Monster Factory Chapter 214

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Vice Mayor Wi Shunyun and Mayor Xia Yuming felt that they faint and that the earth turns.

Of course, they saw that the pollutants seemed to have long legs and slowly ran into the strange equipment, and they were discharged into the prepared box along the pipeline.

It's not their imagination of ceramic membrane filtration, but a magical means they have never heard of.

But why, why is the blue light just not pa.s.sing N meters, and covering the Blue River.

Not to mention interference with mobile phones, even if the endocrine interferes with them, they are willing.

The range of fifty meters!

Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun and Mayor Xia Yuming quickly calculated how many 50 meters needed to cover the entire Xiaoping Lake.

But some calculations let their hearts cool half.

Strictly speaking, the distance inspection team is only 36 hours in Zhongyun. Water has fluidity and must be purified two times in order to achieve the effect of treating sewage.

Time is too late.

"This... this master!"Mayor Xia Yuming stepped forward and grabbed the arm of the master:

"Do you can you provide more than one of this equipment? We are willing to pay..."


As long as there is a quant.i.ty, Mayor Xia Yuming feels that there is hope.

The Master Craftsman is still calm: “The manufacturing process of this kind of equipment is too complicated, there is only one.”

“You must remove the live devices around you, or they will be affected by ionization."

It's not too difficult to fulfill this requirement.

In fact, the present people know that even if these devices work for another week, they will not be able to handle Xiaoping Lake to their satisfaction.

When the pieces of equipment were taken away, the master artisan was not idle.

Based on the area of Xiaoping Lake, he chose an optimal location to re-arrange the strong ionized sewage treatment equipment.

There are many FRP boats in the lake. The master artisan has picked one and settle the strong ionization equipment on the stern of the s.h.i.+p.

The expert master artisan looked around and confirmed that the entire site had a strong ionization on the condition and reset the startup parameters.

The maximum working range of strong ionization equipment is 2 kilometers, while the area of Xiaoping Lake is 1.4 square kilometers.

There is no doubt that the coverage of strong ionization equipment is a little larger than that of Xiaoping Lake.

The people on the sh.o.r.e are waiting for the purification effect of the 50-meter range.

At this point, let's learn fine and put our mobile phones far away in the office.

However, when the undetectable electromagnetic waves pa.s.sed through the entire Xiaoping Lake, a scene where everyone was mad at the scene that occurred.

The entire surface of Xiaoping Lake turned into a faint purple light.

The staff of the Environmental Protection Agency has an inconceivable geometric expression on the face that is incredible, lively and ghostly.

The pupil was instantly enlarged to the limit, and the body was stiff like a woodcarving.

What happened just now has given them good science popularization. What do these purple lights stand for?

It was not until this moment that they understood the equipment in front of them, called strong ionization.



One of the strong things is the core. In the 50-meter range, they thought it was the maximum operating range.

In fact, it was only the lowest threshold of the strong ionization treatment equipment.

The two mayors are more excited than they are, they are eager for miracles, and they have no courage to aspire to miracles.

To be honest, the two mayors have already calculated in their hearts, whether they will be able to hold off until midnight when the inspection team is stationed.

They can drag and drop sewage from Xiaoping Lake at the middle of the night to gain time with this sewage purification equipment.

It's good now, it's covered with purple light across the lake, meaning one step in place...

This layer of purple light is like a gauze thrown by the G.o.ddess of fortune.

And the light that slowly gathered together and moved toward the lake boat was the hope of everyone.

The pollutants in the entire Xiaoping Lake water are affected by the invisible ionization.

Their atoms are electrostatically charged and slowly gather together, and the purple light seems to be thicker and thicker.

The long sewage pipelines also began to discharge semi-solid chemical waste.

"Miracle, this is a miracle!" Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun clenched his fists.

His thoughts had already flown to the boundless sea and sailed to Longxitan Beach on the seash.o.r.e.

Now he finally understands why the water quality of Longxitan Beach is so good.

Looking at the sewage pipe with faster and faster flow rate, Wu Shunyun felt that Xiaoping Lake would definitely be the second Longxitan Beach.

The two mayors and the staff next to them watched a pile of pollutants collected and saw that when Xiaoping Lake became a clear shadow, it received a new order.

"To fully cooperate with the sewage disposal work, immediately dispatch container trucks to transport chemical waste. Also, inform Zhongyun Television Station to report the news to the general public."

"It is said that we have already found a way to govern Xiaoping Lake. Before the inspection team arrives, we will definitely give you a more clear Xiaoping Lake."

After Xia Yuming gave an account, he turned and explained the task of the Vice Mayor:

"We still have one and a half days. During this time, you must firmly grasp this matter, and you must wait until Xiaoping Lake is completely cured before you can relax."

"Mayor is a.s.sured that within a day and a half of the decision on success or failure:

"I will do my utmost to grasp this matter and give the Zhongyun City people and the staff a satisfactory answer.”

"Are you going to leave Mr. Mayor?"

"Yes~ I have to leave first." When Xia Yuming left, he also took the driver of Wu Shunyun.

"Take me to Longxitan Beach, to that factory." When he got on the car, the summer rain and clouds were s.h.i.+ning brightly and happy in his heart.

The biggest contributor to all this is undoubtedly the heavy work that is done by this giant mechanical tool.

It is they who turn the tide and use high-tech equipment to resolve the environmental crisis in Xiaoping Lake.

Xia Yuming decided to go to Longxitan Beach in person and meet Ye Qing.

Half an hour later, Xia Yuming's car stopped at the door of Longxitan's factory.

Ye Qing, who received the news, was shocked. My mayor was coming.

Tension is tense, Ye Qing opened the door appropriately to meet the mayor's car, waiting for the extraordinary figure Zhongyun No. 1 to get off the car.

Ye Qing was trying to step forward, and then her hands stretched over.

Ye Qing didn't expect Xia Yuming to take the initiative to welcome him and grasped Ye Qing's hands.

"Thank you very much, thank you very much. Mr. Ye has not only solved the big trouble for our Zhongyun City but also made an indelible contribution to the image of the urban environment of Zhongyun City."

"The Xiaoping Lake, which is reborn after bathing in the fire, must be the most beautiful scenery line of Zhongyun City." Xia Yuming said kindly.

"Mr. Ye, we can't take it for granted that you are relieving our worries."

"Do you have any requirements, or are there any problems that are not easy to solve?"

"Proposed, I promise on behalf of the leaders.h.i.+p team of Zhongyun City, as long as it makes sense, we will help you solve it."

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Monster Factory Chapter 214

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