic.

The notice stipulates that it is necessary to crack down on illegal traffic and navigation in the field of water transportation through special rectification, create a safe and orderly water transportation environment, and promote the safe and healthy development of the s.h.i.+pping industry.

For the illegal transport of s.h.i.+ps, the transportation department and the maritime administrative agency shall strictly investigate and deal with the illegal problems of inland rivers and coastal vessels through company inspections, on-site inspections, stationed interceptions, and control of vehicles.

The notice was thick, and the Customs Transportation Administration teamed up. All the people worked overtime and distributed to various rivers and coastal patrols.

It is impossible for the Zhongyun government to go public and check the location of the group.

Hai Chengyu and his partners, of course, it is impossible for them to know that Xiaoping Lake in the next few days is the top priority.

And this evening, in the Blue River, there will be two customs smugglers patrolling at night.

The grain transport s.h.i.+p, when it was driven off the dock and drilled into the dark blue river, had already plunged into the iron net composed of the Customs and the Transportation Administration.

Not far below Xiaoping Lake, there is a bridge across the river.

During the golden season of fis.h.i.+ng every summer, there will be many fis.h.i.+ng enthusiasts on the Blue River, running to the bridge for night fis.h.i.+ng.

In the eyes of those fis.h.i.+ng veterans, the night is the best time to catch big fish. Much large fish like to crouch in the night.

Standing on the sidewalk on the edge of the bridge, erecting rows of wheeled fis.h.i.+ng rods, hanging bait, waiting for the taste of the big fish down the river, many fis.h.i.+ng veterans, think that the feeling of waiting for lovers to go to the appointment is still beautiful.

Now in this row of fishermen, a walkie-talkie with no one in mind is mixed in. His wheeled fis.h.i.+ng rod was not even baited.

When the grain transport s.h.i.+p pa.s.sed the bridge, the fishermen who had placed long lines on it had cursed as they lined up.

Calling the transportation department  Group: "I saw a grain transport s.h.i.+p here, please take a private boat to check it out."

"Received and upon receipt, the anti-smuggling boat will arrive at your location twenty minutes later."


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Monster Factory Chapter 203

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