Monster Factory Chapter 216

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But machinery, as long as it is large and in large quant.i.ties, will certainly attract men's hormones and attention.

These devices, which they had never seen before, were also hung with two large red silk flowers in a vast row, which made them feel like they were going to the front.

The heavy trucks are growing in the square of the exhibition hall. The two giant laborers who came with the car are as precise as the laser range finder.

They parked the Mechanicals Colossus Type I and stopped them in two rows of steel guardians waving in the wind.

Ye Qing chose the eight-shaped platform scheme, wheeled and caterpillar mixing, which is conducive to guests more intuitive appreciation.

In terms of guest invitations, the number of people and the amount of gold are absolutely sufficient.

And there are 21 orders that have been confirmed.

Among them, the construction team of the South Railway Station of the High-speed Railway station applied for financial allocation and ordered five Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The last time the film about Mechanical Colossus Type I, the promotional film there, left an indelible impression on them.

The director Tang directly packed the ticket on the report.

As long as there is five Mechanical Colossus Type I, they can advance the construction period of the South Station by one-third, and ensure that the three railways will be eye-catching.

The remaining sixteen units were ordered by local construction companies.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I, almost attracted local construction companies during the construction of the site.

At a price of 10 million Yuan, they are crazy to rush to the squad, they have to bite their teeth to order at least one.

With this device, they can save money on the purchase of many devices.

For example, large pipe diameter automatic pipe cutting machine, strong boring machine, pipe drawing machine, bulldozer... and so on.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I has too many possibilities, Although it is expensive, it is absolutely worth the money.

On the side of the exhibition hall, when the Mechanical Colossus Type I entered the end of the exhibition hall, the work is about to end at Xiaoping Lake.

Standing on the edge of Xiaoping Lake, Vice Mayor Wu Shunyun opened his eyes and smiled with joy.

The strong ionization sewage treatment equipment, which is located in the center of the lake, has been working for eight hours.

The semi-solid chemical waste discharged from by sewage pipeline has already been filled in the whole temporary transfer warehouse.

The rough calculation is 3,500 tons, which is several hundred tons more than the chemical waste actually smuggled by Jinmei Chemical Company.

More than 95% of the water molecules that are unintentionally brought in and the rest should be the original pollutants in Xiaoping Lake and the nearby Blue River.

Never underestimate 5% of these hundreds of tons.

Nowadays, the water quality of Xiaoping Lake should be exaggerated by anyone.

It is more clear and transparent than before pollution. That is the 5% contribution.

Originally, the water visibility of the lake in Xiaoping Lake was only one meter.

Now, in most places in Xiaoping Lake, you can see from the beach the white sand to the bottom.

The only regret is that the hundreds of thousands of koi carp that were stocked at the beginning were all dead.

Without these koi, Xiaoping Lake is beautiful, but there is no previous anger.

Wu Shunyun's way of solving this problem is very rude. He directly asked the secretary to contact Zhongyun City, three ornamental fish breeding bases for breeding koi, and also very eager to tell the three bosses very proudly that your fish pond was contracted by our government.

Busy time always goes by very fast.

On this day, not only Ye Qing, but also the entire organs and inst.i.tutions of Zhongyun City are the busiest days.

The next morning at seven o'clock, the calendar turned over toward the new month of the year, the first day of this month is the most important day.

A Boeing 737-900 took off from the airport in the capital of China, 1,600 miles away, when the midsummer sun was hanging high in the sky and cicadas were ringing in the shade.

The fuselage was painted with red auspicious clouds. Most of the pa.s.sengers inside were ordinary residents of the two cities.

The plane goes directly to Zhongyun Airport. There are two pa.s.sengers inside the plane with very different ident.i.ties.

After an hour and a half, the plane arrived at Zhongyun Airport.
When pa.s.sengers began to pick up their luggage at the luggage turntable, a tall woman in a white skirt and slim s.h.i.+rt came out of the cabin.

Her name is Wu Qianyan, and she is the deputy leader of the inspection team.

Urban Health Civilization Inspection Team has always had a tradition. When it is formally stationed in the city for comprehensive a.s.sessment, the deputy team leader will arrive in the city one step ahead of schedule for a surprise inspection.
When the inspection team is stationed, the local government will surely withdraw all the staff used for cleaning, making the city natural, just like in peacetime.

To arrive one step ahead of schedule is the best opportunity to evaluate the image and appearance of the staff of inst.i.tutions and inst.i.tutes.

Because the streets are full of government workers!

Following Wu Qianyan, Li Xue, she was a rater in the group. She was holding a camera and holding a tablet computer in her hand, giving people a look like a traveler or job seeker.

At this time, it was clean and immaculate to the airport lobby, and the city propaganda film of Zhongyun City was being broadcast.

The pa.s.sengers rus.h.i.+ng to have a few glances did not even have time, and Wu Qianyan stood under the big screen and looked at it seriously.

The picture is very beautiful aerial photography. The camera is slowly pa.s.sing along an antique street.

There are many antique signs on both sides of the street. Behind the shops, there is a clear river winding through.

The water of the river is rippling with blue waves, and the picture boat is full of happy-looking tourists, who are there to point out and appreciate the beautiful scenery on the sh.o.r.e poetically.

"This river has been treated with special effects, and it's sparkling." Wu Qianyan was very calm, and the adjacent rater said:

"This should be the scenery of Caiyi Street, the ancient paintings of the sect, Qiu Ying, and the few ladies who left behind are made by the masters of ancient painting circles. They made a big splash here. I heard that there are still 24 female stone carvings on the bridge. It is also from the hands of the masters. We can go and see them later."

The rater, Li Xue, looked it up on the electronic map and whispered, "Caiyi Street is exactly in the same direction as ours. We'll pa.s.s there when we go downtown."

Wu Qian nodded and continued to watch the promotional film.

After a few minutes, the promotional film slowly brought the audience's attention to the development of science and technology.

On a construction site full of various engineering equipment, a strange machine that Wu Qianyan had never seen before was quickly pushed into the whole picture.

[The industry is the cornerstone of promoting the development of urban science and technology civilization.]

By the time the slogan fades away, this strange machine slowly opens its sides and has the same arms as the robot in Transformers.

The sound of the gears and the motor were deliberately enlarged.

When the picture was broadcast, even the pa.s.sengers who pa.s.sed by in a hurry were temporarily attracted attention.

"This device looks really cool." Sighed the rater Li Xue: "I have never seen an excavator with two robotic arms."

"This is not an excavator, it should be multi-functional construction machinery."

"But I don't know much about mechanical technology. And our team leader will be interested in this."

Wu Qianyan saw the end of the promotional film, then turned his head and said, "Go, let's take a taxi to Caiyi Street."

Fortunately, the taxi driver who had the honor of driving these two raters was a slim, middle-aged man who was very polite to people.

When he heard that he was going to Caiyi Street, he immediately chatted with the two pa.s.sengers who were inside about the cultural history of Caiyi Street.

The taxi driver's eyebrow dances with flying colors. It seems that he and Qiu Ying partic.i.p.ated in the creation process of ladies' pictures, either grinding ink at the side or directing the painting style.

Then chatted and talked, the taxi driver accidentally took an extra detour.

After getting off the airport highway, he accidentally made a detour around the Development Zone Avenue and headed for Caiyi Street from there.

On the way to the traffic lights, the driver who looked around gave a very surprising clap and succeeded in attracting the eyes of two pa.s.sengers.

"Look, there's a company in the park exhibition hall over there. What's painted on the billboard looks like Transformers."

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Monster Factory Chapter 216

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